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  1. dbwillis

    Can you identify this Lenovo server?

    Work is looking for these servers to replace some failed ones , we have 6, 4 never came back after a power outage, but do get leds on the MB to light up when power is plugged in, button doesnt do anything though. They are old, from 2013 Lenovo serves, but the board looks to be a Tyan S7056...
  2. dbwillis

    Server 2016 share access error "Windows cannot access ....."

    I have a handful of servers I was handed by my boss to look at, Ive been poking at them over the past week, but Im finally out of straws to grasp at. Server 2016, fully patched, running Symantec AV, user is logged in with admin rights (machine auto logs on at startup) - HP Server with 10Gb...
  3. dbwillis

    HP DL380p Gen9 PSU question

    I have 2 HP DL380p Gen9 machines sitting on the recycle skid, but they have the 1400w / 220v PSU in them, can those be swapped with 120v PSU? The reason they had the 1400w PSU was these were render machines and had Nvidia render cards in them, the cards arent there now and Id like to use them as...
  4. dbwillis

    OMG help me remove these from Outlook

    Ive searched and searched, cant find what I clicked on to enable these circled items. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of them? They show up on new emails and also replies
  5. dbwillis

    Any Chrome really really good developer type folks?

    In house, we use Chrome as the front end for a web based app. During our upgrades from W10 enterprise 1809 to W10 Enterprise LTSC, and using the newest version of Chrome, we noticed that there is a different 'selection' setting, Im wondering how to get that back, I cant seem to find anything in...
  6. dbwillis

    Help with mount points on CentOS

    this isnt for me, but Im not too up on Linux. I have a request from a developer that needs to add space for backups to complete "Mount point: /mongobackup (Add 100GB) ", he provided a lswwn info: This is a VM (ESX) I was going to expand the SBC drive from 50gb to 150gb, but in his list, I see...
  7. dbwillis

    Win10 1909 Enterprise - cant log on via RDP with any local accounts?

    I upgraded in place a few machines with apps installed and configured by folks no longer with the company. (7 Sp1 Enterprise to W10 1909 Enterprise) everything went fine, uninstalled the W7 versioned apps (Office, Adobe, etc) and installed the W10 versions (well, not versions, but packaged...
  8. dbwillis

    Help - customer got hit with ransonware, any info on this one?

    Customer called me this am to report they couldnt get into anything.... Checked the VMWare ESX boots up into ESX...but the datastores are empty....ESX logon was not domain bound, was not ROOT Checked the HyperV machine.....encrypted Checked the old file server....encrypted Checked...
  9. dbwillis

    Win7's done, but customers asking for it !

    I cant make this stuff up. I told the customer back in October when I 'cleaned up' the laptop that the hardware says right on it, Windows 7 only. (clean up was just removing the previous users 23gb profile and making a new one for the meter reader scanner hardware, laptop was W10 Home on a...
  10. dbwillis

    Win 10 GPO - this one will stump ya

    OK, I havent been able to get this one resolved, neither have the architects that I asked to create this GPO. I have a set of machines, about 30, running Win 10 enterprise 64bit 1809, domain level is set to 2008R2 as we still have some 2008 DC's to replace. These machines run an Evertz VLPro...
  11. dbwillis

    Anyone know of a hardware RDP client that works with Win10?

    I have a customer Im planning to upgrade from Win7 to WIn10 before January. This is a harsh body shop (dusty) and auto repair (hot, muggy, dirty) Right now, and for the last 5 yrs, Ive used thin clients from Devon IT, mounted on the wall along with the monitor to connect to...
  12. dbwillis

    anyone able to swap these 2 colors so I can get an idea if I like it?

    Im wondering if I like the black over yellow rather than yellow over black, since I need to repaint the tank anyways. can someone swap the black and yellow on the bodywork , leaving the white strips and red R if possible. Gladly paypal a few bucks for your time
  13. dbwillis

    (resolved) Know of a USB device to fake a mouse being connected? (Win10)

    I came across a weird issue at work when upgrading some areas to Win10. We have some areas that have 2 machines based on what the area does, one PC is a user PC (email, browsing, etc) and the other is the functional PC (specific apps or network connection for that area) and instead of having 2...
  14. dbwillis

    Is this an ISP issue or the web site hoster issue?

    Customer called me because he cant get to webmail for this venture he is partnering with, come to find out, he cant even get to the web site. Said it was working, but stopped on Saturday 6/15 (or Sunday, he isnt sure, but it did work Friday 6/14) He cannot get to the web site...
  15. dbwillis

    Anyone use Autoscript or ENPS?

    Im trying to install some Autoscript XBox Ultra onto a new Win10 machines and Im looking for Windows 10 drivers. The install for WinPlus has the correct Win7 drivers, but obviously they dont work in Win10, Ive tried all I can to get them to work. The devices are 'discountinued' from the vendor...
  16. dbwillis

    Problem with printing to a printer in remote site over L2TP vpn

    Ive never done this before, so I probably overlooked something easy like step #2 or such. Anyways.....Site A in Connecticut (Main site with Active directory) connects via Site to Site VPN using Ubiquiti USG 4 to a site in New Hampshire using a USG 3 (all workgroup) Connects fine, users can RDP...
  17. dbwillis

    Anyone good with changing red to blue or green on this wallpaper?

    I had this setup as the default wallpaper and logon page for Vista, never did something for Win7 (thought about it) but Id like to maybe use blue or green instead of red for Windows 10. Anyone want to make a few bucks changing the color? (or you can recreate it new if you want)
  18. dbwillis

    Help with parsing a log file

    Im not very savvy with doing this type of thing, but it should be simple. I have a log file, contains the date/time and 2 entries, I just want to do a graph of the data, anyone have any pointers? Only requirement is it runs/works on Windows Log file contains actual data, time/date, pool temp...
  19. dbwillis

    There must be something that does this with Pi?

    I got tired of checking the pool temps this year, isnt there anything off the shelf, that will monitor the water temp and have some sort of a web page output? Ive found tons of things that should work (, temper2 devices, stuff, Everything seems to be like $400...
  20. dbwillis

    Whats folks using for AV on small biz customers?

    I have a customer coming up for renewal on there AV license (VipRe) and I dont want to renew it (long story..cliffs at end) Small business, just AV only, no malware protection needed, 15 endpoints 7 physical desktops (6 Win7, 1 Win10) 5 virtual desktops (5 Win7) 2 virtual servers (both 2008R2)...
  21. dbwillis

    Can an SSD be firmware locked to a certain chipset or PC manufacturer?

    I updated a pool of machines, brand new ones, out of the box, (HP Z240) from 2x 256gb SSD to 1x 256 and 1x 1TB SSD Simple swap of the 2nd drive (its in AHCI mode) to a larger one. I thought I had a bad drive, but all 3 do the same thing... When I take the removed/new drive and place it into...
  22. dbwillis

    Printers via Remote Desktop

    Im stumped on this one.... I have a customer in New Hampshire, running Win7 Pro in a workgroup, her company just got purchased by a company in CT. I have her connecting to the CT office via OpenVPN, then running RDP to connect to a Win7 Pro virtual machine, so that she can use Quickbooks and IM...