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  1. AthlonXP

    2700x + Gigabyte X570 Board

    My buddy has run into issues with memory compatibility with this setup. The board is the GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Elite Wi-Fi, and right now we have run into issues with 32GB ram showing up fully. I am thinking it could now be the 2700x causing the issue as I think the 3000 and 5000 Ryzen are more...
  2. AthlonXP

    Alienware m15 r3 with RTX 2070

    This deal is almost over but if you can snag it. It should be a nice deal right now:
  3. AthlonXP

    Issue with Router/Internet

    To make a long story short. I noticed that my speed via hardwire on my Asus GT-AC2900 router seems to dip severely in performance. Usually occurs every few days where the speed drops down to around 10 Mbps up and down. After some testing with wireless devices it seems they are performing fine...
  4. AthlonXP

    EVGA 1000W T2 PSU Ok?

    Sticking only with EVGA PSU's since my sleeved cables support them. I am thinking of swapping out my current EVGA 1000w for the T2 since its about 1.5 inches shorter and will help with cable routing in my Corsair 500D case cubby. Just wanted to get some feedback if anyone else has used it?
  5. AthlonXP

    Raid Options for Synology System

    I am in the process of setting up a new Synology DS918+ and wanted to get everyone's opinion on which Raid option should I look to set. I will be running 4 8TB WD drives in the system. I already upgraded the ram to 16GB and added 2x 256 SSD's for cache drive purposes. I was thinking of trying...
  6. AthlonXP

    Suggestion on this Pre-Built?

    Buddy local to me wanted to know everyone's opinion on this computer: The manager at the Microcenter said he could probably take off another 10% but that would be max. Wanted to get everyone's opinion. We saw the computer...
  7. AthlonXP

    First Watercooling setup

    I ended up getting a sweet deal on the Powerspec Watercooling kit at Microcenter last weekend. It is my very first adventure in watercooling and figure I see what other things I can do with this setup in the future...
  8. AthlonXP

    Apple Watch

    So for a Christmas present to myself I was looking at a Apple Watch. Right now the main usage will be to sync with my iPhone and also use it as a fitness tracker. Just wanted to see how much better the Apple Watch 4 is over the 3 for what I plan to use it for.
  9. AthlonXP

    Backup Software Solution Suggestion

    I figure I chime in on the boards here to get some suggestions for an application to use to backup files from my desktop to my Synology Nas. I know Synology has the Cloud Station Server, but I wanted just something basic to backup My documents, Downloads, and Music folders to the Nas on a daily...
  10. AthlonXP

    Alienware 15R3

    Figure I put it up on here if anyone from the forums is willing to work out something.
  11. AthlonXP

    Looking to sell my Alienware 15R3

    So deciding to go back to a desktop I was thinking of selling my Alienware 15R3. Got the laptop 2 months ago and to be honest it has pretty much just sat on my desktop hooked up to my graphics amp. Just wanted to get everyone's opinion on how much I should ask for it? Intel(R) Core(TM)...
  12. AthlonXP

    Which X370 Board (MSI Gaming Pro Carbon 4 or Asus Prime X370 Pro)

    Just trying to decide on which of these 2 board to go with my Ryzen 1800 setup. Not planning to overclock at all. I do have a samsung 960 pro nvme ssd and 4 sticks of DDR4. Just trying to see which of these board is better?
  13. AthlonXP

    Samsung PM951 SSD Ok for OS Drive?

    Just wondering how good these drives are for an OS Drive? Was able to get a good deal on a 1TB model and was thinking of using it as my OS Drive.
  14. AthlonXP

    Wanted some opinions on computer setup

    With my wife going back to school I was looking to consolidate my computers. One option I have is to go with an Alienware 15/17 and when at home use the graphics amplifier for more horsepower. The other option is to just build a mid-range skylake setup. I already sold off my X99 monster desktop...
  15. AthlonXP

    ALIENWARE 15 R2 CORE i7-6820HK NVIDIA GTX 980M 512gb SSD + 1TB 16GB Ram

    ALIENWARE 15 R2 CORE i7-6820HK NVIDIA GTX 980M 512gb SSD + 1TB 16GB Ram
  16. AthlonXP

    Maryland LAN Gamers April 2016 LAN (15th -17th)

    I usually go to this once a year as its a pretty fun LAN party to attend. Maryland LAN Gamers TIME: 9:00 PM on Friday until 12:00 PM Sunday afternoon (40 hours of non-stop gaming) LOCATION: Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department, 125 Crescent Road, Greenbelt, MD
  17. AthlonXP

    Anyone own a Samsung JS7000 Series TV?

    Seems like the 55 inch is the sweet spot now at 999.99. Did some shopping locally at the normal retailers and The Big Screen Store seems to be the best with the price + 5 year warranty only 100 bucks more. Figure before I pull the trigger I see if anyone else owns a JS7000 series. It is the...
  18. AthlonXP

    Denon Reciever Volume Slow

    I looked around online but could not pinpoint exactly a way to fix this. I have one of the newer model receivers (AVR-S510BT) and noticed it take a longer then normal time to turn the volume up or down.
  19. AthlonXP

    SSD For Games?

