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    HDMI usage for audio with receiver problems

    HI guys, I did a quick forum search and found nothing, so I thought I would ask here. I have a HTPC I just regutted. The DG45ID wasn't acting right and I had an extra GB 785-GM mobo, so I bought an X2 240 to go with it. System: GA-MA785GM-US2H Athlon II x2 240 Scythe Mini Ninja...
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    Tyan S2468 (K7X)

    I was hoping someone could help me. I have a Tyan K7X (S2468) motherboard that I kind of inherited. It has an ATXGES power supply in it, and there are two 256 MB sticks of RAM in it, but I don't think they are registered. I have worked with one stick only for the bare minimum, updated to the...
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    Mobo Woes - ECS KM400-M2

    Hi guys and gals, Though I read all the forums quite a bit, I hardly post much. Most people already have said what I am thinking! :) Anyway, I have a brand new ECS KM400-M2, and even though I take care of 500 computers in my daylight hours, it has thrown me a curve I have not seen yet...