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    HAF 932 stuffing the maximum amount of HDDs in it

    I had a HAF 932 from 2012 collecting dust in the attic when my wife finally deigned to back her stuff up after a pcie ssd crapped out. This lined up with my old synology from 2013 full of 4TB disks running out of space (5 bay). The HAF 932 has 5 hdd slots, I ordered 5 12TB wd red pros and...
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    I folding with a 5930k and a 2080ti as a space heater this morning and um

    Not overclocked the CPU temp is flitting between 88 and 89C. I'm using a 360mm radiator and a d5 pump, ek waterblock, change the water and biocide out every year. good flow and no dust in the radiator. No overclock. Do you reckon I should re-paste? The last time I pasted it was in May 2019 with...
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    Good morning, does this look like safe long-term voltage to you [H]er OCers?

    Seems to run fine with 4 x 16GB gskill 3,000mhz at 1.35v.