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    Klipsch 2.1 BT (Bluetooth) $49 Walmart

    Good till midnight tonight I think.
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    Dell S3220DGF - $349 Best Buy

    This seems like an ideal monitor to me just found out about it today myself. Considering getting it. Listed as $100 off at Best Buy and even Dell is more expensive. Just thought I would share. Any experience with this monitor...
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    I Need an Action+Story Driven Game for the Wife

    Based on these 3 games. The Last of Us Uncharted Mass Effect My wife LOVES all three of the above and it would be hard for her to pick a favorite. She loved Uncharted 4 so much that she went and bought 1, 2 and 3, and then The Lost Legacy when it came out. She finished them a while ago and now...
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    So I'm A Patron Member

    And I am kind of proud of that... But whenever I hit this Forum it reads "Become A Patron" Is there no way to get rid of this? Maybe have Patron members have a special tag to show their support for this community? I would rather it read "So you are a Patron member who gives a fuck ass hat...
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    PS4 Noob Here - Star Wars Battlefront

    So I got a used PS4 a few weeks ago really just for the sake of me and my boy playing Star Wars Battlefront the day it comes out. I have a few questions. I connected it to my network but haven't signed up for any kind of account with Play Station. Do I need to do that? What is the quickest...
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    Exam 70-410 Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012

    Has anyone here taken this test? My employer is asking that I prepare for and take this test as a position with knowledge in this area may be needed in the future. I assume it's for an eventual MCSE or MCSA certification. I'm giving myself 3 months to learn and take this test. I just started...
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    Good Buyer/Seller Forum

    We have a forum for Trolls, why not for the awesome buyers and sellers, guys like me? :-) I know there is HeatWare but if that's a valid answer then why have the Trolls section? Also HeatWare can be more of a "you give me a negative and I'll do the same to you! thing" If we are allowed to...
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    Old Power Supply/New Motherboard

    Just wondering if there is any reason why this old PS I have laying around... Silverstone ST75ZF 750W ATX 12V 2.2 Wouldn't work in this Motherboard? MSI Z97 PC Mate Socket LGA 1150 ATX Intel Motherboard...
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    Thanks Guys - Didn't Know What I Was Missing

    Well after a couple off posts and some suggestions in this thread I am now a new believer in good quality headphones/audio components. I had no idea what I was missing all this time. I got the Sennheiser 558's and the Audio-Technica ATH-M50's...
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    Question About Google Drive

    There's something I can't wrap my head around about Google Drive that maybe someone here knows the answer to, Maybe i'm just over thinking this. Laptop A - Has all of my photos and videos on it. Google Drive has been installed on that laptop and all documents are safely backed up in the...
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    Tribes 2 Review On PC Gamer.

    I miss this game... There was something extremely enjoyable about flying, predicting where somewhere else that was flying was going to land and then shooting them all in a wide open outside map. Does anyone here still...
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    New Laptop - 4 Partitions - 2 SSD's/2 HDD's

    Receiving a new laptop tomorrow. It is suppose to have a 256GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. According to some reviews the drives are formatted as... A 95GB SSD A 121GB SSD And two 465GB HDD's. Should I do something to simplify this or leave it the way it is? Should I install my games on the...
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    I Need Some Game Recommendations!

    By this time next week I hope to have a brand new shiny ASUS ROG laptop sitting at home ready to game with. My current PC is seven years old and I haven't gamed in at least 4 years. What do I like? The last game that I played and finished was Half Life 2. I really enjoyed that. I mostly...
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    Is This A Good Gaming Laptop

    Great or Awesome gaming laptop? I'm out of the loop and was considering getting this from QVC because I can have it at my door for $300 and make payments on the rest. Just wondering what you guys thought if it since I don't really know what's good anymore. Link -...
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    Any Good Gaming Chairs Out There?

    Looking to get the wife a gaming chair so that she's ready to play Mass Effect 3 on the X-BOX 360 the night it comes out. Would like to get her something nice. By nice I mean... Anything you guys might have actually used and recommend? Something maybe that rumbles, shakes? I would prefer...
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    Any Good Gaming Chairs Out There?

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    Question Regarding New iPad

    I've purchased one for my wife for Christmas. I would like her to open it up and immediately start playing with it so I have a few questions. I need to determine if I should open it up and take care of a few things first or leave it as is unopened. Does a new iPad come fully charged? When I...
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    Dead 8800 GTS 640mb - What's Comparable?

    I'm kind of out of the loop lately. Have a dead 8800GTS and was simply wondering what is comparable to that performance wise nowadays from nVidia? Appreciate your input. I don't even think I will be gaming anymore on it, just got an X-Box 360.
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    Audio Newbie Here - New TV, New X-Box

    I recently purchased both a new Sharp Aquos 46 in HI-Def TV, and an X-BOX 360. The speakers on this TV are absolute crap and I need something better but I have no idea what I am looking for. I plan on using the TV mostly for Football, Blu-Ray Movies and the X-BOX. Any good speaker suggestions...
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    Need Quick Answer - Playstation 3 for $275?

