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  1. leSLIe

    Convert laptop GPU to desktop GPU

    I have a Geforce 980M laptop card, and I'm wondering if there is control board or a DIY project where you can convert this card into a desktop PC video card. (Just like when you only have a laptop monitor and you buy its control board to get a working PC monitor)
  2. leSLIe

    Upgrading Macbook Pro Hard Drive

    I am not that Apple savvy, so I need your help. I have a Macbook Pro and I want to upgrade its hard drive, to a bigger SSD drive. The hardware part is easy, but I don't want to reinstall the apple OS from scracth. Is there a program to copy the hard drive to the new and bigger hard drive? Thanx
  3. leSLIe

    When to replace mechanical HDD?

    One of my hard drives just had the dreaded "click of death" :bored:... I will take it to a data recovery lab soon.:arghh: It was a 3TB Seagate HD, and almost 4 years old. I don't want this to happen again. Do you have a procedure or best practice regarding when to replace aging HDs? Like once...
  4. leSLIe

    What is a bitcoin?

    Could you guys recommend to me good article explaining crypto currencies, like bitcoin, without a pro-bank bias? Bonus points: If it shows why we should use it instead of paper money :eek: K thanks.
  5. leSLIe

    Independent networks connected through modem

    I have two small workgroups in Windows7 , below the diagram: I want them to be independent, meaning I don't want one network to be able to see the other network for security reasons. Both connect to the same internet modem (default gateway), the subnet number in NET 1 is different from the...
  6. leSLIe

    Email has been compromised

    Since a couple months ago, I have received a spam email from my own email. It's my work email. I only access my work email in my work PC or in my own PC at home ( I don't have it on my mobile phone) I might have access my webmail through another PC. But just in these two PCs since I changed...
  7. leSLIe

    IP Phones on PCs without server?

    When you have IP phones, you can use a PC as a "phone" provided you have installed the correct program and have a headset. I have a small network (workgroup, win7) of 5 PCs (With no IP phones, or Asterix, PBX server, or similar.) And I want to make them communicate as an IP Phone network...
  8. leSLIe

    HD with no bad sectors after format

    So, I have a 3TB mechanical HD that had some bad sectors, so I formatted it (regular not quick format). Afterwards I've checked the HD with HDTune, and the error scan turns out all green, so no bad sectors. Apparently it was a logical error, no weird clicking noises. How safe is it to use this...
  9. leSLIe

    HD with bad sectors

    I have an old 1TB backup hard drive that's full with work files, and HDTune has detected several bad sectors, so I need to copy the files to a new HD. Is there a program that tells you which files are on those bad sectors? In order to avoid copying those files and to also know what I have lost?
  10. leSLIe

    Is this GTX980 a reference design?

    I'm getting a full cover water cooling for this Gigabyte GTX 980 G1 Gaming so I'd like know if this is a custom PCB or just the regular design. Is there a list to check for this? Or other way to know? (without having to remove the heatsink fan, just yet)...
  11. leSLIe

    exFAT data recovery

    So I have a usb drive (Corsair 64GB) with important data, with an exfat partition, and my little nephew just formatted it with ntfs :( :mad: Is there a program that lets you recover files from this particularly partition? For Windows or Linux preferably. thanx
  12. leSLIe

    Radiator leaking?

    Has anyone had experiences with leaking radiators? I live close to the sea, (humid weather) and I have my radiator on top of my case, so if it leaks, the water would go straight down to my vid card :eek: and that would be no good. All copper loop btw
  13. leSLIe

    Dell U2711 on screen message?

    So, I just got this message "Backlight time", what does it mean? And how to turn it off :o
  14. leSLIe

    VPN software for PC?

    I want to transfer large files 400MB - 1,4GB, (Rar files of Autocad stuff) over the Internet, so I want to make a VPN to help me on that. What is a good VPN software? with encryption perhaps?
  15. leSLIe

    Anyone using the vid card's HDMI for Audio?

    I'd like to know if anyone is using their vid card's HDMI port for PC audio too. What's your setup? and your experiences dealing with it
  16. leSLIe

    I am root (Galaxy s5)

    So, I want to root my S5, could you guys recommend to me a good how-to guide? There are a lot of guides out there, but I don't which one can be trusted... Thanks
  17. leSLIe

    Telephone line over IP ?

    My uncle has a small business and wants to upgrade their old telephone system to something newer. He's asked me to help him with this "little" project. He has 4 normal telephone lines and wants to have more extensions (Around 15). His old prehistoric system supports only 8. Is it possible to...
  18. leSLIe

    New Sound Card: Asus or Creative Labs??

    I've been out of the sound card loop for a while. Now, which one is better: (These two are within my budget) -Asus Xonar Essence STX or -CL Sound Blaster ZX I'll be using digital coaxial output (or maybe optical out) to 5.1 sorround sound system I'll be using it mainly for gaming, music and...
  19. leSLIe

    DTS Sound with Home Theather, and vid card HDMI ??

    I want DTS audio on my secondary PC (On-board sound card and AMD 290X) so I'm interested in buying a Home Theather (HDMI In/Out) like this I want to use the Home Theather speakers as the PC's speakers Is it...
  20. leSLIe

    Burned vid card resistor... :(

    My vid card, an XFX AMD Radeon HD7970 apparently died... at least one resistor blew up. I turn on my PC and saw a little spark near the vid card (which is watercooled btw; case side panel is always open) I immediately unplugged it. Then I checked the vid card, and I didn't notice anything...
  21. leSLIe

    Bad sectors in SSD?

