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    need help finding decently priced wireless access point

    ok i guess im more then likely going to end up buying that linksys one
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    need help finding decently priced wireless access point

    well i bought a psp and i want to get on teh internet with it but saddly i dont have wireless internet just wired so i am wanting to buy a wireless access point since we only have 1 laptop (which is perfectly fine wired) and the other desktops in the house all ready have wires ran to them...
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    Intel just impressed the heck out of me

    well the 64's do have like a setting that where when it gets hotter then normal it slows iteself down (i think its called cool and quiet) but im not shure it would do it enough to still save itself if the heatsink were to be removed liek the P4
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    Just bought a Leaktek 6800 GT @ Newegg for 295.00

    wow nice price and you will love that card, its quite and way cooler then any other card with a stock air cooler (dont replace it with the thermaltake cooler thing the stock i sbetter) and it over clocks pretty good as well, im loving mine and have been for i think 8 months when i payed 395 with...
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    Tonrado Fan Noise Control

    i have this thing called a zepherus (i think thats how its spelled) but it can plug up like 5 3 pin fans (comes with like 2 or 3 3 to 4 pin converters) and has 3 temperature probes and it can either control the fans from temperature probes palced around your system and your cpu or you could set...
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    Which 6800GT?

    holy crap get the leadtek!!! its cooler completely DOMINATES every air cooler i ahve ever seen, even the new zalman thing for the 6800 cant cool as good as the leadtek sock cooler, not to mention the leadtek is liek completely quite and i have heard of people always sayign that there 1 slot 6800...
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    quietest 6800gt/ultra manufacturer?

    1 word leaktek there card is fairly big but it sompletely dominates every tyoe of air cooling fo ra 6800, even the new zalman gpu cooler got left in teh dust by leadteks cooler (i know exactly becuase i have both the leadtek stock cooler and the zalman cooler and even tho they are about the...
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    yeah they will screw you on shipping, its insane and also there are good and bad experience with xoxide but i think there is more ups then downs
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    xoxide rox's ive bougth form them liek 6 or 7 times and its always been here in 3 days with no problems
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    my v600 is trashed...

    get a good cingular flip phone with a camera i think i got mine a couple months ago for liek 150 or so and its great id get tmobile but the only types of people that are available where i live are cingular and verizon
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    What have you slaughtered

    hmm what have i broke, well the last thing i did was i accidentally sent 120 volts through a motherboard (luckly i didnt hav eanyhting pluged in but it was cool as hell) and abit still rma'd it then in the past i have broken 2 2600 mbiles in half by tightening a freakin rbx WAY to tight (i...
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    AMD? Intel?

    the reason the P4 folds faster is cuz it can multi task like crazy where as with an athlon teh moment you start doign anything it slows the folding process down but my 2.5 (2.6 when i want it to be) can fold quite a bit faster then my dads 3.2ghz P4 (we both have a gig of ram) but dads can fold...
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    Upgrade Suggestions

    i dont have one cuz im tryign to stop spending money on my pc, its jsut every now and then you willl see how someones raptor suddenly died or fried
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    *gulp* It's build time...

    dont use silicone it takes way to long to get to its full hardness, get soem 5 minuter epoxy then get some jb weld to put over that then make a nice layer of silicone, if that leaks throw the damned res away! and that looks really good, hope you get your leak problem fixed, when i first put...
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    Upgrade Suggestions

    raptors sema to have the shortes life span of any hard drive i have ever seen, so i haope you have a good warantee on it i would get some xms pc4000 ram and if you can still afford anythign else do some water coolign you could overclock the crap out of your pc
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    AMD? Intel?

    the amd's are kick ass but intel has jsut about released dual cores which are really bad ass, i cant wait for amd's dual cores il recomend a 3500 if your on a budget, 4000 if you could afford it
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    A... Air Purifier?

    there is some type of ionizer that site in a computer drive bay if you are near a computer alot (im not shure where they would be found tho)
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    Alienware or Sager??

