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    MS SQL Server: cursor vs join, on a HUGE dataset

    I know the mantra, that cursors kill performance. However, in this case the dataset is enormous- I have a table with dozens of rows, and another with millions or more and the current (production) process iterates through the multi-million recordset once for each of the dozens. I know exactly...
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    New Western Digital N900 router+NAS I love the idea of single unit bundling a quality N900 router with built-in 2TB NAS (though I'd prefer BYOD and put in a 3TB Green instead). The only thing stopping me from buying it already? Lack of...
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    SandForce 2281 controller doesn't do AES-256 encryption Confirmed by Intel (with corresponding refund on Intel 520 drives), SF2281 controller is physically incapable of higher key-length encryption. This is a controller limitation, all manufacturers/firmwares affected with a completely new respin...
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    Intel Refund on SSD 520 (SandForce) for improper AES-256 hardware encryption Only relevant for a VERY small minority, but if you actually NEED AES-256 (AES-128 works fine), Intel will allow a full return of your 520 SSD. Note that this is a controller limitation, which means all SF2281 drives are affected regardless of...
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    Interesting... Vertex 3 LT OEM != Vertex 3? Of note: So, ranking is as follows: 1) Vertex 3 MaxIOPS 2) Vertex 3 3) Vertex 3 LT.OEM (Toshiba 32nm Toggle) 4) Agility...
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    Antec EarthWatts Platinum coming soon- affordable efficiency! (With video) Basic, no frills, and 80+ Platinum certified. And the best part, price! MSRP (USD): 450 watt: $110 550 watt: $120 650 watt: $130 And it looks like it'll be...
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    How much cheaper can DDR3 get? 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3-1333, $110 shipped AR This particular kit has been plummeting, I paid $270 for the first one I ordered less than two months ago.
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    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 and Klipsch Image X10 headphones $95 shipped each Amazon Gold Box special, don't know how long it'll last. Two TF10's on the way for me, love my...
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    HD Plex H3.SODD - Passive i7 ITX build

    Product page SPCR review of a pre-built using this case And mine: Uploaded with Specs: i7 2600s Zotac Z68ITX-A-E 2x8GB Patriot DDR3-1333 Agility 2 240GB WD Caviar Green 3TB Lite-On Slot-load Blu-Ray player/DVD burner (Caviar and BR still in the mail.) Just...
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    Asus ROG Immensity: X58, Lucid Hydra, and... Radeon HD 5450! Finally, an X58 board I'm enthusiastic about! Built in HDMI with audio, Radeon 5450 onboard, two PCIe x16 slots with Crossfire/"fake SLI" support, and a Hydra chip to allow multi-GPU/vendor collaboration- and yes, that supports the 5450 as well...
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    Oracle idoc scripting is RUBBISH

    Compare these two pieces of source code for an Oracle-generated web page... Doesn't work: <!--$if strEquals(#active.SSContributor, 'false')--> Do Stuff <!--$endif--> AND <!--$if strEquals(#active.SSContributor, 'true')--> <!--$else--> Do Stuff <!--$endif--> works. Took a good fifteen...
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    Unix: Global Find/replace text string returning "length>2048" error

    Have a legacy intranet at work, Unix-based, and need to update some of the HTML files that point to a domain that we no longer own. Here's the one-liner that I've been using: for file in `find . -exec grep -l {} \;` do perl -pe -i 's/;' done Problem is...
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    Anyone in NYC area good with Modder's Mesh?

    I have a Shuttle SG45H7 which I built to be silent, but the tiny row of ventilation holes is suffocating my poor video card. Looking for some help with: a) cutting a clean opening on the side panel b) installing Modder's mesh to accommodate at least a 120mm fan, more likely the entire side...
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    Plantronics Audio .370 Headphones (Demo/Used)- $8+S&H Great pair, I loved mine and just bought a replacement. (Gave it to my dad for conference calls, now I need them for the same reason.)
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    Windows: Folder Name as Pointer

    Can't remember what the process is called, need to change an environment variable for backwards compatibility. Want to point "C:\Temp" to "%userprofile%\Temp" without actually creating a C:\Temp folder. What is this called? I knew this two years ago, but haven't used it since, and it's...
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    Excel '03: Date(Year(), Month(), Day()) not working

    Nice, simple test in VBA. startyear=now() nextyear=date(year(startyear)+1,month(startyear),day(startyear)) Compile error: Missing ) Help! Have Analysis ToolPak installed.
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    Any way to refresh [H] Threats list?

    I've had cavyman as my #1 threat for several months now, even though he's been inactive for ages. Do I need to contact King_N to point this out, or does anyone else have similar problems?
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    Intel lied to us! (And I'm not complaining...) (No 56K)

    Oh, and for anyone that cares- the OCZ Vista Upgrade that's rated at 5-6-6 actually has its SPD set to 5-5-5 at 1.8V, as shown above.
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    Potentially warm: 16GB DDR2 Kit (4x4GB), $330 shipped (BCB)'s eBay store, $387 with free shipping less 15%. If you already have a decent s775 setup, this may not be a bad purchase. I'll admit that I just bought one for my Q9505, along with a GeForce 9300 motherboard (MSI P7NGM...
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    FS: 2x eVGA 9800GX2

    I'm in NYC area (North Jersey), looking to get $150 after all costs for each, firm. Should come out to around $165 via PayPal, or can do an in-person exchange between Manhattan and Cherry Hill, NJ this weekend only. Both are card only, but never overclocked.
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    G33M-DS2R with Port Multiplication?

    I want to keep my storage pool outside of my Sugo for portability reasons, so it seems to me that I can use the TR4M DAS for my drives. Current board is a G33M-DS2R (ICH9R southbridge) with three out of six SATA ports available. If I run one of them through a PCI bracket to turn it into...
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    Batch file with built-in stopwatch?