    I have a Corsair Neutron 240GB SSD, less than 6 months old. (Win7 x64) and HDTune Pro says it already have bad sectors. Description: Number of retired sectors: 151 Status: The drive has damaged sectors Should I worry about this?
  22. leSLIe

    Can't connect to WPA wifi...

    I got this new cheap laptop at work, a Toshiba Satellite (C45-ASP4202FL)with an Atheros WiFi card. The thing is I can connect to WPA2-PSK wifi networks, but somehow I can't connect to WPA-PSK. I've try connecting to several WiFi routers configured as WPA, and I can't connect to them, but...
  23. leSLIe

    Replacement for Winamp?

    I'm looking for an audio program that could replace Winamp. Just music (mp3s) and online streaming, no video.
  24. leSLIe

    Configuring an Intranet?

    My uncle asked me for help configuring an Intranet for his small business workgroup (6 PCs with Win7) all of which have Internet access, mostly like this: Internet router -> switch -> 6 Pcs. Right now, all the 6 PCs have Internet access and of course access to the company email (Bluehost)...
  25. leSLIe

    SSD & Prefetch

    Ok, so I have an SSD, should I disable prefetch?
  26. leSLIe

    Bad sectors in HDD?

    I have a 1TB Seagate Barracuda HDD (ACHI, SATA) that shows errors in HD Tune full error scan It also shows some warnings The HDD is currently empty. Just in case, I've replaced the SATA cable and port, but still I get the same "Interface CRC Error Count". It's been a long time...
  27. leSLIe

    Bad hard drive?

    I want to install Untangle (An "automated" Linux distro for web control) in an old PC that I have laying around. Upon checking the hard drive (SATA 160GB) using Acronis Disk Director 11 Home I've notice that it has some bad sectors, so I clicked on "Try to fix found bad sectors". Finally I run...
  28. leSLIe

    winxp wifi problem

    I have a PC with WinXP, after i've cleaned some viruses the wifi connection doesn't work properly, it shows the different wlans but when I try to connect to them an error pops up (like the net is out of reach). Is there a program to reset the wifi settings or something like that?
  29. leSLIe

    GTX260 artifacts...

    I'm resurrecting an old PC everthing seems okey, except for the vid card, an old Geforce GTX260. I've tested it with two different PSUs and after a couple of minutes in a 3D game I get something like this The card was working fine when I stop using it a couple years ago. I put it back...
  30. leSLIe

    Good overclocking app for Radeons?

    I want to OC my vid card, and I was wondering what is a good overclocking application for the Radeon GPUs? (besides AMD OverDrive)
  31. leSLIe

    Problem with Razer mouse

    I have a Razer Naga Molten, about a year old, and I suddenly started malfunctioning. The cursor moves and suddenly it stops working (when I move the mouse the cursor doesn't move) but the buttons, and the lights keep working properly. When I plug it in, it works for 5 minutes and the cursor...
  32. leSLIe

    Cam repair shop in Miami

    My cousin's JVC digital camera stop working, she lives in Miami (south beach) and she knows nothing about these tech things, she wants to repair it. Do you guys know a good place to get it fixed around there? thanks :)
  33. leSLIe

    7970 Temps?

    So I've installed my water cooling gpu block to my 7970, and I'm getting 48ºC full load, and 28ºC at idle My WC setup is running at its lowest settings. (lowest pump flow, lowest rpms radiator fans) Are those good temperatures good compared to air heatsinks?
  34. leSLIe

    GPU Water block problem

    So I've just installed the XSPC Rasa Universal GPU Water Block to my HD7970, and on top of the video ram I put these heatsinks Everything is fine in 2D, but when I start a 3D game it freezes after less...
  35. leSLIe

    Removing HD7970 heatsink fan

    So, I'm about to install a GPU water block for my HD7970 and I need to remove the heatsink fan out of it. Do you guys have any tips? Maybe something I shouldn't do?
  36. leSLIe

    Skyrim - Followers Armor...

    I'm having a problem with the Blades followers, once you recruit three followers to the Blades, they become Blades and unlock a dragon hunting quest. You can make any of these new Blades follow you, and well, I gave them all custom dragonplate armors, but once I let them go (part ways) they...
  37. leSLIe

    Android virus/trojan...

    So, I want to check if my android phone has virus. I could install one of those Android AV, but if it's infected it might not work properly. :o I could try connecting the phone to my PC, and running MSE... but would MSE (or any other AV) detect an Android virus/trojan? The phone is not rooted btw
  38. leSLIe

    Skyrim Mod Conflict

    So, I have some mods installed, I only use OBMM, now I'm installing some "player homes", and when I load a savegame, it goes away when I disable the several "player homes" mods. Try reordering them, but the problem persists. Does Wrye Bash helps with mod conflicts? and If so, how to do it?
  39. leSLIe

    Content Filter for laptop with 3G modem

    So my sister wants to get a Internet contet filter for my 12 year-old nephew, she wants to give him the laptop that she currently uses (she is buying a new laptop for her) and it has 3G Modem. So she asked me to help her out, but I'm not sure. what kind of content filter would be a good...
  40. leSLIe

    PSU problem

    I've recently had some strange noises coming from my Corsair TX750W PSU, It started a couple months ago, when I installed my watercooling system. Every time I power my PC on, there is an electric sound coming from the PSU, the best way to describe that sound would be like the sound produced...