    Just wanted to ping everyone on if an SSD is something I should look to get for my steam games. Right now I am debating on whether to pick up a 960gb or 1TB SSD, either Sandisk or Samsung. Just wanted people's thoughts on how they performed if you have already done this yourself. Thanks!
  20. AthlonXP

    wife's computer locks up copying and pasting in excel

    So pretty much only happens when she is working in excel 2010 and with copying and pasting some files. She is working on some MBA stuff and it appears to be the only time she has any issues. What stinks is that I have tried some of the tips online but nothing seems to help. Wanted to see if...
  21. AthlonXP

    Question on SLI and Sound Card Layout

    I have a Rampage X99 Motherboard and right now I have 2 EVGA GTX 980ti's ACX cards and a SoundBlaster Recon sound card at the bottom of the second card. Just wondering if you think I should look to move that Sound card to another slot or should it be ok? Its blocking part of the one of fans on...
  22. AthlonXP

    Active Duty and Prior Service Dell 15% off coupon

    Passing this along as its a decent deal:
  23. AthlonXP

    Thoughts on this case?

    Since its 30% off and i love the Lian LI PCV series cases just wanted everyones opinion?
  24. AthlonXP

    Asus vs EVGA for Titan X

    Just wondering as the Asus is available now while EVGA is out of stock currently. Just wanted everyone's thoughts. I know the cards are the same so I guess the warranty/support is the main difference?
  25. AthlonXP

    Which Case for Home workstation?

    So trying to decide between 3 cases for my build 2 of them are newer and would allow me to use my Swiftech H240x and the other unless I mod it I plan to use the H80i GT cooler. Here are my specs system: Core i7 5960x 16GB DDR4 Asus Rampage V 512 GB SM951 (OS) 1TB Raptor (Steam Drive)...
  26. AthlonXP

    Best Sound setup for Headphones

    I want to keep using my current headphones/mic setup (Sennheiser PC360) and wanted to know which sound card/DAC should I look to get? Want good overall gaming sound and audio.
  27. AthlonXP

    Secondary Drive

    Looking for one to replace my 1TB Raptor. Was looking at either the WD3003FZEX or WD2003FZEX. For 42 bucks more I can get an extra 1TB of storage, worth it? Also anyone have one of these drives and how well do they perform?
  28. AthlonXP

    SLI Setup: Asus GTX980 w/ nVidia Bracket Got an Asus Matrix GTX980 to use instead as I really do not need SLI for my needs.
  29. AthlonXP

    Video Card for my Wife..

    So I ended up building her a nice ITX box and went with the Gigabyte GTX 970 that is the smaller sized one. Long story short the card died after 2 days, I am sending it back and looking for something else for her. She only uses it to Play WOW at 1920x1080 and just wants it to run at ultra...
  30. AthlonXP

    Alienware 13 So its officially getting released tonight. Figure I share it out, it sucks that it only comes with a GTX860m and not something newer. However, the external GPU option...
  31. AthlonXP

    Swiftech 240X Cooler

    I was thinking of picking one of these guys up. Just wanted to know how much better you think this will be over my H110 I currently have. Also I have a Corsair 450D case so you guys think this should fit?
  32. AthlonXP

    Asus Strix 980 or Normal 980?

    Going to run 2 in SLI, just wondering which setup would you prefer and why?
  33. AthlonXP

    Options for Rig..

    So I am thinking of moving back up to a standard ATX setup (currently have a MATX setup with a 4790K) Was thinking of either the Corsair 450D or 750D. Right now I have the 350D and love the look and size. I didnt want to get a case that much bigger though so possibly the 450D falls into that...
  34. AthlonXP

    Lian Li PC-V1000L

    Looks like they finally refreshed one of my favorite cases of all time!
  35. AthlonXP

    M.2 SSD

    Was thinking of adding one to my setup as I have the slot available on my asus matx board. Wanted to know if Plextor is a solid choice in SSD's? I noticed the 512GB one on Amazon and wanted to see if its worth it or not.
  36. AthlonXP

    Alienware 13

    Figure I post the link to this, overall I am very excited for this model. Hopefully they do the same with the 17 and take out the optical drive and keep the 18 as the only model with an optical drive.
  37. AthlonXP

    Payday 2 Crimefest

    Figures I post it here to see if you guys want to try and get to 1.5 million so everyone gets free stuff in game.
  38. AthlonXP

    WWE 2k15

    Saw that Sting is in the game. I take it he must of signed a deal with WWE. Also heard this is going to be on a new platform as 2k is fully developing this game. I know its a wrestling game, but I tend to like them for what they are. Pure entertainment.
  39. AthlonXP

    Raid 0 SSD setup

    Was looking for 2x 480GB or 2x 512GB SSD's for a raid 0 setup. Just wondering what your guys thoughts were on the 840 pro vs the Intel 730 SSD?
  40. AthlonXP

    Samsung 840 Evo 750gb 379.00 Pretty good...