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    WOW! I just lapped my TRUE, and boy is it cooler!

    It is always best to lapp both parts. Not necessary but just best. At least do the "razor blade test" on the cpu the next time you have a chance.
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    OCing Q9550 on Gigabyte P35-DS3L - problems and ?s

    Increase the FSB voltage. (This affects the GTL voltage on the FSB). Use smallest steps available and it make take a couple of bumps before you see improvement. Test and see. You can go too far and while the OC will look good you will get random lockups during operation if you go too...
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    H70 - Keep radieator relatively clean?

    Easiest is a can of compressed air. Shoot it in opposite of the normal airflow so you do not drive dust in deeper. A small 1/2 inch paint brush and some a damp paper towel to work over the fan blades and inside the housing. Its out of season now, next spring go to a hardware store or...
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    RAM Issues on X58 Boards

    Has anyone tired using Memset or other utility that will read the SPD chip on a board that is a "misbehaving" mode (reporting less than installed) to see if the SPD chip can be read on all installed sticks while the "error" is occuring ? Tested Vdimm and other power signals and/or refresh...
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    RAM Issues on X58 Boards

    all fun and games but until someone takes a misbehaving board out of a case where a logic analyzer or O-scope can be used to "buzz" out the memory address and data buss along with a good knowledge of exactly how and where (what lines/traces/pins) the bios uses to detect and size a memory stick...
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    Questions About Sys Fan Header and 140mm Fans

    most mother board fan headers are rated for 1 Amp (12 watts) I would watch your load as 5 fans could be getting close to that. The fans should be marked for current draw or wattage. Also check you manual it might give the max load and if so thats what you should go by. I would not...
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    Dell Plans More Than $100 Billion Spending in China

    Yep, all that pesky USA tax revenue both local and federal not to mention the overall impact of having several hundred americans employed to local businesses and the economy in general is something we dont need. But hey, just buy Dell stock instead of food.
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    UPS question

    Interesting question, I wish I had a schematic of exactly how that alarm worked and what it has as impact to the operation of the rest of the UPS. But I assume it is just a monitoring circuit. That would make the most sense. Your video card eats 300W fully loaded. So yea kicking...
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    cooling problems, Core i7 860

    Well thar's yer answer. (and the other posters comments are exactly true also) The EIST (Enhanced Intel SpeedsTep) or the bios's fans speed vs cpu socket temp sensor temp is trading off reduced fan speed and noise in favor of warmer temps. Set the fan speed control in the bios to...
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    cyberpower cps1500avr cuts out on overload on barttery

    Its out of warrany (3 years) so a careful opening it up and blowing out the dust cannot hurt. A small 1 inch paintbrush is handy for getting dust out of heatsinks and off of the board mounted components. The loaded voltages unfortunately do not tell me much about the state of charge...
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    best CPU upgrade for an LGA775 socket from my E5200

    GA-G31M-ES2L Two things come to mind. 1) make sure you have the latest bios so you can be sure the new cpu is supported. F9 or better for version 1.x boards FC or better for version 2.x boards 2) That is a "lite"...
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    Noob overclocker broke something

    Western Digital should have a utility on its web site to "factory format" the drive. It will go through and reset the drive to "from the factory" condition and should identify and lock out any bad sectors. Then during install of windows (or from within windows administrative tools/ disk...
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    Noob overclocker broke something

    Its highly likely all that is wrong is that your windows installation is corrupted. Reload/repair your operating system and your game. Do not let this discourage you, one issue is the math based stablilty test a lot of people use do not excercise the 3d graphics/video card. So when...
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    so MSI will not RMA my motherboard...

    This is not the place for this kind of converastion once it got past the MSI will not RMA "sample" boards. RTFR's There is a sub-forum in FS/FT for this kind of thing. (11) Do not post PERSONAL INFORMATION (i.e. addresses, phone numbers...
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    Which top quality I7 mobo?

    Anandtech has a review of the Asrock board. Its decent. Me after I made sure the features I wanted where there, and most other things being equal, I would download the manuals from the manuf web site and look over the bios options for the bios that seemed the easiest to understand and...
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    Motherboard power: Digital PWM, 16 phase, etc.

    after 4 phases its more about the implementation and quality of the components used than the number of phases. I would be looking at the cooling (heatsinks/heatpipe) for the mosfets more than the number of phases. Couple of years ago it would have mattered as there where still a lot of...
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    X58 board question

    Of the two you mentioned I like the ASrock.
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    Poor cooling with Megahalems rev B?

    So more surface area contact between the HS and IHS is a bad thing ?
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    Poor cooling with Megahalems rev B?

    two thing occur immedately to me after taking a look. Check the HS and CPU for flatness or just go ahead and lapp them. Those two video cards (and power supply) suck up and blow out the back anything the lower front fan (if there is one, cant see) pulls in. A bay cooler in the top...
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    How to install Arctic Silver 5 (thermal paste)?

    Looks a little thick to me also.
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    Hard Piping WC circuit in copper or clear pvc?

