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    Imagine The Matrix running on Windows 98...

    Now this would freak me out as that looks pretty convincing in thick fog!
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    Green With Envy..

    As someone running a 4k desktop, the GPU tends to get a little toasty considering the default fan profile not to mention gaming. IMO, GWE highlights that Linux is moving into the gaming mainstream when it comes to overclocking utilities and custom fan profiles. Now not only does my GPU sit at...
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    NVtop. A terminal based task monitor for Nvidia GPU's

    Just posting this here in case anyone's interested. I just discovered NVtop, a terminal based task monitor for Nvidia GPU's. Showing information such as GPU utilization, PCIe throughput, GPU and MEM clock speeds, temperature reporting, power usage as well as GPU utilization and MEM utilization...
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    Spectre and Meltdown patch performance.

    Has anyone really noticed any noticeable loss of performance as a result of the Spectre and Meltdown patches? I've been pretty slack, running kernel 4.13 without the patches since the vulnerability hit. Today I decided to patch my OS to 4.15.18 and tested that the patches had been applied...
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    Installing 32bit Windows 10 Professional using 64bit key?

    So I've got a family member that bought a retail Windows 10 license off Microsoft directly and the install media is 64bit only, a bit of an issue as their laptop is an early model with the 32bit Intel Core processor. Before I go wiping things, does anyone have experience with using a 64bit...
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    Feral Interactive have released an open source tool that helps get the most out of Linux games.

    Very interesting, I might have to give this one a crack on my Linux PC. Unlike the game mode in Windows 10 this one appears to actually make some difference. Good job Feral...