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  1. dbwillis

    Problem with the size of hardrive. MyCloudEX2Ultra

    Wouldn't jbod show as 1 big drive, not 2x 4tb drives?
  2. dbwillis

    Problem with the size of hardrive. MyCloudEX2Ultra

    Originally did you see two 4TB drives in Windows? Im guessing (and assuming since you didnt mention data loss) it was set as a mirror, so the 2x 4TB showed as one 4TB drive in Windows. You replaced the dead 4Tb with a 6TB and the WD is using only 4TB of the 6TB to mirror the other 4TB drive.
  3. dbwillis

    Data Recovery

    getdataback from is what I use
  4. dbwillis

    Large File Transfers with Gigabit Server & Gigabit NAS

    Sounds like cache running out after a bit of transfer? On the windows side you can try turning off (maybe) remote differential something, forget the exact name. If it's a windows explorer copy your doing, try Robo copy, or Robo copy gui
  5. dbwillis

    New Windows 10 Install and Odd Return from Sleep Login

    Ive seen similar, but not exactly the same thing with password managers and corrupted installs breaking msgina.dll (think its DLL)
  6. dbwillis

    Supermicro Megaraid 3108 degraded cant boot windows or bootable sticks(blue screen)? refs volume failing

    im guessing that its hanging trying to access the drives/array
  7. dbwillis

    New Windows 10 Install and Odd Return from Sleep Login

    Did you add any theme things, or password managers?
  8. dbwillis

    Supermicro Megaraid 3108 degraded cant boot windows or bootable sticks(blue screen)? refs volume failing

    Of your boot drive is carved out of the raid 6, and that's having issues, probably best to wait for that to finish. That megaraid is built into the motherboard?
  9. dbwillis

    Network silliness

    The only exclamation marks are in Other Devices Ethernet controller That needs a driver installed for you to get an internet connection
  10. dbwillis

    Network silliness

    Im guessing windows needs drivers for the wired network controller. Id right click start adn pick Device Manager to see whats missing a driver
  11. dbwillis

    Network silliness

    Did you install the network drivers ?
  12. dbwillis

    I cannot install Windows 10 on my SSD

    during the install, you can also Shift F10 to get a cmd prompt and run diskpart..
  13. dbwillis

    Data Merge & Combine Operation Costing

    Copy all to one drive (maybe buy a 10tb drive), overwrite older with newer Then combine any all in pics, docs all in docs, music in music, etc
  14. dbwillis

    Printer for vinyl stickers

    Ive used 4x so far for projects at work, very good, not falling off after 6 yrs, I sent an initial request, they assigned a guy for me to work with directly, made a graphics examples, sent a few emails back and forth, then got a example done. I had thought of trying to use...
  15. dbwillis

    Unifi UAP-AC Will Not Adopt

    Set inform but maybe try the ip instead of name? Id lean towards it getting dropped due to age. Maybe for the heck of it, for up an older version of the controller and see if it adopts there? edit - square body AP...might have been dropped...
  16. dbwillis

    Need help getting into a Ruckus 7372 AP

    ^^^^^ Id try an older Firefox version,probably a potable one. I ve had to use that on some HP servers where the ILO was out of date and I was getting the same message in (current) chrome/firefox/edge
  17. dbwillis

    Dual monitor setup, taskbar issues (Win 10)

    Wondering if the signal is getting messed up due to the HDMI/VGA adapter ?
  18. dbwillis

    External case/toaster/etc to test and clean up old 3.5 drives?

    Yeh, usb dock is what you want, I have a Thermaltake one, sev yrs old, works great. Ide? Smash with a punch an 3lb hammer, Toss them. Not really worth anything money wise..
  19. dbwillis

    What is your Widows timeline?

    Windows 95 Windows NT 4.0 Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 10 Windows 11
  20. dbwillis

    Disassembled a 2.5" drive to remove the magnets

    Yes, 2 channel locks, bend the metal that's around the magnet
  21. dbwillis

    Disassembled a 2.5" drive to remove the magnets

    ive got a 3.5 drive down to about 8 minutes to disassemble, minus using a center punch to pop the motor out from the backside...cant do that when the wife and kids are asleep. toss the platters and frame into the alum bucket to melt down...with 2.5 drives, the alum is so thin, I just use 2...
  22. dbwillis

    Are Amazon USB drives legit?

    Funny article
  23. dbwillis

    Wifi speeds stuck at 40mbps up and down. Changed out every possible variable.

    So both USB wifi and PCIe wifi cards , both got limited at 40? What about your cell phone, sitting in the same spot as your PC...that also stuck at 40? If yes, Id lean into a router setting since wired from the router is full speed
  24. dbwillis

    Windows 11 Pro for Workstations not available anymore?

    mine shows up in the store as 10/11 Pro for workstations
  25. dbwillis

    send message to workgroup computer via windows 10 home ?

    Spend one Saturday in the office and, gather machine info, install vnc (with a pw), add into nremote so you can get to them from your desk in the future. But machines all over the building wh no domain?
  26. dbwillis

    Workaround for Windows 11 Microsoft Account Requirement....

    I just did a win11 pro install, no ms account needed, and i left the network connected
  27. dbwillis

    16TB M.2 SSD!

    just like the ones sold thru Newegg......I thought about getting one thru there, with the extra warranty and then seeing what happens trying to warranty it