    A link I have been looking for for a long time was a guy in the UK I think who plumbed his loop in copper pipe with sweat fittings. Polished and then laquer I think, you would have to protect the bare copper or it would quickly tarnish. But anyway, it was a thing of beauty and...
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    I/O Shields Blocking Ports (EVGA)

    I know, they use one I/O sheild for several of their board and the "one size fits all" will cover up some of the ports for your board. If you look very carefully under good light you will see the seam, its not perforated but more of a "knockout" kind of thing. unless they did send you the...
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    identify this part please?... monitor problem - dell laptop 2614

    its the inverter board that powers the back-light in the screen. If your screen has gone black or cuts in and out, this may be the problem. Ebay full of replacements, get a new back-light tube as well just to cover all the bases. (the back-light tube is a fluorescent requiring high...
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    Mobo that accepts 8gb - not server like

    The memory controllers have been built into the CPUs for the last couple of years so its about what the CPU will support first. So first find a CPU whose memory controller supports ECC then match up a motherboard. For AMD you will need an Opterion for Intel a Xeon CPU then find a...
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    I/O Shields Blocking Ports (EVGA)

    yeah, gotta love those sheilds that fit several boards. I have had luck (pull power from the wall, you dont want to short anything) by pressing them in just a litte to get a crack started and then with a very small flat screwdriver getting in the crack and then prying them outwards so I...
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    ASUS Rampage III Extreme fan headers

    I finally got the manual to download and I see your problem. Manual is not specific and implies with the wording that PWM fans are needed for the more advanced speed control options but makes no mention of the ability of the 4 pin optfan 1 2 3 for any kind of "not full blast" options...
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    ASUS Rampage III Extreme fan headers

    download the manual, look for fan control options, "legacy" or "voltage control" are what you are looking for in the fan options. We have a new ASUS rep: OC_Seer ASUS Power User Support, might ask him. I was going to look it up for you but the ASUS site is so dog shit slow I gave...
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    ASUS Official Poll - When do you plan to upgrade and why?

    I will be upgrading as soon as a manufacturer provides a complete and useful bios section of a motherboard manual that fully explains what the settings actually do and also details all the changes in a bios update with a decent readme file. So basically, never , the way things are going.
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    MB won't keep time Nifty free util (no adware etc. not a resouce hog) that will keep your machines time synched and correct. Run as needed or set it up to update daily/whatever. Will at least cure the symptoms/boot issue. What is interesting is if this has...
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    eVGA X58 SLI RAID 5 keeps degrading?

    Check the system error logs for device/controller timeouts etc. It would also be interesting to turn off write cache if enabled and see what if anything that does to the issue.
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    Nexus Beamair - Worth it?

    :eek: Pls do not directly link images from another site. I fixed your post.
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    Do I Need a New PSU?

    I would be more inclined to blame the motherboard or bios or a recent change in hardware/software. Nothing you mentioned indicates a failing power supply. Glitchy sleep mode/wake up. Motherboard dying (680i's have a reputation for quirks and trouble). Get some more opinions but...
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    Spray painting rad bad idea?

    all true, its the fins that do the work. it is usually harmless to shoot at the fin area at a very low angle, almost parallel to the top fin surface, that way you end up just hitting the very top of the fins. When viewed straight on through the rad it seems well painted but in fact only...
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    First watercooling help

    Yes but its the increase in operating frequency due to the OCing that causes most of the increase in current flow. Also to be considered is the removal of the stock downward blowing Intel fan which washes the area around the CPU with "blow-by". This air movement is also important in...
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    Its been done but one of the major issues is the constant heat output of the computer. Fridges, and a small one espically are not made to remove that amount of constant heat. The compressor will run almost if not all the time and if its a beefy machine will have a real struggle keeping up...
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    When all else is about the same (chipset, features, on board cooling etc.) I download the manuals for the boards I have listed as "possibles" and read through the bios section for the bios that makes the most sense to me in layout and features and basic understandability. Also the...
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    Hard Core Cooling Guru's... Need Some Help With Fan Design

    Gonna move ya down into the water cooling section, I have been letting the H50/70 post stay up top as they (arguably) are not full blown water cooling. The guys down "in the basement " will be more familiar and may come up with something. BTW welcome !!! And its a moral imperative...
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    RAM 6 banks filled, one bank not showing in CMOS

    Some more discussion of your type of problem (and suggested solutions that worked for two guys) is here
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    Core i7 980x disipador

    Good morning, Most around here pretty much go with the Thermalright Ultra Extreme, True Spirit or there is a Cooler Master heatsink that is well liked at a lower price. The Silver Arrow looks interesting but I have not seen it reviewed or discussed much and more to the point I cannot...
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    Hard Core Cooling Guru's... Need Some Help With Fan Design

    off hand I would think about finding a nice grill that would help hide that. Trouble is I dont keep track of rad model numbers and dont know what size a "350" grill is . These guys have the biggest selection, something should fit...