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    hard drive corrupted help!

    my WD320 gig corrupted. I think it was the mtfs tables idk. either way I need a good program I can use to recover it and I'm a student so I'm broke. free programs are highly preffered thanks! I can still see the drive but I can't access it becuase it says its unformatted. If I use virtual lab to...
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    what do I use for vivo

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    Project UBER CUBE!

    For the last few years I have been using a thermaltake xaser III and I learned how to mod on it. It just hasn't cut the mustard for me though. I had to pull out the hard drive bays so I could install my dual 120mm rad and the pump is really close to both the video card and the mother board. I...
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    holy god the mother of all monster cases has arrived

    anybody seen the mozart tx from thermaltake. I'm in love! I always want bigger cases now I'll need to get a rack after this! ITS HUGE!
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    server cube in need of a nice paint job

    Hey guys I have in my possesion a monster server cube and I want to mod the heck out of it. Windows lights the works. I had a friend sand blast it down to the metal already and now I need to find a nice paint to use. I want to get an automotive level finish on it and I want it to look as sweet...
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    6600gt vs 7600gt how large a performance difference?

    I was thinking about upgrading my bfg 6600gt to a 7600gt and was wondering at what kind of increase in performance I would get. Also does it have more hardware encoding potential than the 6600gt. Thanks
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    aiw x800xt refurb 218 +1 dollar shipping at the egg
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    having a makefile error in dev c++ help!

    I'm just beggining my programming carreer and I was having a little trouble writing thjis very basic program. //#include <K8055D.dll> //#include <K8055D.dll> //#include <K8055D.dll> #define Function __declspec(dllimport) using namespace std; int main(int argc, char *argv) {...
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    dualy board 125 monarch refurb

    don't know how good just thought it was cheap for a dual cpu board here's another...
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    I'm building a wheelchair robot yay Now Help me! please

    Hey guys I'm building a robot in school using a velleman k8055 controller board a power wheel chair and also I'm coding in c++. Now this is my first outing and I'm in a little over my head. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of places to look forprogramming robots or that would be...
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    good mom and pop system $499 64 3200+ 512mb 80gb
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    what do I use for vivo

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    7800gt 289 mir newegg
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    sweet deal on a case for the little girl in you heheheheheh sorry had to :D
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    If I get a Faroudja dvd player will my projector get a progressive signal?

    I have an infocus x1a and was wondering if a dvd player with a Faroudja chip would upscale my tv signal, vhs and dvd signals so I can get a progressive image on my projector any ideas?
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    ezpro projector that uses a halogen bulb and it clicks instead of turning on?

    Hey guys I just picked up a ctx ezpro 550 aka lightware vp800 aka proxima lb30 projector. I try to turn it on but it just clicks when I stick the power cord in it. I checked the fuse it uses and it's fine. I just stuck 2 brand new bulbs in it and neither work. I just picked it up off ebay for...
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    Dell now sells amd cpus any eta's to systems

    I don't like dell but I feel this is a step in the right direction for them. I mean they tried to cut costs everywhere and released an inferior product. I think now that they are saving money in the most obvious place (the cpu) I think they might spend the money they saved to buy better...
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    dark throne game beta mmofg online free

    dark throne is currently in it's beta test period which has been going on for like over a year and it's free to play and it's fun and you can play it in your spare time on any pc. They also give out prizes to it's members randomly here's the link if you want some...
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    refrigerated retail case

    never thought I would see an air conditioned pc
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    best dfi ultra-d nf4 bios for overclocking

    I just got my new venice core and motherboard am I'm sitting at 2610 on the stock bios and I want to know what the best bios is available for overclocking? I also have dual channel pc-4400 running in the tower
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    audigy 2 zs 49.19 plus shipping from there is a $40 mir and then add the 10% off coupon woopsy my bad link to other thread with more card deals
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    good scsi controller on the cheap

    hey guys I'm new to scsi and I just got my hands on a couple cheetahs was wondering where I could pick up a controller card cheap so I could raid em up :D also why don't people normally use scsi and why are they so dang exspensive? Oh and anybody know if they make scsi to ide or sate adapters?
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    dual mp board 165 shipped from monarch
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    opteron 144 $99 plus shipping first off before you jump on my back this is a buy it now not an auction that means it's okay and the cheapest I could find this elsewhere was 194 on monarch there's...
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    New AMD roadmap the future is looking good however there is yet another 3 sockets in our future
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    I need a big freakin case any suggestons?

    I need a big case to replace my old and holey ;) thermaltake. here are the prerequistes. needs to be able to hold a 2x120 radiator a 2x5-1/4 res a dvd+/-rw and at least 2 hard drives right now I usually rip out the hard drive cages to make space for the rad so just keep that in mind. what I'm...
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    biostar 200p shutting down

    does anyone else's do this? it tended to do it alot when the cpu usage was high but it wasn't due to temps. also I replaced the 200w with a 380w atx psu and it is doing it less frequently could it be the psu?
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    ALL in wonder x800xt refurb 289 shipped from the egg not bad still like $100 under msrp and 40 cheaper than the new card after rebate
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    3200+ venice 170.99 +s&H I don't know about them or their shipping costs. just thought I would throw it out there
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    what is the best overclocking motherboard and processor for 939

    hey guys I just got my summer job so it's time for me to plan my yearly rebuild.I use a pretty intense watercooling system so cooling shouldn't be a problem. I was thinking about getting a venice 3000+ and ocing like crazy. just wondering which board would be best to use to oc this cpu with.
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    Cheap watercooling pumps-lots of vias I have had both the 1300 and 2600. the 1300 died on me but that was probably my fault. they tend to vibrate but if you apoxy a certain joint in the middle of the pump it quiets down allot. I've been running on the 2600...
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    3400+ 754 178 newegg enjoy
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    amd 64 3400 144.51 from microcenter it's in the bargain bin but it is a 3400 read the terms and conditions about the bargain bin I didn't bother too
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    1 gig corsair 512x2 pc-3200 from Newegg 91 shipped
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    why is it that ecs makes the only pci-e socket 754 mobo

    this depresses me ecs is the only company to maufacter a pci-e mobo yet WHY??????? :mad:
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    x800 pro pci-e 281 w/vivo

    not sure how hot as I don't follow ati's pci-e but the agp x800's are $90+ in comparison and it has vivo :D
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    dfi ut 250gb ram timing question

    Where is the setting for 1t or 2t? I know it reduces performance but I can increase the oc.
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    Rosewill 512mb pc3200 for $48 shipped from the egg

    if your real strapped for cash and can't afford the gig deal that's goin on now this may be good for you that or if they sell out again buy 2 of these for a gig