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    Pioneer VSX-918V-K Trouble

    Does anyone have any experiance with Pioneer VSX-918V-K reciever. I cannot for the life of me get the surround sound to work. I am able to use the auto setup and that runs through a bunch of tests all the speakers are working and recognized properly though when not in the setup function I cannot...
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    SuSE 10 help

    This is gonna sound ridiculous but i cant figure out how to shut down my machine using SuSE 10. im a complete linux noob. i assume its a command but i cant figure it out. If you could help me out id apreciate it.
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    Premiere pro 7 help

    im looking for some way to import .avi files into editing. it just says the file extension is not supported. i was wondering if there was a plugin or someting like that. i dont really want to convert them to .mpg but if i must i must. so any help would be much appreciated.
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    Networking with MAC & XP

    i belive i need to install appletalk on the XP machine to get them working together. but where do i get that protocol i couldnt find it on apples website. thanks for your help
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    Athlon Fx 53 help

    i need some help as to what kind of Fx 53 i have i won it and i just realized there are more than 1 versions of this chip im looknig for the pin count mostly here is whats written on the top ADAFX53CEP5AT CAABC 0416VPMW 9556922E40127 i would like to sell it its of no use to me as...
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    Sony Vaio grx316sp

    i need some Video drivers for this laptop it uses a mobile Radeon 7500 Sony doesnt provide any information abotu this laptop i guess its out of date. were should i go to download such drivers. the ATI site tells me to go to sony and get them but as i stated before ther dont provide them
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    Audio problems

    Just recently iv had soem trouble listening to MP3's i have a sound blaster Live 5.1 and Inspire 4.1 speakers. the problem is when im listening to music and i stop typing its continuously skipps its the strangest thing ever. if i dont type it sounds normal.
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    question concerning EAX

    what is EAX exactly what does it do and how does it work? i recently bought a 4.1 system directly from creative refurbuished InSpire 4400 am i gonig to be pleased with thise speakers? i mostly play games and listen to music. i have a sound blaster Live 5.1 sound card. keep it mind the...
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    barton vs. tbred

    i was looking to replace my 1700 with a proc that uses FSB 333 i couldnt decide between a tbred 2600+ FSB 333 or a barton 2500+ FSB 333 does the extra cache help out alot in games? i woundering which one performs better in games.. any help is greatly apeciated.
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    which one?

    i can really decide which one would better for me to purchase. 5700 128mb 9600 XT 128mb 9600 pro 128mb i dont know much about 5700 any suggestions? and why / experiances with games
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    5700 Ultra performance

    Ti 4200 128 mb gainward how much of a performance gain would i get from this to a 5700 ULTRA 128mb ? plus im using a very old board chipset is KT133 Asus agp 4x would this cause any problems?