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  1. viivo

    Gigabyte Reveals First GeForce RTX 3090 With a Blower Design

    Depends on the size of the actual heatsink under the shroud. Those images are renders and so are no help determining that, but if it's like AMD's blower designs with a hilariously tiny copper square under the big blower cover, it could be an issue.
  2. viivo

    Just want to extend a big fat middle finger to every major hardware review site/channel out there

    Obsessing over the amount of memory on graphics cards has to be one of the most adorable and harmless fixations possible. We need more such fluff to distract us from the dark, pre-apocalyptic world of today.
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    Cyberpunk 2077's Minimum & Recommended Specs Revealed

    Unless a resolution and framerate is stated, min/rec specs generally mean anything from 2 to 20 FPS at 1920x1080 and 480x240, respectively.
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    Are EVGA's Z490 boards as gimmicky as they appear, or are there really people who think having only 2 DIMM slots will make any difference?

    I was looking at the three boards in EVGA's Z490 lineup and there was something bugging me that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It took a fair few minutes going over the images before it struck me - there are only two RAM slots! But wait, maybe it's ITX and-- oh, EATX. I already knew the...
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    Sony Is Struggling With PlayStation 5 Price Due to Costly Parts

    Same thing every time a new generation of hardware is released, whether console or PC component. I gave up on launch days long ago because you cannot beat the Chinese bots and scummy resellers. Even preorder windows are a fucking joke now since they are bought out instantly because there are...
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    EVGA B-stock 1080ti $349

    Like right now.
  7. viivo

    EVGA B-Stock 2080ti $550 11G-P4-2280-RX

    I knew I wouldn't get in on a 3080 before the gougers and resellers anyway so picked up the 2080ti. It's not ideal, but for the price and the fact it could be several months before 3080s can be found at MSRP, I can live with it. Just glad to finally be rid of this 5700 XT.
  8. viivo

    8+4 EPS: Last 4 pins of PCI-E cable fit, but is it safe?

    Thanks. EPS is standardized then? Any ATX-EPS cable on, say Amazon, will work?
  9. viivo

    8+4 EPS: Last 4 pins of PCI-E cable fit, but is it safe?

    I don't know if my PSU(HX1000i) came with two 4+4 cables and I lost one or it was always just one, but until now I haven't needed both. I found that four pins on a pcie cable fit perfectly in the 4-pin connector, but is it safe to use? It's irrelevant whether or not the extra EPS connector is...
  10. viivo

    Massive performance reduction since installing an ASRock Z390 Taichi.

    I've been experiencing stutters, frame drops, and all around sluggishness in games and general OS tasks since switching to this ASRock board. I have tried everything I can think of including countless combinations of BIOS settings and a complete format and reinstall. Even while writing this the...
  11. viivo

    Ryzen 9 3900X or 3950X - $399.99 or $687.99 from Newegg on eBay

    I hope at least a few people who will actually use the CPU got one before resellers bought them out.
  12. viivo

    Mech keyboard with at least 12 macro keys?

    I have my hotbars set up to match the hotkey positions and I don't trust my brain enough to learn another layout: Thanks for the replies. During my extensive search for a solution I noticed that many of the people reporting the issue were using an ASRock Z390 TaiChi. Strangely, it's simpler...
  13. viivo

    Mech keyboard with at least 12 macro keys?

    Is there a currently available keyboard with a separate macro pad similar to the K95? I upgraded some hardware and now CUE/iCUE causes mass system stutters and unstable FPS in games. Exiting cue clears up all issues. I can find no solution, but I need the 18 macro keys or the MMO I enjoy would...
  14. viivo

    I think I am going to cry

    This no-stock and price gouge situation almost makes me want to check out a Best Buy B&M. Almost.
  15. viivo

    Can a motherboard take out memory when its RAM slots fail?

    Had an MSI board die, the cause of which turned out to be the simultaneous death of all four RAM slots. Just got a new board and now only two of my DIMMs work. Was this a astronomically unlikely coincidence or did the MSI board kill my RAM?
  16. viivo

    Power but no POST. CPU or motherboard?

    Got a new board and was horrified when it also failed to boot. Found out it's because now two of my DIMMs are dead. Can a motherboard take memory out with it when the RAM slots die?
  17. viivo

    Power but no POST. CPU or motherboard?

    8700K MSI Z370 Gaming M7 Happened out of nowhere yesterday, board lights up and powers headers but no video - integrated or discrete - and displays 00 (not D0) and the DRAM debug LED is lit despite memory testing fine in other systems and trying all slots and combinations on this board. I spent...
  18. viivo

    Bill Gates, Airbus, Softbank back EarthNow plan to cover Earth with real-time video surveillance satellites

    You know a person is scum when they donate large amounts of money to charities that aren't just tax fronts that funnel the money back to the donor. Humanitarian? More like
  19. viivo

    12 quarts mobil 1 synthetic, various grades $30, ymmv, instore.

