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    Path of Exile: Scourge

    Haven't played PoE for a while but this expansion is looking good! Think I'll be giving it a go on October 22nd when it launches. Lots of fundamental changes including the passive skill tree, end game, guilds, skills and more to go along with the pretty demonic looking challenge league:
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    Computer in separate room (suggestions welcome)

    I'm considering moving my PC to a different room from my desk and I thought I'd check with [H] to see if anyone had any wisdom or suggestions for such a project. Longest required cable run would probably be about 14'-15'; I have 12+ devices that will require USB connections, plus 2 monitors...
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    Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

    I didn't see any threads for this, but watched this trailer today and it looks like some pretty hilarious fun. Like a video game version of Takeshi's Castle (aka MXC). Release date is August 4th, 2020.
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    Diablo IV Official Thread

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    X570 Chipset Fans...

    Picked up an ASRock X570 Taichi today for use with a 3700x and I'm really disappointed to find that the little chipset fan is LOUD. Like, if you've ever driven a vehicle that has low power steering fluid, it sounds like that - a constant low whine. I thought it was the stock CPU cooler at first...
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    Philips Hue Screen Sync

    No idea if this fits in this subforum but here goes: Been messing around with lighting recently and have been enjoying the screen sync feature with Philips Hue products. For those unfamiliar, your smart lights will match the color/colors on your screen and extend the ambiance of whatever you're...
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    Top 15 Steam Games by Daily Player Count, 2015-2018

    Saw this posted elsewhere and have never been so fascinated watching a graph. One part actually made me LOL - I'll leave you all to figure out which part it was.
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    Evolve (From the creators of L4D - Turtle Rock Studios)

    Evolve -- Happy Hunting -- Official Trailer "4 Hunters stalk 1 giant Monster... but the beast lies in wait. Who is hunting who? Welcome to #4v1. Happy hunting." PC Gamer Evolve first look. Life After Death: The History of Turtle Rock Studios Looks like fine...
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    Mount Arreat: a new Diablo 2 private server

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    NS2: Free Deluxe upgrade with Pre-Purchase! (and extra copy for pre-Steam purchasers)

    Not a bad deal at all! From the devs (Unknown Worlds) yesterday: Natural Selection 2 pre-order #1 Indie on Steam and thank you gifts!‏
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    Stable system (months) suddenly becomes unstable?

    I have two systems: a 980X BigAdv rig and an SR-2 dual-L5640 BigAdv rig. A couple of months ago my 980X rig - which had been stable for weeks - choked on a P2686 WU and started hanging on certain frames of the WU. It turned out that bumping my vCore up a bit fixed the problem and the rig...
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    Lost WU due to "Can't restore state." error.

    I was away from home for a couple of days and came home to my SR-2 happily folding away on a 2684 BigAdv WU @ 85%. I stopped the client to perform a couple of trivial tasks and when I restarted it THIS happened: [01:39:08] Project: 2684 (Run 7, Clone 11, Gen 33) [01:39:08] [01:39:09] Entering...