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    HTPC crashing waking from sleep

    My HTPC was originally a 2500k on a P67 motherboard. It has 4 sticks of 2GB of DDR3 from G. Skill. Whenever its put into sleep it crashes. It will wake, but it boots from scratch everytime. I have another another Z77 motherboard that I moved all the components, thinking maybe the motherboard is...
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    HTPC crashing waking from sleep.

    My HTPC was originally a 2500k on a P67 motherboard. It has 4 sticks of 2GB of DDR3 from G. Skill. Whenever its put into sleep it crashes. It will wake, but it boots from scratch everytime. I have another another Z77 motherboard that I moved all the components, thinking maybe the motherboard is...
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    Red Dead Redemption is backwards compatible on Xbox One

    At the moment only the digital version is working and you need to add "RockoHoward" to your friends list. Full details in the link.
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    Xbox One Wireless Adapter mini review.

    I just got the recently got the Xbox One wireless adapter thought I would share a little bit just in case anyone cares. I'm coming from use the xbox 360 wireless adapter. So far I'm really liking it. I would've like if it there was chinese knock offs that were $8, but I don't find $25 too...
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    3007wfp with a 3007wfp-hc

    I have a 3007wfp monitor. I want to eventually get two more. My question is the difference in color gamut between the HC and non HC that significant? Can the colors of individual monitors be independently calibrated to offset the difference? I typically only game on one monitor and use the...
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    Monitoring GPU usage on 290x

    I just recently got a 290x. When I monitor GPU usage and clock speeds it bounces all over the places. One second it 100% then its 0% then 30%. This seems to be normal for the 290x from what I've read, performance doesn't seem to degraded at all. I'm also playing games with vsync on. I use...
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    Dualshock 4 One

    I don't like the PS4 thumbsticks. I think they suck, after about 10-15 minutes of play my thumbs slip. I got a couple of the rubber grips to put on top but they never quite it never felt quite right. I found this video of a dualshock 4 with xbox one thumb sticks. I had some extras because my...
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    Free The Crew beta keys.

    I have two beta keys. They have to activated on Uplay. I'm giving them to the first two people that PM me a key. EDIT: No more codes. Mods feel free to lock.
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    Rumor: Halo 1-4 bundled in Master Chief Collection for Xbox One This is how I feel about a Master Chief Collection on the xbox one.
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    Titanfall: Optimus Prime DLC

    I know this is fake. But holy shit I would buy it right now.
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    Xbox one w/Titanfall $449 @ Best Buy

    I know this was posted for walmart, but that as far as I know is no longer valid. Best Buy is still is doing the Xbox One Titanfall bundle. My local Best Buy said the deal is good til March 29...
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    Far Cray 3 (Steam) $7.49

    Far Cry 3 that activates on steam for $7.49. Its just the base game.
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    Batman: Arkham Origins STEAM CD-KEY GLOBAL $22.82

    Looks like a good deal. Never used this site so I can't say how reputable it is.
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    Reality Check : Do we need 60 FPS on PS4 and Xbox One?

    Found this interesting.
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    My new setup

    Here's my new setup which is finally finished for the most part. Using a panasonic 60" UT50, 2x HDHomerun Primes, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, and my HTPC. The pics aren't the greatest used camera from my phone. Will post pics of actual HTPC soon, need to finish the case mod. HTPC specs: Antec fusion...
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    3007wfp backlight/uniformity

    I have a 3007wfp I got off craigslist a few months ago. For the most part the monitor is great shape. The issue I'm having is the lower portion of the screen left and right the blacks become very gray and washed out. When I move back far enough it does go away, but the distance is pretty...
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    Firefall Beta invites

    I have 4 firefall beta invites. First four PMs will get an invite. I'll need an email address to send the invite.
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    Yamaha 5.1 or 7.1 3D-Ready A/V Receiver $179.99–$239.99 @ woot.

    Anyone looking for a 5.1 or 7.1 receiver. I ordered the 7.1, reviews appear to be pretty good overall. EDIT: Dead
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    HTPC auto detect speaker configuration.

    For my HTPC its also my DVR using a ceton infinitv4. I have my HTPC using a radeon HD 6670 connected to my AVR through HDMI. My receiver has HDMI standby passthrough which when off will send sound directly to my TV. When its on will send the sound to my surround sound speakers. What I'm...
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    Giving away CS:GO Beta key

    I have one CS:GO beta I'm giving away. First person to PM me their Steam info or email gets it. EDIT: Key sent to bladeokiros.
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    Crossfire Heaven 3.0 DX9

    I can't run Heaven 3.0 benchmark under Directx 9 with crossfire enabled. It crashes and will give an error that it can't create a texture. It works with crossfire disabled just fine. DX10 and DX11 will with crossfire enabled with no problem also. I've run it on two different systems. Intel...
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    Asus SSD caching on P67

    For anyone that is interested in SSD caching its possible to do it on Asus boards that have the Marvell Sata 3.0 ports. One nice thing that about Asus's SSD caching is theres no limit on the capacity. I"m currently running it on a P8P67 WS Revolution board. I currently have a 500GB WD Caviar...
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    Asus SSD caching on P67 boards?

    stumbled across this and was wondering if anyone else has tried on their Asus P67 board.
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    7970 owners, question about monitor flicker.

    This question is for any 7970 owner that can confirm this for me. With the 5000 series cards, if the memory clocks changed when you had multiple displays it would flicker for a second. For example if you had hardware acceleration enabled on flash. Can anyone confirm if this happens or doesn't...
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    Crossfire and multiple displays.

    I have been searching on this but haven't been able to find a concrete answer. I have a 5870 and use 3 displays in extended mode (Eyefinity off). I typically just play a game on the middle screen. The outside displays have other things like meters and webpages. What I want to know is in...
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    AMD Bulldozer 4Ghz vs 990X gaming benchmarks

    Found this link, looks promising but i'm still a little skeptical to say the least
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    is there screen flicker in 6000 series?

    I have two 5000 series cards. A 5870 and a 5670. Whenever the memory clock changes the screen flickers if you have two or three displays. I've read this on pretty much every 5000 series card. I wanted to know if this is the same with the 6000 series, I don't want to get another card and it...
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    Eyefinity automatic enable and disable

    If there is another thread like this I apologize. I used to use hotkeys to go in and out of eyefinity. I recently downloaded RadeonPro. I setup a profile for for WoW. Once Launcher.exe is open it automatically opens my eyefinity profile. Once WoW.exe closes (exit...