    Same. I spend too much time critically listening to engine sounds, especially for misfires that never throw a code but can lead to problems if not caught early. For friction sounds, it wasn't until I stopped going to the quick lube place and paying $50+ for them to change the oil with bulk (no...
  20. viivo

    Intel’s Monstrous ‘Ponte Vecchio’ 7nm GPU Enters Alpha Stage, Spotted*

    Aren't datacenter GPUs usually blowers due to being in small rack enclosures?
  21. viivo

    AMD FX-8350 Pushed to 8.1 GHz via Extreme Overclocking by Der8auer

    He sure increased the clock speed of that CPU alright. I'm told there was also a method of cooling employed. Yep, there can be no doubt that this is an event which transpired in objective reality.
  22. viivo

    Galax HOF DDR4 4800 xmp Memory Stick Engineering Sample 2*8gb

    How in the hell are those able to reach those speeds with nary an LED nor ineffectual heatspreader?
  23. viivo

    The Outer Worlds Dev Reveals The Content It Cut From The Game And Explains Why

    There are .ini tweaks that both fix things like the anti aliasing issues and allow you to disable the always awful chromatic abberation as well as increase performance.
  24. viivo

    China Bans Online Gaming and Chatting Internationally

    Well, there goes MMO gold prices. The first world wept.
  25. viivo

    Patch Tuesday is tomorrow. Get your system locked down.

    I installed the update and now I can't get an erection. Damn you Microsoft.
  26. viivo

    Stadia Pro FREE 2 Months (including some games)

    Hopefully this means we are nearing game streaming's horrible death, as it clutches at life* by throwing out free trials. *Stadia Life streaming supports gorgeous high resolutions ranging from 120i to 480p and framerates up to 24 frames per minute. Dedicated datacenter required for 720p gameplay.
  27. viivo

    Expanding Swiftech H220-X - is this Barrow res a good option?

    So, I'm an idiot for trying to expand on this thing. The H220's MCP30 pump is just an MCP50X, a non-D5 variant and a model for which there are no tops or housings, at least not anymore. No loss though, the H220-X was cheap and at least all the fittings and tubing I picked up will work in the...
  28. viivo

    Kanto YU2 powered speaker set on sale for $170 shipped

    Powered speakers with 8" drivers seem awesome when you order them. Then when they arrive and take a third or more of desk space, or don't sound the best because they can't be placed at proper distances, they cease being awesome. My Monoprice Powered 8" monitors have been sitting on a shelf all...
  29. viivo

    Expanding Swiftech H220-X - is this Barrow res a good option?

    I'm doing some small upgrades to the Swiftech. Since I don't need an extreme custom loop, adding some entry-level parts to the H220-X should be more than enough for my needs. Tubing and fittings are already on the way and since I'm fine with the radiator, the only other thing is the extremely...
  30. viivo

    PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Reveal

    I agree. Certainly hand size is the determining factor - if you have medium to large hands, offset sticks are unquestionably more precise (as much as analog sticks can be) and comfortable, especially during extended sessions. My time with a PS4 & DS4 was fraught with hand cramps after even short...
  31. viivo

    PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Reveal

    Here's the original blog post. More pictures from different angles.
  32. viivo

    PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Reveal Original PlayStation Blog Post I can't find any details regarding dimensions, but here's hoping it's larger than the DS4.
  33. viivo

    Looking to upgrade to a GPU that can deliver a consistent 100FPS @ 2560x1440 and medium quality settings

    I knew when I bought a 5700 XT that it's a 60FPS and/or FreeSync GPU, so it's not surprising or disappointing that it has trouble maintaining 100FPS at 2560x1440 in some games. Since I cannot use FreeSync due to intolerable flickering I must upgrade to something with a little more power. Would...
  34. viivo

    Boundary, a high-concept space FPS, headed to PS4 and PC in 2020

    Only one mention of spyware and backdoors? It's really hard to play China Thread Bingo without the usual posts. Come on people, we need some accusations of IP and assets theft.
  35. viivo

    Anyone have an RX 5700 gpu that can help me redeem a code?

    I can help. Send me a private message. Heat in sig.
  36. viivo

    how hard or likely is it to successfully OC dual rank 2x16gb 3600 cl16 modules to 4000+ mhz?

    The motherboard will have little to do with it since the memory controller is on the CPU.
  37. viivo

    Question on installing 2 pairs of RAM w differing capacity

    Same capacity modules should be on the same channel. Other than that, with the same timings, I can't imagine there being any functional or real-world performance differences.
  38. viivo

    Process of changing processors?

    ♪ You take the old one out You put the new one in You do the thermal pasty and put your cooler on That's what it's all about. ♪
  39. viivo

    POLL: Collector's Items - Your Expertise Needed...

    Usually it's hardware manufactured in very small quantities or of which few good condition examples exist that fetch ludicrous prices, so it's unlikely any of the 50th AE stuff will be worth more than what you paid simply because of how many were made. The 5700 XTs, for example, are still in...