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    Windows 2k3 VPN to VPN Router, Point to Point

    Here is the game plan, please let me know your suggestions. Windows 2k3 VPN server as a central server in a data center. Each office (10 offices) will have a VPN router, and have point to point, therefore every computer in the office is connected to the domain server through the VPN...
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    WIndows 2003 Questions

    Hi, Couple of questions involving win2k3, Small company 100 CALs Want to centralize domain and file server to high bandwidth data center. I want the Domain and File Server to be on one machine. What is the best way to do it? 1. Create a VPN to the main server in each office, using a...
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    Automaticaly Enable and Disable Network Adapter Vista on Schedule

    Hi all, I need a script to automatically disable and enable my wireless network adapter on my laptop. It seems like it loses my schools internet every 12 hours ever since I started sharing it. Does anybody know a script or how to setup windows to automatically disable and reenable it...
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    2x 8800GTS and ASUS A8N-Premium (8x by 8x)

    Hi, I have a EVGA 8800GTS 640mb. I have a A8N-Premium, that runs at 8x by 8x when in SLI. I am not sure if it matters on these cards, do you think I should look into getting a A8n32, or will it not do anything? Thanks.
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    Best Buy Geek Squad Blog Post

    Hi all, Me and a friend started a blog and I submitted the first post, me and my friend will be submitting more. So take a look and comment if you like, any suggestions for the site would be greatly appreciated. I did not know where to post this, so mods...
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    Windows Vista Family Discount Upgrade not Working

    Hi, I bought a copy of Ultimate hoping to recieve the Home Premium upgrade discount ($49.99). Whenever I submit my Ultimate Code hoping to receive the upgrade I get the following error: We're sorry, the following error(s) have occurred: No Offer Found Has anyone succeeded in making...
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    Thank you CBS for such a wonderful image of the owner of the Patriots!

    Whoops! Just thought it was funny!
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    Asus A8N-Premium Above 1.5v on Processor

    Hi, I am trying to overclock my processor but I am hitting a voltage barrior on my A8N-Premium. When in the Jumper Free settings in the BIOS, I cannot give the processor more than 1.5v of juice. I have water cooling and I want to pump it up to around 1.7v. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    2gb Sandisk Ultra II SD, CF Cards $40 CompUSA

    Hi all, This isn't a black friday special cause it is on all week. 2gb Sandsik ultra II SD and CF cards at Compusa. They are kind of hidden away in the circular! Can't really beat that! Instant Rebate btw.
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    Alternatives to Windows File Sharing that have Hard Drive Mapping Capabilities

    Hi, I am currently using Windows File Sharing with Hard Drive Mapping of Folders and it seems to be consistently freezing up my machine randomally while it does some sort of network scan apparantly. I am looking for alternatives to Windows File sharing that support the Mapping of folders...
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    D-Link DSM-520 Emulation (HD Network Terminal)

    Hi all, I saw this D-LINK HD Wireless Media Player in Best Buy for close to $200. I have a spare 2.66 P4, with a good amount of power on it, and would like to know if anyone know of a linux or windows software equivlent to that software. I am not a fan of Windows Media Center, because the...
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    3 Idle Computers on Network, Any way to share the processors?

    Hi, I currently have 3 computers hooked up to my GIGE network. Here are the specs: 1. AMD Athlon X2 3800+ OC'ed to 2.79ghz S939 2gb RAM DDR PC3200 Dual-Channel 2. Intel Core DUO T2600 @ 2.13ghz 2gb of DDR2 Dual-Channel (forgot speed, OCZ ram) 3. Intel Pentium 4 2.66ghz w/ HT...
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    All These Wonderful Monitors-- I found one that none have yet!

    Hi all, Last Weekend i was at DigitalLife and had a chance to demo the IZ3d Monitor (yes a 3d monitor, first impression was ughhhh a 3d monitor!, then I played UT2004). This monitor made it look like I was holding the gun in my hand and was just incredible I have nevr experienced a gaming...
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    DMIO- Uncorrectable Read Error SATA 200gb

    Hi, I have a 200gb Maxtor SATA1 Drive. Recently, I started recieving errors like this, and have been unable to defrag the drive. I tried running chkdsk. It appears that only a few blocks are bad, are there anyway to just shut off those blocks and not let them be written to. I have...
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    Fast, Reliable Proxy Site? Pay sites ok.

    Hi all, I am looking for a good site that has an East Coast SQUID Proxy I can use. I am willing to pay for it, and need it to be extremely reliable. Anyone have any suggestions on a good proxy? Thanks.
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    Best way to check Security

    Hi all, I want to know which way you believe is the best way to check for security vulnurbilities on my home network. I have an IPCop firewall. I am not an experienced hacker, and I ahve tested Sygate Online Services, Shields Up, Broadband Reports Port Scans, AuditmyPC and a few others...
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    A8N-Premium in Dual-Channel Causing Random Freezes

    Hi, I have a A8N-Premium, I noticed that whenever I put my computer into Dual-Channel mode, the comp would freeze. Soon I started reading up on creative form and thoughti t to be the X-FI that was cause my computer to randomally freeze. It works perfectly fine in Single-Channel mode...
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    Netgear Gigabit Pre-N Edition WNR854T for $129.99 @ Staples

    Just picked one up today, apparantly the gigabit switch is a limited time offer. I use it as an access point from my linux router.
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    3 Different Networking, which one is best performing? (need Microsoft Visio)

    Hi all, Me and a friend are trying to figure out what network config is best for the kind of bandwith we are looking for. Here are some network conditions that we must account for: File Trading from one switch to another Most maintain low latency to server (gaming) the equipment seen...
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    Windows is starting up... Hanging for 2-3 Minutes then booting

    Hi all, When I go to boot into windows it seems to take FOREVER to just boot in. The time it takes from when it blacks out from the Windows Loading Screen (the one with the bar), to the time when I actually load into windows is forever. It seems like it just stops at Windows is starting...
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    Weird Stuff within Windows, can access router's local site, but not the internet

    Hi, I ahve been experiencing a problem for quite some time now, The problems lies in which, I can access my router's site from IE (and Mozilla). But I cannot access the web. The rest of the machines can access the web just fine but this specific machine cannot. Does anyone know...
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    My Specifics for a Notebook $1800 to Spend

    Hi, I just sold my notebook, and have finally decided to upgrade. I have strictly $1,800 to spend on a new Gaming Notebook. Some would say this is far fetched, but I already have 2 gigs of DDR2 Notebook memory I pulled from my old machine (667mhz) so of coruse this would have to be a barebone...
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    A8N-SLI Premium Memory Speed

    Hi, I just purchased a A8N-SLI Premium to replace my Gigabyte GA-SLI. The board is a great board with Dual Gigabit, the whole nine yards, but whenever I try to overclock the processor the board will shut down half way into windows. At first, I thought it was a Power Supply problem, but after...
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    PCI-Express IDE Controller Card

    Hi, I want to get a new PhysX Chip (don't worry I am not spending $300, I am spending more like $100, I have COMPUSA rewards). I have no more PCI slots on my board, so Ineed either a PCI-Express sound card or a PCI-Express IDE Card (Preferably the IDE Card). Does anyone know if it exists? I...
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    DiamondMax 10 Problems with VIA VT8237 Chipset

    Hi, I just bought a DiamondMax 10 300gb 16mb Cache SATA Drive. I have a VIA VT8237 SATA controller (SATA I). When I plug it into the board it does not recognize the drive and just skips off the SATA check. When I move the drive over to my Silicon Image 680 Controller I no longer have that...