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    Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Issues.

    I bought these speakers about 5 years ago and it looks like I've finally joined the issues club. :p My speakers started having a problem where the sound was low and garbled and turning up the volume did not increase the sound. It was intermittent. Turning the system on and off a couple times or...
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    GTX 670 HDMI Output Issue.

    Having a weird issue. My 670 loses my TV that's hooked up via HDMI when the TV is shut off. When I turn the TV back on, it will not display anything until I unplug the HDMI cable and then plug it back in again. After I do that, the card recognizes the TV just fine and retains the resolution and...
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    Customized Helpdesk Software.

    Wanted to see if anyone had some suggestions on what the best Helpdesk software was these days. My company is looking for something very fully featured that can be customized by the software provider (if need be). It needs to be well supported, so it will most likely be a paid option. Happy to...
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    Strange Restart Issue.

    Having an issue with my main PC (first one in sig). When it restarts after any software is installed, it goes through the log off/shut down windows process, cuts the video signal, and then it just stays powered on and never actually reboots. I have to hold the power button until it turns off...
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    5.25 Multifunction bay device that includes a slim slot loading optical drive.

    This is probably a long shot, but does anyone make something that takes up one 5.25 bay that has a slim slot loading optical drive and some usb or card reader ports on it? Would be great for people with only one 5.25 bay available.
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    Where can I get one of these?

    This is my first SFF build. I'm planning on a WHS box with a lot of storage. I really like this case: Sort of decked out the way I'd want, I'd put the display at the bottom so an ITX board could fit: Basically, it would be a WHS version of this...
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    ITX Cube Cases with 3-4 Front Bays?

    Does anyone still make a case like this? This particular one doesn't seem to be sold anymore. Planning on building a WHS/NAS box and can't find anything small with a 200w+ PSU. EDIT: Planning on adding a 5 in 3 front loading drive...
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    Best PSU for $150ish.

    My trusty Enermax Liberty 620w bit the dust today after 5 years of flawless service. Hoping nothing else died with it. Computer specs are in my sig. There are a couple more hard drives in the PC that are not listed there. Computer isn't too intense, but I definitely want plenty of power to...
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    3 Drive Enclosure Suggestions.

    Here's what I have: 3x 2TB WD EADS Green Drives. I don't know a whole lot about multi-drive storage systems. I would like it to be network accessible, redundant (RAID 5?), gigabit ethernet, and portable. I'm going to be using it for document, music, and movie backup. Am I stuck spending $300+...
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    File transfers over home network are very slow.

    When I'm transferring transferring files (say a large video) from one PC to another on my home network, I'm stuck with 11MB/s. Both PCs are running Windows 7. Router is a Linksys WRT54G v2 running a recent version of DD-WRT. Also, the second PC is behind a D-Link DIR-604 router that is acting...
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    Nevermind, please delete.

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    URL filter is leading to an actual porn site.

    The url filter that you guys are using forces a link to an actual porn site. Maybe change it to all ******* instead of XXXXX. This thread has an example: Just ran into that at work btw.
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    Windows 7 Installation Mess up.

    I was installing Windows 7 on a new drive an accidentally had it copy files to my main drive that already had a Windows 7 installation on it. Now whenever I boot that main drive it thinks there are two installations on there, the second one is non functional. How can I fix this? I want to get...
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    Lian Li V1000 Door Rattle.

    I'm not sure how widespread this issue is, but the doors on my V1000 rattle and it's extremely annoying. This also happens to a couple friends of mine that have the same case. I have seen some comments in this forum about the issue as well. Who else has this issue and what sorts of fixes have...
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    Have wireless keyboard and mouse but no receiver.

    I was given a Sony wireless keyboard and mouse by a friend that lost the receiver. Keyboard: Sony PCVA-KB6/U Mouse: Sony PCVA-MS2 I checked out Sony's parts website and they want $77 for a replacement receiver (VGCRA83)...
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    Any way to be sure you're getting an 8800GT with the larger fan?

    Gonna be buying an 8800GT (probably EVGA) soon and want to make sure I'm getting one with the larger fan. Are there any reliable ways to tell which version I'm getting ahead of time?
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    Can I replace an A8N-SLI Premium with a Deluxe without reformat/repair install??

    My Premium died a few days ago and I was wondering if it is similar enough to the Deluxe for me to simply install it and not have any issues. This is essentially going to be a stopgap fix until I RMA my Premium to Asus or save some money to overhaul my rig.
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    So what's the verdict on heatpipe cooled motherboards in inverted cases?

