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    eDimensional 3d glasses

    got the glasses , installed as instructed , yet the glasses remain open , they dont flicker called cust. support , they sent me a new pair (so now i have 2 pairs) the same thing , no 3d as they shutters arent opening and closing. fresh install on xp and win98se , tried different direct x...
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    noticed something weird!!

    I have a ghost xp save on a dvd for backup , i recently had to use it to get my pc working nice again (damn porn sites :P) anyway , after the 10 min of re-installing of the cd i decided to test my GT by touching the heatsink (i have a winfast A400GT with a NV5 cooler but have left the rear...
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    any way to lower the nvidia temp warning ?

    as said in the title - i want to lower the 120'c warning to about 90'c to be safe - anyway to do this ? ta
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    can a bios expert help with the difference between these 2 ?

    they are both leadtek a400gt bios's, same date and version , one is from my system and is vendor id'd as leadtek - 2997 MY A400 GT BIOS - 2997 the other is the leadtek one from the site and is id'd at 2996 Leadtek site download bios - 2996 because of this - winfox will not let...
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    Arctic Nv 5 Silencer On Winfast A400gt?

    i have a winfast a400gt oem with single slot hsf off a standard a400 i hit about 72c max gpu temps and about max 65c while gaming , my ambient goes to about 50c. system idols about 52core and 38-42 ambient - all @ 350/1000 i am new to overclocking and want to get the card to ultra levels...
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    can someone help me with Leadtek A400GT ??

    I have recently purchased a Winfast A400 GT card at a PC fair. It has the same circuit board as the A400 GT (doesnt have the extra silver round things like the standard a400) , says A400 GT on the bios/software but the actual card just has the standard A400 heatsink and logo I emailed...