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    First world problems...(to keep or sell?)

    I recently landed a new job that is going to take up ~60 hours/week of my time for the next 4-6 months, until things settle down. I have a 10850K with a 3090 that I use 90% for VR gaming (Quest 2) and sometimes a AAA game like God of War or RDR2. I'm going to have almost zero time to game until...
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    SMOKING! $50 off 5600X, 5800X, 12700K, 12900K @ Micro Center (new customers) Discussion on Slickdeals:
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    Super Flower Leadex Gold SE 1000W 80+ Gold - $129 @ Newegg The popular EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G2 is a rebrand of this unit:
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    Two great power supply deals at Newegg (Super Flower 1300 & EVGA 1000)

    Super Flower Leadex Gold SE 1300W - $159 + $20 Newegg GC Solid deal on this power supply. This is the same PS as the EVGA 1300 G2. EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G6 - $149 + $20 EVGA Rebate...
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    Ryzen 7 5800X - $299 plus $20 off motherboard @ Micro Center
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    Super Flower Leadex Gold SE 1000W 80+ Gold - $149.99 + $20 Newegg GC Or, you can spend $30 more for the Platinum version:
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    Super Flower Leadex III 850W Gold PS - $110 + $20 Newegg Gift Card

    A $90 net price for this power supply is a pretty good deal:
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    10850K + 3090. Corsair RM850x or EVGA 1000 G6?

    Both are on sale right now, with the Corsair coming in quite a bit cheaper. The Corsair is $112 right now direct, plus $13 off with the Honey app for a total of $99. Free shipping. 10 year warranty. The EVGA is $144 after associate code with free shipping. $45 more, for a slightly higher...
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    I'm at a loss here...

    EDIT: I figured it out! I was just testing and turning the PC on first and quickly turning the second power supply on like 0.5 seconds later. I found a post online stating that they have to be turned on simultaneously, or the secondary PS a little before. So, I turned the Corsair on then about a...
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    All 3080 Ti's are in stock at their MSRP's. Which one do you get?

    Simple question. Which one would you buy, and why? Please, no "I'll take whichever one is in stock" responses.
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    EVGA 550w and 650w Gold Fully Modular on Amazon - $40 and $60

    Not magma hot but still a pretty good deal on these PSU's. 10 year warranty.
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    Second video card not showing up (3090 + 3070)

    I haven't ran dual video cards since the Voodoo2 days so bear with me. My main PC has a 3090 in it that I'm using to mine with Nicehash about 23 hours per day. A buddy of mine sold me his 3070 (since he landed his own 3090) and I figured why not, I'll throw it in my same rig and mine with 2...
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    Well, that's a lot of 3080s...

    I camped outside of my local Micro Center yesterday in the freezing cold for 3 hours hoping to land a 3080. This is my first time camping. Upon opening, they received one 6800 non-XT and five 3070's. No thanks. My buddy just sent me this link to the Columbus Reddit and it looks like the same...
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    How long until PS prices return to normal?

    I get that there was a shortage of power supplies months ago, and I read about how the cost to transport goods has increased with COVID due to many factors. My local Micro Center is absolutely packed with power supplies; literally hundreds upon hundreds of every make and size with the shelves...
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    Is super sampling above 4k going to widen the gap between nvidia and AMD?

    I just received my new HP Reverb G2 headset, with native 4k resolution. I've been playing around with SteamVR supersampling up to 150%, and can easily notice a difference. Seeing the latest benchmarks between the 3080 and 6800 XT, the 3080 is the winner at 4k resolution. However, if we implement...
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    Meshify C to larger S2 Meshify worth it for high powered GPU?

    I'm currently running a Ryzen 3600X with an AMD 5700 blower. I'm trying to get my hands on a 3080 or 6800 XT, which will use quite a bit more power and generate quite a bit more heat. I currently have the smaller Meshify C case, but see that Micro Center has its big brother on sale for $109...
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    Fractal Design Meshify C Black for $59.99 + $5.99 shipping @ Newegg

    Top-notch build quality case that Fractal is known for:
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    32GB of DDR4 3200 CL16 for $100 - snag it?

    I know a guy that has a set of this RAM, unopened, and will sell it to me for $100: My current PC is a 3600X with 16GB of G Skill...
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    9700K $199 Micro Center (plus $20 off MB)

    This was sitting at $299 for a while this year. A decent deal, but now it's a pretty good deal. Here's an OC'd comparison to the 8-core Ryzen 3000 processors. It's faster in...
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    Zen 3 pricing confuses me

    Typically, with processors, the more cores you add, the more the law of diminishing returns applies with cost/performance. Not so much with these Zen 3 prices: 5600X - $299 ($50/core) 5800X - $449 ($56/core) 5900X - $549 ($46/core) 5950X - $799 ($50/core) Jumping up $150 to go from 6 cores to...
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    Anyone that ordered a 3080 from Provantage get an update or ETA?

    I placed an order from Provantage a few days ago for an EVGA 3080. It took a few days to get a confirmation e-mail, but I got one yesterday. According to the e-mail: Status: IN PROGRESS Your order has been placed with one of our suppliers who will ship it directly to you. Note: Your order has...
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    Croteam VR Bundle: $14.99 Steam

    I know this is a part of the Steam summer sale, but I just had to post this. I feel it's my duty. I've owned VR headsets since they were released (Vive, Rift CV1, now an Oculus Rift S) and have played a ton of VR games. I almost game exclusively in VR. I can say, with the utmost certainty, that...
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    New nVidia GPU - best way to secure one upon release?

