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    Looking to upgrade, suggestions

    Hi folks, up to date rig specs are in my sig. I am ok with staying with the 970gtx for a bit, but am wondering what would "feel" like an upgrade as far as new cpu and mobo go? I am hoping to sell the current guts, cpu, mobo, and ram to partially fund this upgrade. Any help is appreciated...
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    Have $225 in newegg giftcards, what to upgrade?

    Hi guys, I just received some gift cards early for christmas. Rig specs are in my sig. What would you upgrade without spending any or more than $20 additional cash? I was thinking ssd for my boot drive? Or maybe another 6 gigs of ram? Lemme know what you guys would recommend. Thanks!
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    TIme for a new mouse, help me decide!

    Hi guys, long time reader and lurker here on H. Current system is in my sig. As you can see I have a Logitech G7 that has been slowly eating its batteries to the point where I have to swap them out every other day. Long story short its driving me nuts. So I am looking to you members for...
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    My 4870x2 hisses, is this bad?

    I just dropped in my brand new Asus 4870x2 yesterday. Today while playing HL2 I noticed that it makes a hissing noise whenever I play. The card doesn't make this sound when I am not gaming and I dont believe it makes the sound when I play cod4. Is an rma in order or is it nothing to worry...
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    Lian Li v1000b will it fit?

    Hey guys just wondering what the biggest, modular, power supply that will fit in this case without modifying the "psu" wall. So far the corsair hx620 seems to be the only one with the right dimensions. Any help is appreciated. thanks!
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    Need psu help for my crossfire setup

    I need to power everything that is in my signature. My main picks are the fortron epsilon 700w(, the pc power and cooling silencer 750w(, or the OCZ game extreme...