    thats not to bad for a laptop that has what it has in it
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    Pentium M or Athlon XP-M

    you probably wont want to do that i think, it would become way to much of a hassel, jsut set it at a speed you like and keep it there you could probably do 2.2ghz with a mobile and have a 1.8 vcore (stock i think on my 2600 mobile is 1.6 and i have mine set at 1.9 :D )
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    Alienware or Sager??

    wow thats bad ass, when you get it you need to run 3d mark and see what your cpu and 3d marks are and then post the result
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    Pentium M or Athlon XP-M

    no, the power usage set in the mobo is the amount of power it will get
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    Pentium M or Athlon XP-M

    i would recomend the mobile cuz it is bad ass, but i would recomend not getting the athlon unless you plan on over clocking cuz they kick ass at that (especially the 2600 mobile, woot got mine to 2.6, trying to 2.7)
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    w00t! YES!! AMD GOOD NESS!!!

    fx55 or 57 if its out when your buying a cpu dual 6800 ultras phase change cooling 1GB pc4000 ram asus A8N SLI (i thinkt thats what its called) or the DFI SLI board if its out when your buyign parts some type of 600 or 550 watt power supply 2X 74GB raptor hard drives ThermalRock Circle...
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    A8N-SLI Owners

    sounds like a video card problem, i would rma the parts also why did you get an sli board if your not goign to use sli but instead use the x850?
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    X800XL at ZZF

    isnt that the card that supposedly wipes out the 6800 gt? and i would have to say its because the ddr3 because every card with them has been short handed either that or becuase people know that ati semas to sell better then nvidia and this is supposedly the newer card they go ahead and mark...
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    getting a game to stretch across 2 screens?

    well ive seen that link before but it doesnet seam to help at all also the way he had it setup was dual view i thaught to attempt to get your games to go across 1 screen you need to horizontal span
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    Nforce4 SLI socket 940 boards....

    jsut fyi i wouldnt get an abit sli board they may be really good but if you get a 2 slot card your screwed (the top would run hotter the the bottom, possibly causing artifacts on top and none on bottom) they jsut dont put enough space for dual slot cards
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    Dead card after installing DNA drivers...

    unless your dust is like metal, proof of that is when you see a 5 or6 year old pc that has no window tha tpeople dont much care for (liek dells or e-machines) they still work even though after openning the pannel dust blows all in your face and its all over everything edit: im curious what...
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    Nvidia superior in farcry?

    i love my 6800 but from the games you play it sounds like they will favor ati more especially hl2 and cs:s
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    Dead card after installing DNA drivers...

    is it possible to rma it? also it was just a driver right? not like a bios or anything
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    EVGA Geforce 6600GT or Leadtek PX6600GT

    wel if it was the 6800 gt / ultra i would always say leadtek cuz i love mine, but since this is the 6600 gt get the evga there are really good (but not better then leadtek in the 6800's_
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    Next Gen A64 Notebooks?

    i have already seen some laptops with an nvidia 6800 (i think it was a non ultra) im not shure where tho and isnt there already A64 notebooks?
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    getting a game to stretch across 2 screens?

    i would still liek to try this tho even if somethign liek that happened
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    getting a game to stretch across 2 screens?

    well im mostly trying ot get it to work with CS:S, HL2, and UT2k4 i can get my moniters to do a 2048x768 resolution but i cant figure out how to get my games to play at that
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    what type of 6800 is the nu?

    a 6800 NU is the 6800
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    getting a game to stretch across 2 screens?

    well i jsut hooked up my dads 2 17" lcd's to my 6800 gt and it looks amazing but but i want to find out how to get the game to stretch across both in a game any help will be GREATLY appreciated
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    1.5 GBs or 2 GB? In a Non-Dual Channel System.

    2gb's is definately overkill but if you are so haedstong on getting over a gig which to me is pretty stupid get the gig and a half
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    USB or PS2 for long distances

    well my recomendation would be usb but ps2 might be able to take the distance but maybe not
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    Athlon XP bottleneck?

    not nearly as much as it would a 6800 card but it may a little but not much
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    Athlon XP bottleneck?

    i love my xp mobile and i refuse to upgrade until the dual core athlons become available and wide spread i would say your xp is fine for now, and dont upgrade till some newer cpu's come out, which could in hand bump the prices down for some of the best cpu's that are curently out