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    NFS:Undercover....Your thoughts?

    Why can't they release a good game again? MW/ Porsche Unleashed
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    TD Invites

    Put me in for one please.
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    Antec SmartPower 2.0 500W at CompUSA for $49.99 AR

    Thanks for the heads up, I got the last one at the store. It's avaible online too, but the shipping would of killed it.
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    Dell 4700 chipsets burn my finger..

    My case felt pretty warm to the touch so I took the case off and toucked the southbridge and northbridge chips and they burned my finger. The northbrindge has a passive heatsink and the south has nothing on it. It's 100% stable, but shouldn't they be cool to the touch?
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    X800GT - Just Wow...

    You guys forgot about the Radeon X 550 cards.
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    Anyone know of a cheap OEM system for $250?

    Sometimes Dell has sales, the 2400 with a flat panel for $300. Otherwise you can find computers cheap after rebates. You'll have a hard time building a pc that cheap, and impossible with a legal copy of windows.
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    2005 connected with analog, DVI much better?

    Thanks, I'll probably get a lower end card.
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    2005 connected with analog, DVI much better?

    I have a Dell 4700 and a 2005fp, It's connected through analog and the media accelerator 900 supports the native resolution and it looks good. Would I see a noticeable improvement with DVI? I don't play games really, so I don't care about that too much.
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    PROJECT : Ultimate fan grills

    I don't know if it's been suggested but a stargate would look cool.
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    512MB RAM $8.99 after rebate

    I bought this ram when it was $20 after rebate and got a rebate confirmation in a week.
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    Antec Sonata - $59.99 AR @ Outpost

    The Fry's in Renton costs more than online, $69 after rebate, but no shipping.
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    AMD Tech Tour Bundles

    What did you guys use for your company? Do you have to have a company or work for a computer company?
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    Problem with Azureus port

    I have 2 computers on my network, I connect to the internet through another computer. In the set up of Azureus there's an option to test the bittorent port 6881 and it says NAT error. On the pc with the interent connection under network settings I entered in port 6881 to be shared but still get...
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    Pratical differnce b/w 925 and 915 chipsets

    The 915 can use either DDR or DDR2 memory, the 925 can only use DDR2.
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    Is this to much AS5?

    You should have a THIN coat over the whole heat spreader. Looks like you put a blob in the center.
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    New Antec Cases

    I don't like it, too much going on. I like simple cases, clean cases. I don't like BTX either.
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    Battery Powered Desktop

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    NFSU: 2 XBOX or PC?

    I play it on my PC 1600x1200 max setting except motion blur and light trails and it runs perfect. Barton @ 3200 512mb ram radeon 9800 pro
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    Must See B4 posting!!!!!!!

    The irony.
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    25% off Beef Jerky Special. Meat nazi's & vegans need not subscribe

    Bought some Wal mart beef jerky, 8oz for $4. You get what you pay for :(
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    Nintendo DS: Price Announced! Final Specs, Launch Date, New Images

    Atleast the launch color isn't purple.
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    this a good new mobo?

    I have the Albatron board. Been stable, voltage adjustment for everything, etc. For some reason I'd rather have a high rated board like Asus or Abit.
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    Super Hot: Socket 478 Soyo FREE

    Sounds like Soyo= crap. That's what I get for making impulse buys.
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    10% coupon for BB Labor Day

    iPods don't use laptop hard drives.
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    how do i remove a rear case fan

    pull the pins out with your nails, or get something flat to pop them out.
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    Super Hot: Socket 478 Soyo FREE

    Looked on forum to see if there's a similar thread there and there is one for an XP board $10 after MIR from Someone emailed zipzoomfly and was told to put their 2 rebates for that board in one envelope and Soyo will process both of them. SO I'll follow the same...
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    10% coupon for BB Labor Day

    Under Computer Products, video cards is not listed. That is a printable coupon.
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    Super Hot: Socket 478 Soyo FREE

    Log onto Newegg and print out an invoice. My package only came with a packing list and it told me to print my invoice. edit: So what are you guys doing> Sending the rebates in 1 envelope or making a copy of the UPC?
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    Attn: Owners of Compucase LX-6A19

    Looks like a pretty good case. All the cheap thin cases I've had in the past had a more reflective, silver color to it and the thick cases had a dull look to it like this one. Don't know if it would actually be thick though, maybe try emailing Directron and see if they know if it's thick metal.
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    Apple's new iMac G5 Why hasn't there been a PC counterpar already? Just take a laptop, put the screen in front of the hardware and put it on a base.
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    Super Hot: Socket 478 Soyo FREE says it suports Prescotts and Soyo says it does.
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    Scanner Computer mod

    There's no way this fan pushes 31+ CFM.
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    Super Hot: Socket 478 Soyo FREE

    I placed my order on the 30th at 4:20pm and didn't expect it to ship til the next day but it shipped on the 30t, that's cool. I read through this thread earlier today and someone said this board didn't support Celeron D's. Do you have proof of that? I didn't find anything about it. About the...
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    2500+ OC limits

    I'm running at 11*228 2.5 GHz 1.8v
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    Project Dark Angel

    Looks real nice, what about the expansion slot plates though?
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    What color setting is your 2001fp on?

    I have mine set to user, 40, 40, 40.
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    Lexmark X6170 Color Flatbed All-in-One Machine for $149.99 -Better
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    Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer Revision 2 $9.99 Coupon Code: svcdotcom
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    Final Fantasy 8 for PC

    I tried the demo before and it did not run good. A PS1 is $30 preowned and the game is like $18 for PS1.
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    Possible Dell 2001fp problem or vid card?

    I have a Radeon 9500 softmodded to 9700. On my old cheap CTX it made the screen wavey sometimes. A couple days after getting my 2001fp there's been blotches of green pixels appearing. I have to turn off the monitor and turn it on to get it to go away. Is this a monitor or vid card problem? I'm...