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    Samsung 256GB 830 not recognized by Windows 7 Installer

    Hey guys, I'm trying to install my SSD. Samsung 830 256gb... I have Win 7 on a USB drive that boots fine. However Windows 7 installer can't find it. I have tried switching it from ATA to AHCI makes no difference. I've updated my bios to the newest and still nothing. The bios CAN see it...
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    Building a new system...been out of the game a long time who is on top?

    Been out for a long time now. Looking to build a system. Who is on top? Intel or AMD. I want a monster computer here people. I will be using it to do training for my MCITP training so ill be running VMWare with multiple instances of 2k3 server and 2k8 server at once along with being able to game...
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    HP Jet Direct Print Server Problems with AS400 (IBM iSeries) Anyone?

    Having a problem with getting a new HP Jet Direct Card setup on a DOT Matrix printer. It's currently on a similar model Jet Direct card and works fine, moving it too the new one, we can print from windows, but not from the AS/400 i Series. All configurations are the same, not sure about the dip...
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    Sling Box Owners? Have a few easy questions.

    Here goes: Can more than one person in the house hold be using the sling box at the same time? If yes is their a performance hit? Second, can I take my coaxial cable that comes out of the wall and plug it right into the sling box PRO or does it have to go through a cable box this is normal...
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    Need new laptop recommendations!

    I am looking for a new laptop my dell xps is taking the big one. I need suggestions. I have a 2ghz,1gb,6800ultra right now XPS gen2 I don't really need much more in the video department. I am looking for a CPU speed boost tho. More memory but I don't want to brake the bank. I have been out of...
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    Dell freak out?

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    Help Odd CD burner problem.

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    Partition with windows installed already?

    What software can I use to partition my hard drive if I already have windows installed on it?
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    Installing windows...on this computer. Grr help!

    Ok problem is I goto install windows on this computer, boot to cd ect go through set up, computer will restart in 15 seconds and will continue at same point. So it restarts and boots right to cd I figured id disable cd drive as a boot device... if i do this it says Boot disc failure...
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    Close to new laptop battery life sucks need help fast!!!!

    Ok the laptop that is having the problem is a Compaq R3000, with a 7200rpm hard drive which isnt what was original. The laptop has an AMD Mobile 64 processor with cool n quiet ect....from a 100% charge it drops to 2% in 8 minutes. Something is wrong with this picture. Anyone have any ideas...
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    CPU for these needs?

    Im looking to build my mom a computer, all she really does it surf the web check email, and play simple games like solitare and alot of Real Arcade games word puzzle games ect. I want something cheap but good enough for a couple years, her needs will not change. I was thinking of getting a AMD...
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    Laptop reliablity?

    I want to get a laptop that I will use as my main system, but I was something really reliable. What do you recommend. Ive got about $1500 to spend.....I want to be able to play a few games and talk on aim and surf the web I also use PS but not much.
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    Who would be interested in powder coating?

    Who would be interested in getting their cases power coated for around $75 per case +shipping both ways?
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    Site times out in fire fox but not in IE what gives?

    Recently the site wont load in FF but loads NP in IE whats up?
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    DFI mobo chipset hsf replacement would this work? If not what will?
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    VIA Audio sucks!!

    SN25P on board audio sucks terribly. What can I do?
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    PCI-e Sound cards?

    Do any exsist?
  18. I shuttle.....

    Ok I my SN25P comes so I put everything in it. Boot up.....Install drivers for internet ect...and reboot...the internet is sooooo pissing me off. Any ideas? I dont wanna reformat...
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    Sennhieser head phone!

    I picked up a pair on black friday. I havent had a chance to try them out until just now, and boy o boy lemme tell you these things ROCK! Everything is so clear and crisp and the bass is nice but not over powering just the way I like it! This was the best $10.00 Ive ever spent. I got the...
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    Joining SFF for true!

    Need to know will a 7800GTX fit in a Shuttle SN25P w/ Stock cooler? Also This is not to much strain for the PSU? w/ A dualcore 4400+ as well? Also does the SN25P sopport Dualcore AMD's w/o updating BIOS or will I have to update BIOS? Thanks!
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    What can I do to bring this to life?