    I've been loving my 1080 Ti but have been itching big-time for an upgrade. I'm sure, at release, no matter the price, nVidia is going to sell out of their GPU's. What do you think is the best way for someone to secure one? I've never purchased a video card near a release, and have always waited...
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    Man, I miss power supply deals

    I stocked up on power supplies to use for builds about 18 months ago. I'm now out of them, and need to get some more. However, the current prices are crazy. I went back through my saved invoices and was shocked at how cheap I was getting them. This EVGA 750w GOLD was $30 AR, and I remember...
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    Radeon VII prices...

    I have a Radeon VII that I haven't used much and am going to sell it. I just jumped onto eBay, to see how I should price it, and am shocked by what they're selling for, especially cards that don't work. In the last few days, there have been a number of "for parts or not working" that have...
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    ZOTAC Gaming GeForce® RTX 2080 Ti AMP REFURB $809.99

    10% off right now on Ebay:
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    Ryzen 4000 series release date?

    I haven't heard much lately about the release of the 4000 series processors (would like to get a 4600). I remember reading about an early 2020 release, but that was a few months ago. Has there been any updates as to when they speculate AMD is going to release the next batch? I'm itching to...
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    Micro Center 2700X - $139, 3600 - $149 (In-store only)

    MC just dropped both processors $10. Both are eligible for the $20 off motherboard combo. The 2700X was down to $129 for black friday, but this is the cheapest the 3600 has ever been...
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    ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti $999.99

    Taken from Slickdeals: Also, this following paragraph was taken from directly from Slickdeals: Mind you this version of the Asus Rog Strix 2080TI has the gimped Nvidia 300 chip which only has...
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    3.2TB SSD for $240

    Hot? You can make a best offer:
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    How to ship a 7820X without original box?

    Looking to sell my 7820X on ebay but I can't, for the life of me, find the original box. I have a few empty AM4 boxes, but the 7820X is a larger chip and won't fit in the plastic tray. Any ideas of a safe way to ship it that aren't ghetto? I appreciate it.
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    Fractal Fanboy - Is there anything else?

    My last 4 cases have been: Define R5 (5820k) Define R6 (1700X) Define Mini C (Ryzen 1600) Define Nano S (Ryzen 1600) Needless to say, I absolutely love these cases. I love how they look, and how easy they are to work with. I'm about to build my new gaming PC, with an ATX motherboard (B450)...
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    Micro Center Intel CPU prices have SKYROCKETED!

    I’m looking to build a mini itx Plex server using an Intel chip with Quicksync for HW decoding and encoding. I jumped onto Micro Center’s website this morning to check on Intel CPU’s and their prices have skyrocketed! I have a pretty decent memory and can remember things like prices very well...
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    Any AMD motherboards with Dual Link DVI onboard? SOB!!!

    My faithful 2500k system died on me, which I was using as a family room PC. This PC is used for web browsing, e-mail, you know, basic crap. I just built a new system with a 2400G using an ASRock B450M motherboard. I hooked it up to my Korean Shimian 1440p monitor and got no output. WTF. Reboot...
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    SSD for nephew's Christmas gift build?

    I'm building my newphew a gaming PC for his Chirstmas gift. Budget is important. I'm a huge fan of Micro Center, as they've been very good to me over the years, so I want to purchase the drive there. Here's what I have so far: Ryzen 2700X ($129) ASRock B450 Fatal1ty ($49 AR and Micro Center $30...
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    Ryzen 3600X RAM: 3600 mhz CL 16 or CL 18?

    I'm putting together a 3600X system with a 1080Ti for VR gaming. I only need to buy RAM now and everything I've read says to get 3600mhz for this chip. The price difference from CL 16 to CL 18 is quite large, so is it worth it? Or, should I just get the cheaper CL 18?
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    SOB! EVGA 850 G2 woes

    I purchased a used EVGA 850 G2 about a month ago (mint) and installed it in a new build. Works great. Today, the computer won't turn on. Upon pressing the power button, the MOBO lights flick on for a split second, then nothing. I hooked a little 500w EVGA BR up temporarily, and it fired right...
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    5700 XT for $270 or 5700 for $240?

    My local Micro Center has a Sapphire 5700 XT open box for $270 and an XFX 5700 open box for $240. Both are blower style, and both are mint condition. This will be paired with a 2700X, hooked up to a 4k projector, but I will do a lot of 1080p gaming as well, to maintain 60 fps. I'll only run 4K...
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    ASUS Prime X370-Pro or MSI Tomahawk B450? Quick please :)

    Which would you rather use for a 2700X build? Hardware Unboxed absolutely loves the Tomahawk, and there are very mixed reviews for the X370-Pro from ASUS. I doubt I will be overclocking it, and might, down the road, throw a cheap 3xxx or 4xxx series in it. Thanks!
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    Micro Center 11/11 sale!

    I just found out that Micro Center is going to have a pre Black Friday sale starting this Monday. Two of the notables: Ryzen 3600X - $199 (was this price a few weeks ago) Ryzen 2700X - $129! That's not a typo. You still get the $30 off motherboard combo with these prices. I was going to buy...