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    Are my temps about right?

    When I'm running at stock speed and vcore, I'm getting about 47-49C on idle and 57C on full load. Case temp is 38C. When I'm running at 3.7Ghz and 1.6 vcore, I get about 50C on idle and 61C on full load. The room temperature is about 29C. Are those temps about right for a lapped XP-120...
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    ocz ddr booster on ic7-g

    i did a vtt mod on my ic7-max3, which is about the same as the ic7-g, and everything works great. i've been up to 3.4v vdimm and the vtt is where it should be. it's a worthwhile mod if you have ram that loves volts
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    BFG 6800 GT vs. PNY 6800 GT - temps and O/Cing results...

    what? i've never seen that
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    DOOM 3 Tweak

    no difference in performance with this system: amd 2500+, nf7-s, hyperx 512mb, 9600pro
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    looking all over for ddr booster from ocz..anywhere in stock?

    yep i just ordered on from svc too
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    Gateway Cancelled The X800 Xt

    wow i am so happy i cancelled my order with gateway.
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    winbond vs kingmax pc3200

    man i dont know whats wrong with your ch-5. maybe you just got screwed with bad modules
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    I need help on choosing a HSF :)

    if you can fit it on your board, thermalright xp-120 :)
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    winbond vs kingmax pc3200

    geez the winbond shouldnt be maxing out at 215
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    Should I, Or Not buy the BFG 6800GT OC?

    the 5900ultra is already a decent card. there will be a performance increase but i dont know if it's worth the $400 atm. i love my gt though <3 :D
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    ThermalRight XP-120

    yeah almost for sure that we'll get them next week. man i cant wait. it's goign to be sooooo much better than the crap spark7 i have runnning now
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    6800GT Extra molex addon?

    try it and tell us if it works :)
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    Overclocking the 6800GT

    way better than the stock cooler. the new ones will cool nvidia's ram. it should be out in a few weeks or so. i dont remember what they said
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    Overclocking the 6800GT

    the pci cooler wouldnt hurt but wait for the new vga silencers
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    OCZ Memory Booster (VDimm up to 3.9 volts!!) | Anyone have one? Does it work?

    i'm getting one as soon as their in stock. my bh-5 are going to love this thing :D
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    Best 80mm fan

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    OCZ DDR Booster + BH-5 oc'ing

    it increases the vdimm. most boards only have an option up to 2.8v but this allows it to go up to 3.9v (depending on board). this also gives clean power directly from the psu instead of using power that goes through the board first most of the time more voltage will allow more speed and...
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    ThermalRight XP-120

    yeah. got a response a few hours after i first emailed them. they're very quick
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    ThermalRight XP-120

    i talked to Jim from thermalright today and he told me that the xp-120 will fit on ic7-max3 with the OTES cooling on. it'll be close but it will fit! i'm so ordering one now :D
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    OCZ DDR Booster + BH-5 oc'ing

    lol ok. i'll have to figure another way to mount fans since i dont have my case horizontal yeah by the time the ram dies from the voltage, it'll about time to upgrade the system anyway :p ok thanks dude
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    OCZ DDR Booster + BH-5 oc'ing

    omg that's f*n sick! oh i wonder how the booster would do on my corsair twinx1024-3200ll bh-5. how much voltage can bh-5 safely take? lol how hot are your sticks? holy crap i was thinking about buying new pc4000 but now maybe i dont have to eva2000: i read your post at bleedinedge. how did...
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    New Silencer Review

    couple of months i think
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    All 6800 owners read this!

    i think they're pretty quiet. well at least i cant hear mine over my 3 other fans in the case
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    new ForceWare 62.01

    62.01 is now out. dl it here i'm running these on my 6800gt with mixed results. 3dmark03 score went down by 1000. used to get 12600 but now 11500. far cry performance is better though. i think that's a good trade off.
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    Putting Thermal Paste on a 6800 GT

    my bfg came with thermal paste but i put as5 on it anyway. temp dropped only by 1C. i guess bfg used some good stuff
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    plan to WC, which 6800?

    yeah that's because of the gt's voltage limitation. gt will still oc nicely with water
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    Cancel X800XT order for 6800GT?

    i had to pay 7.75% tax so it was the was about the same price that i was goign to get the xt pe for. $440 with overnight shipping
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    Cancel X800XT order for 6800GT? i jumped on it when i saw they were in stock
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    new gameVE price

    A LOT of stores do it.
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    Cancel X800XT order for 6800GT?

    i had the xt pe on order from gateway for $440 but i canceled it and bought a gt instead. i couldnt be happier :D
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    far cry 1.2 patch probably not out today
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    6800 GT drivers

    why? just because they come with the card doesnt mean it's going to perform the best
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    6800 GT drivers

    best right now would be 61.71. dl them at
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    Question about white box

    that's probably oem. oem is just the product. no extras. as long as it has the serial number sticker on the card you should be able to rma it if you have any problems
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    VGA Cooling?

    vga silencer. i've seen people get them on, but i dont know if rev3 fits the x800 without modding though
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    radiator quality

    arent they almost the same price though? xoxide says 29 and the dtek is 34. dtek also has a non color one for a little cheaper
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    radiator quality

    at least go with something like this it'll perform better than that xoxide one
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    How is asus Rma process?

    i rma'd my p4c800deluxe earlier in the year. i think their rma process is pretty good. it takes about 1-2weeks to get another board after you ship to them.
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    6800GT Heat Tolerance.

    it's always pretty warm in my room but i dont know the exact temp. if i was down stairs, my temps would drop a few degrees yeah temps dont seem to raise that much with core changes. i went from 400 to 415 and the temp stayed the same
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    SP2 or no SP2?

    yeah stock air