    Need to set up an experiment for my Stats class, I've decided I'll compare the real-world differences between 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n (as well as perhaps a wired connection at 10mbps, 10/100 and gigabit, maybe even addressing the difference between half- and full-duplex). The only changes...
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    GTS 250 Green Edition? Saw a Palit 1GB Green at NewEgg, and tempted (as a lower-power replacement for my current GTS- it's clocked insignificantly slower). Question is, how is this a "Green power saving edition" when it needs two six-pin connectors...
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    Zalman VF950 or VF1000?

    Looks like they use the same fan. I want to replace the VF900 that's currently on my GTS250, since even at 1800rpm it's too loud. Both these coolers start at 1400rpm, which sounds great- at the upper limit of acceptable. Has anyone seen a side-by-side between the two coolers? My concern is...
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    Warm? 65-watt Q9505s under $220 shipped

    OEM and only four available, but it's a 2.83GHz Quad with only 65-watt TDP! Buy-It-Now price of $238 minus 8% CashBack, Free Shipping included.
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    VB6 Splash Screen leads to... where?

    Just inherited a VB6 project from a co-worker who left, and I can't find where the project leads into main. (I have a decent background in VBScript, but I've never been hands-on with the Visual suite.) I'm reasonably sure the form is called frmCISEntry, but searching for this string...
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    WTB: Single DIMM, 2GB DDR2-800

    Shipping to 07043, North Jersey. Have 2GB DDR2-667 SODIMM to trade. Or, can trade: 2GB DDR2-800 (OCZ SLI Edition) + cash OR 2x2GB DDR2-667 Crucial SODIMM TOWARDS 2x2GB kit
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    Personal preference on SSD- X25-M G1 or Agility?

    I guess this would come down to personal preference more than anything else, but I'm torn between an 80GB X25-M G1 and a 64GB Agility. Assume GB/$ are equal. Build will be running Win7 x64, with dedicated storage elsewhere- this is just an OS+games drive. Poll incoming.
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    Synchronize multiple calendars between Outlook and Blackberry?

    BB Curve (8320) claims to support multiple calendars, but from reading around, it seems like it's one calendar per email address. If I have one Outlook account with multiple calendars (say, one for work and another for college), can I synchronize them both with my Curve and keep them separate...
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    Multi-VM + Multi+GPU issue

    Just got back from a friend's house, having some issues with his setup. i7 3x GTX295 12GB Vista x64 Nothing overclocked, no temps over 80C. What I got working: NotFred x3 in VMWare Server, Console monitoring not working. Says plugin not installed, even when it is. CPU utilization is...
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    Win7 + Ie8 = Unicode Default Encoding, PERIOD

    I want it to be Western European or Auto, but close it and it reverts to Unicode every time. Any way to change this? Sorry, don't know which subforum is most appropriate for this.
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    Lenovo Y510 (Retail Edge) with Win7?

    I found a few old reports saying incomplete drivers with the internal builds, has anyone used their Retail Edge Y510 with Win7 RTM? Obviously the extra apps won't work but how is the installation process at least? I'm thinking about going to Pro 64-bit since I bumped up the RAM to 4GB, and...
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    Geeks: $135 X58 mATX SLI board (New, Plain Box) Board is made by Pegatron, meaning Asus. Seems to have been an OEM deal for the HP Elite series originally, based on what's floating around the web. I think it qualifies for free shipping using code FREESHIP. 1 Year warranty.
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    X25-M 80GB G1 Bulk $193 shipped (CB) Buy-It-Now price is $199+10, -8% Bing Cashback=$193 shipped UPS Ground Drives are new but bulk, so stated warranty is only 1 year. Don't know how accurate this is.
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    M350 with some horsepower! (56K=Woe betide ye!)

    Admittedly not much, but it's a start! Specs: J&W Minix 780G X2 3800+ 35W edition (undervolted to around 25W, 0.95V at 2GHz). 2x2GB DDR2-667 SODIMM (512MB+SidePort for graphics) Seagate Momentus 60GB 7200rpm (7200.3? .1? Anyway...) Silverstone NT07-AM2 heatsink 80W external brick And...
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    Acer AspireRevo- ION is here! I'd hoped for the 330 variant instead of the Atom 230 that they put in, but I'm sure it'll follow. It's also a little bit bigger than the original prototype, as 7 inches to a side puts it squarely into...
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    Matrix RAID, partial-disk RAID?

    Had 2x1TB 7K1000 RAID1, ran out of room. Bought Seagate 1.5TB. What I want to do: 2x 7K1000, 1TB out of 1500 in RAID5 (through Intel RAID migration). Extra 500GB (okay, 430-whatever) out of 1500 in completely separate, RAID-less "volume." The problem is that when I use Intel's Storage...
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    DFI X58 JR is in for some competition...

    Asus's Rampage II Gene is coming out soon, similar features to the DFI- and then some, it looks like. X58, 6x DDR3, SLI/Crossfire. X-Fi Software edition, s775/1366 mounting holes... And it's mATX! Slots are: x16 x4 open-ended x16 PCI
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    Norton Ghost Command Line- Compress Image?

    Title says most of it. Looking to make a batch file for work. Tried it out yesterday, my images are 28GB to the standard 8-10. I need to enable Compression, which is usually done in the Console. What I've got: ghost32 -clone,mode=create,src=1,dst=blahblahblah -sure Edit: -Z_ did the...
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    NOOO!!!! PCAlchemy has closed its doors... They had a lot of nice stuff, I bought some dual tuners from them a couple of years ago. They will be missed. :(