    I remember when I bought my ASUS A8N-SLI Premium a couple years ago there was all sorts of debate about whether it was safe to install a heatpipe cooled motherboard in an inverted case like my Lian Li V1000B. I never had any issues with my setup, but it may have just been because my board didn't...
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    Zalman CNPS9500 AM2 on S775?

    I may be upgrading to a Core 2 Quad soon and was wondering if anyone knew where to get the bracket and backplate that allows the CNPS9500 AM2 to properly attach to Intel's 775 socket. I found a bracket at Newegg, but it's a little different. (...
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    Crackling and Popping During Games With Realtek Onboard.

    I've had this problem for a while and it's really starting to bother me. It doesn't happen when listening to music or watching a movie, only during most games (I think CSS is the exception). I tried using the latest version of the Realtek driver from their website, the crackling went away, but...
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    Delete. Double Post.

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    We need more time to edit thread titles.

    Title says it all.
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    Windows Keeps Getting Locked Up While Starting DVD.

    I've been having this extremely annoying problem lately where my computer will almost freeze up completely when I start to play a DVD disc or DVD files stored on the hard drive. The two programs I'm using are VLC media player and PowerDVD. It seems like it happens about half the time when I try...
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    Problems with controller in NFS: MW

    I'm using a PS2 controller with a USB adapter for this game. The game recognizes the controller in the controller menu and let's me configure all the buttons using the controller. When I try to actually play the game, the controller does nothing. Any idea what's wrong here?
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    External HD Won't Mount.

    I loaded a bunch of new stuff on my external HD, and disconnected properly through Add/Remove Devices. I'm on a different computer now and nothing happens when I plug the drive in. I also tried it on my laptop, which it worked fine on yesterday. I took the enclosure apart to make sure...
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    Win32k.sys Error When Going Past 2.7ghz.

    Now that I have new ram and better cooling, I'm trying to OC my Opty 170 further. I'm giving it 1.486V in the Bios, which reads 1.5V in Windows. Ram divider is at 333 and timings are stock, so it should be fine since I'm below stock speeds (note: the ram has ran fine at stock speeds). HT...
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    How Do I Repair User Permissions in XP?

    I had to hard reboot my computer a few times yesterday and upon rebooting the last time, I got a message saying that Windows had to recover the registry and that it was successful. Ever since then all the access restrictions on my User account (admin type account not restricted), have been all...
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    Unable to Access CCC.

    I was having some trouble after updating my video card drivers in a few games so I decided to reinstall CCC. After reinstalling, I got this message saying something about the gamma settings being not right for the monitor and the screen went black. After a few boots where I had to hard...
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    My Corsair RMA Experience.

    These types of threads are pretty popular in the video card forum, so I figured, why not make one for RAM. As per the suggestions made by Corsair Representatives Redbeard and Mike Clements in this thread I decided to use Corsair's Tech...
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    Computer got unplugged, now ntoskrnl is missing or corrupt..

    My surge protector came unplugged and now when I try to start my computer I get a Blue Screen saying something about an unmountable volume (I can't read too much of it since it dissapears so fast). After it tried to boot 5 or so times on the screen where it tells you that Windows failed to...
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    Case fans stay on when computer is on Standby.....

    Any way to fix this? It's done this since I built it and it bothers me.
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    Ringing sound coming from front audio port.

    Whenever I plug my headphones into my front audio port, I hear a ringing sound (like a ringing in your head) coming through the headphones. It reminds me of a Sin wave. If I plug my headphones into the rear audio port (one connected to the motherboard), I don't have any problems. Is my front...
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    I wake up, turn on my computer, and my speakers sound like a rattle snake.

    :eek: The title gives you the gist of it. Basically, I'm getting this weird background noise from my speakers when they're on. Is my onboard audio dying on me?
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    Ratpadz XT vs. GS.

    I've decided to buy a mousepad for the first time in my life and wanted to get something nice to go with my old MX510 and my new desk. After I found out [H] made one, my options were narrowed down to just two. My question is whether the Ratpadz XT is worth the extra money over the GS. Having...
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    Dotted Line Box For Selecting Files With Mouse Doesn't Dissapear.

    So there's no confusion about what I'm talking about here's a screenshot: It's that box your mouse makes when you go to select several files at once. It only happens on the first time I make one on my desktop after not making one for a while. This isn't really a huge problem, but...
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    What's the best way to network my Powerbook to my PC?

    I have been networking my Powerbook to my PC for some time using My Network Places and adding the Powerbook as a network place. The Network Place interface is very clunky and a pain to deal with. I recently made an external HD and want to get some things off my laptop's hard drive...