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    Can't open a thread in Linux subforum

    I can't get into this thread: It shows the attached error. Everywhere else is fine.
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    OK...that was fun to do

    Ubuntu 18.04 (no raspberry pi right now) Pi-Hole OpenVPN Cloudflared So basically network wide DNSSEC with ad filtering plus VPN access for external devices. My Android phone now auto connects to the new VPN at home via Tasker anytime I'm not in range of my WiFi. Filtering and secure DNS...
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    Quick way to rebuild a system

    Just got shown this by the dev Josh. He posted in the Telegram group for Jason Evangelho's Arch Linux Challenge. Looks bitching for a quick easy way to duplicate a system in a matter of minutes. Will definitely be looking into using it next time I...
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    Adventures with Ubuntu, SnapRAID, and rebuilding my PLEX

    So yesterday was an adventure. My Plex is just an older Core 2 Duo desktop running Ubuntu 16.04 with two USB drives jacked into it. A 1TB and a 2TB. No parity or anything so if a drive died I was screwed. So I was looking at things like Drobo to replace the drives with. Was already asking...
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    Yes Houston we have a problem...kinda

    So after looking that the issue with the Cinnamon DE for Snowdog yesterday I started poking around other "big" distros just to see and play with them a bit since I had the laptop available to me while at work. I was generally interested to see if the issue with Cinnamon was a more common issue...
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    Solus Linux

    So I've been playing with a smaller distro called Solus and I've never seen it talked about here on [H]. I first heard about this a few weeks ago when I started listening to the Linux Unplugged podcast. The founder is a regular guest on the podcast so hearing him...
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    CyanogenMod's future...most impressive Good for them. Can't wait to see what they bring to the table in the future!
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    Introducing Android 4.4...KitKat
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    Issue refreshing an Android spinner

    I fixed it. :) Thanks!
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    Verizon to axe grandfathered unlimited data plans If this is true I hope it happens before November because then I'll leave Verizon with no ETF and go to T-Mobile who has better Android devices right now anyways.
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    Strange ads

    I've recently been seeing ads for "healthier living" and things like joint relief which look a little weird next to a Radeon ad or an Enermax ad. ;) I don't know if they're meant to be there or not but figured I'd throw up the URL of the ad just in case it needs to be filtered. The ad...
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    Computer spontaneously reboots or shuts down

    Not sure where I should post this because it could go just about anywhere since I'm stumped. :( I'm having an issue with the rig in my sig. The machine is just over 3 years old. I have a feeling the motherboard is dying however I'd like other [H] user opinions. The computer is randomly...
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    Leaked Android 2.3.4 Thunderbolt build

    Enjoy! Kudos to 911Sniper for yet again getting his hands on this stuff for us! I haven't installed this myself yet. I may do it tonight to check it out however I probably won't stay on it very long. Slayher looks to be releasing a new CM7 build tonight (hopefully) and I may wait for the...
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    Question about Acer Iconia A500

    My wife needs a tablet for work and at the same time wants and needs a lightweight instant-on device because she's going back for her Master's degree. Initially the perfect answer was the ASUS Transformer due to the dock and 16 hour battery life. However, the odds of getting one before she...
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    Motorola's Bootloader encryption possibly cracked More to come so make sure you check those Android news websites. ;) Moto legal has made nenolod pull the...
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    Privacy Blocker for Android

    For those who haven't been paying attention to the last part of the Thunderbolt thread there is a new application just released for Android called Privacy Blocker It was created by a dev named Xeudoxus...
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    Google Devs call out Android phone manufacturers

    Very interesting read straight from an Google Android developer. Basically it says all companies should allow rooting and have unlocked bootloaders so we can do what we want with our phones. It goes on to say the act of rooting should not have to be by compromising our security since current...
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    Any ADW themers out there?

    I'm working on an ADW Theme but I'm running into issues with the drawable HDPI. For instance i get this: res\drawable-hdpi\com.keramidas.titaniumbackup.mainactivity.png :0: error: Resource entry com is already defined. res\drawable-hdpi\com.androidemu.snes.mainactivity.png:0: Originally...
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    Froyo leaked for Droid!

    Enjoy!!! I'm on Froyo right now with Flash 10.1. 900mhz overclock now as well. JIT makes it stupidly fast. Only thing missing is apps2sd for right now. Eat it iPhone 4G!!!
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    4000 series BF:BC2 fix released

    Get'em while they're hot.
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    Unrooting/Unbricking a Droid

    Figured I'd pass this along but the way to unroot/unbrick your Droid if you hacked it a little too much has been discovered: No reason to not root and flash to a better ROM now. ;)
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    Jury-rig a laptop cooling fan?

    Here's the quick and dirty story: Have a Dell Inspiron 1420. It has the defective piece of shit Nvidia 8400m. GPU died on me due to the defect. Dell sent me a new motherboard. Fixed the video issue but the system fan died. They sent me another system fan. That one doesn't work either...
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    SSD garbage cleaning tool

    I'm looking for a program that cleans up the garbage on a laptops SSD drive which is running Windows XP. It is a Samsung drive. After searching I know that there is wiper.exe for Patriot, G.Skill, and OCz but I can't find anything for the Samsung SSDs. Is my search-fu just bad so I can't...
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    the supposed list of Windows 7 Sins

    This made me laugh because it's so damn dumb. :D :D :D :rolleyes: EDIT: I then found this rebuttle for it which puts the 7 sins in their place.
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    interesting exchange/outlook problem

    I have a user who has a computer, a laptop and a Blackberry Bold. All computers/laptops are work issued and have our standard images on them. One computer is in the users work office connected to the LAN. The laptop connects via VPN as well through whatever Internet connection the user has at...
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    iPhone and iTunes backup?

    So there's a good chance I'll reload my computer this weekend for cleaning purposes. I don't touch iTunes for anything other then to sync my iPhone 3G so I don't know jack about it. Is all my downloaded app data stored on Apple servers or is it local? If it's local how do I back that up and...
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    Issue with my new WHS

    I've been playing with a friends WHS and playing with WHS inside a VM with a few clients and love it due to the ease of use and lack of interaction I need to have with it. So yesterday I took my spare computer which was running Server 2008 and moved it to WHS. Everything went great with...
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    Leaked Windows 7 OEM key gets blacklisted Hahaha is all I can say to all the pirates out there. :D
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    Need help choosing an HTPC mobo

    I'm looking to build an HTPC so I can "hide" my enormous (and growing DVD/BR collection). I know I want a mATX and I'm going to use an Athlon X2 4850e as well. I would prefer onboard video that will do 1080p flawlessly. I have narrowed it down to these 3 boards but would like some [H]...
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    Preview of iPhone OS 3.0

    Finally... Now we're getting what we want. Copy/Cut and Paste MMS Stereo Bluetooth Search (Spotlight) Landscape typing for everything Grrr...still no Flash though. My iPhone 3G is finally closing in on what it should have been from the start... All the other little things were...
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    Need help picking a PSU

    I'm about to order a new PC (yes my current one isn't out of date but i'm selling it to a friend who desparately needs a new PC but can't afford to build a brand new one) but I've been out of the loop a little bit when it comes to current power usage with some hardware and I'm planning on...