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  1. dondan

    DAN C4-SFX

    Introduction After a long time of silence I like to introduce the redesigned C4-SFX. The name comes from the German envelope norm for A4 papers so it is the big brother of the A4-SFX. This case is the fusion of a traditional hardware layout and the sandwich layout. The list of features is long...
  2. dondan

    DAN C4-SFX: The smallest water cooling case in the world

    Introduction DAN Cases is back and this is our next tribute to the SFF community. I am proud to introduce you the C4-SFX. The name comes from the German envelope norm for A4 papers and the possibility to mount a SFX power supply inside. With this new product I like to address three...
  3. dondan

    DAN HSLP-48: A powerful sub 50mm heatsink

    DAN Cases is back with a new idea... This time I try to develop the best CPU heatsink under 50mm. The aim is a heatsink that keeps the temperatures up to 15°C lower than existing competitors like the C7 or L9i. Furthermore I will focus on noise level, because current heatsinks that come close...
  4. dondan

    B3: A thin Steam Machine based case

    >> The last days I had a lof of time, so i designed a new Case << The new Case is not the A+, but a case based on the original Steam Machine. The name isn&#8217;t final but I called it actual B3. Technical Spec&#8217;s: Dimensions: 68.5mm, 316.5mm, 306mm (HxBxT) Volume: 6,63 Liter Graficcard...
  5. dondan

    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    Introduction The A4-SFX case is a one-man project with the goal of creating the smallest case possible while still using high-end standardized components, such as Core i7 processors and powerful full-length GPUs such as the GeForce GTX 980 Ti. The result is a unique product that is much...