    Somone in my office has one for sale for $275, one month old. I don't know squat about the Playstations. Had always planned on buying my son an X-Box 360. Should I get this, anything I should know about these? PlayStation 3 w/BlueRay – Model CECHL01 80 GB W/All Accessories 1...
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    Is This A Good Deal?

    I was considering buying the $399 X-Box for my wife for Christmas but a friend of mine has the following for sale. Should I jump on it or not? $200 I have an xBox360 Premium with 3 wireless controllers with the “Play and Charge” kits. It has the 20gb hard drive. I have the HD cable...
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    $100 Walmart gift card when you buy a PS3 I actually heard it was $100 ift card when you buy any Blu-Ray player and the PS3 is included. Looks like a good deal to me. Sorry if it's a repost I didn't see it.
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    Scary Maze Game - Not As Easy As It Looks

    It's a cool little maze game - I got to level 6, that's as far as I can get. :( http://www.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥/flash/709/Scary_Maze_Game.html
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    Possible to rip sections of HD-DVD Movies?

    I have Planet Earth on HD-DVD. I was thinking it would be cool to rip a few small sections and use that as my desktop video with Vista Ultimate so it would need to be in mpeg or wmv format. Anyone know if I can do this? Thanks!
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    Question about Power DVD Ultra

    I just bought the X-Box 360 HD-DVD drive to be used on my PC. I meet all of the requirements. My question is are you guys having trouble playing any of your HD-DVD's on the PC? I would hate to spend the $99 for the software and have it not play some of my movies. I currently only have 300, King...
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    Cheating in Half Life 2 Multiplayer?

    This may sound like a stupid question but..... Last night I was playing HL2 multiplayer with my brother and someone else joined the game. I'm certainly not the best at this game but I can hold my own. I would consider myself average to above average. I'm usually in the middle or a little...
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    Anyone Using ATI CCC and NOD32?

    Yesterday after turning on my computer it booted up to a black desKtop (no icons no taskbar nothing). I knew it was in Windows because after waiting for a few minutes my screensaver kicked in. After going into safe mode and trying various things like disabling all non essential program on...
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    ATI HDTV Wonder users.

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    Dell 2407WFP $679.15

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    What Do You Guys Use For Wire Management?

    Hey guys, I'm setting up my new rig soon and I would like something to help manage the rats nest behind the computer. No I don't go back there much but I'm just tired of it looking like ass and I would like a much cleaner look. What do I need to get to clean this up? Is there something I can...
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    No More Cans of Compressed Air For Me

    I bought This Air Compressor this past weekend and it works awesome for blowing out the PC and everything else really. This may not be a revelation for some of you but I have been using canned compressed air since forever and I just got tired of it. Anyways this thing is on sale if some of...
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    OCZ GameXStream 700w and ATI X1950XTX

    I have the above PS in my Newegg cart ready to buy for my new rig. I will most likely be buying an ATI X1950XTX. So I am looking at the reviews on the NewEgg website (which I take with a grain of salt) and I read this about the OCZ 700W power supply. "Cons: Doesnt power my new Radeon...
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    Asus P5W DH Deluxe Owners 2 x PCI-E x 8?

    Hey guys, I read in a Maximum PC Review that this MOBO only runs at 2 X PCI-E X 8 (and NOT X 16) While in Crossfire mode ? Is this correct? I can't find anything about it on the ASUS site. If so is there a motherboard with C2D support AND Full 2 X 16 while in Crossfire mode support? Even...
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    Take Your PC With You In Your Pocket

    Looks like this may be an awesome piece of software (if it works). MojoPac Basically it looks like it takes all of your programs, personal settings etc and installs them on a virtual Operating System. Take that with you (on your USB Key, Ipod Etc) and use your pc on any system running...
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    Need Wireless Router (with Vonage) Recommendation

    Well I'm taking the plunge into wireless and I need a good wireless router that works with Vonage. The only thing I can find on the Internet is the Linksys WRTP54G. I would have no problems purchasing that if I haven't read soooo many post about how crappy it is. Since I am a "Wireless Newbie"...
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    New LCD Technology Outperforms CRT

    Damn I want one of these. The article reads that it is expected in Q4 of this year.
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    Wild Earth Photo Safari Demo

    Anyone tried this? Wild Earth If you are unfamiliar with it the game basically takes you on an African Safari. You are a photographer and your job is to capture certain pictures (which are viewable later). I downloaded it and thought it was awesome. I realize it's not your typical game that...
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    Painkiller Multiplayer Anyone?

    Getting on now, look for server named Puterguru. Theres nobody playing. :(
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    Nice program for Streaming MP3's

    SlimServer Download install Open up port 9000 on your firewall Go to http://enteryouripaddresshere:9000/ and create your playlist, hit play Use Windows Media Player to open this URL - http://enteryouripaddresshere:9000/stream.mp3 Done! Awesome program, I'm using it now at work to...