    So what could I do to make this more vibrant and a pillowed effect to the font?
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    quantum or fiber optic CPU's?

    Which in the future will be king ? Or are they sorta one in the same?
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    I don't understand this about printers.

    Ok so im looking at printers in the store, of course there are lazerjets and inkjets. Inkjets have alot higher DPI I aways figured the higher the better, but then I look at the lazerjets and there DPI are alot lower like 1200dpi compared to 4800dpi on injets. So I guess what I am asking is how...
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    Post your NeoHE 500w and 550w voltages!!!!

    Post your voltages! system spec would help too.
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    What is envolved.

    Ok after I get said water cooling set up, what would be involved in maintaning it from time to time. Given Im not aways getting new blocks or pumps w/e.?
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    Hopfully not a problem.

    Ok guys what's up? So today my mountain mods twice7 comes so I unpack it ect...going to put all my stuff in and opps my PSU is too big. I have an OCZ Powerstream 520 right now that I love to death but its just too big. So here are the requirement for a new PSU. SLI enough for 2x7800GTX's...
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    AS5 on eVGA 7800GTX?

    Will putting AS5 on a eVGA 7800GTX void the warrenty?
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    How do I know im getting my X2's moneys worth?

    Ok here is what I am trying to say. How do I know wether windows and programs are taking full advatage of my X2 processor?
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    7800GTX artifacting @ stock speeds.

    Hey guys! I have a eVGA 7800GTX stock cooler and everything at stock speeds and it is artifacting in 3dmark05 like crazy on the 2nd test the temp was @ 74c. Do you think i should get a new cooler? Or what should I do to stop the articafting? My system specs are: X2 4400@stock eVGA...
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    Dvd's wont play.

    Error: p14013 Message: playback failed due to probelm with video subsystem you may be using an unsopprted display mode or your system may not have a working decoder installed. Is there anything I can do to fix this. No DVD programs work e.g. windows media player,interactual ect...
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    Nothing will install. HELP!!!!

    Fresh windows install XP home SP2 Programs will not auto run or run when goto my computer and double click error comes up: "system dlls missing or corrupt acsess is denigned" anyone know how to fix this?
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    How long for DFI expert?

    Hey guys I just have a few questions. Ok i ordered a X2 4400 lastnight that is going to be in my DFI Ultra D now I am going to have to update the BIOS and all. How would it be worth it for me to sell my ultra D when time comes and get a DFi expert or how much performance jump am i going to see...
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    Mountain Mods Bob Slay Nice if you want a portable fullsize atx case!
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    Need help now please!!!!!! Windows is killing me!

    Ok im trying to install windows XP on to a SATA drive but of course you need to install the SATA driver from the floppy for windows to recognize it. So i make the floppy with the correct drivers from the CD that came with the mobo and i press F6 blah blah blah.....and then go to load them from...
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    Exstremely stupid question.

    I know this is a stupid question but well you see im just ignorant and dont know.Can you put a PCI sound card or device in a pci express 16x slot? Thanks dont laugh to hard.
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    Unstable Venice help me out!

    Problem: Unstable @300HTT 200MHz 2.5-2-3-2-5 8x multi Prime Stable 0min @ 280HTT 186MHz Prime Stable 52min Specs: A64 s939 Venice E3 sorry no steppings @ v1.520 DFI NF4 Ultra D 3/10 BIOS 1GB OCZ Plat Rev 2 v2.8 OCZ PowerStream 520w WinXP Pro Cooling Coolermaster Hyper 6 w/92mm Vantec...
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    Dell freak out?

    OK heres the situation my friend want to get a new PC we have all the part picked out ect. But he want to use his windows HD from his dell if we dont reformat the hard drive and put it in the new computer (nothing dell in it) will it boot? Than will it ask for serial from the dell box? If so...
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    Most Spyware ?

    I was scanning a hard drive for a friend and discovered this after 2 hours.