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    Where to get vSphere Web Client 6.0

    I'm running this currently.. without vSphere
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    LastPass Bought By LogMeIn For $110 Million

    I was a LastPass user up until yesterday, switched to 1Password. I do not trust any company (especially LogMeIn) who have shareholder to treat LastPass as its previous owners did...
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    Streaming from an external Drive & other things

    Plex can do this -
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    Apache Reverse Proxy and Custom Error Documents

    This Is what i have for custom error pages
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    Apache Reverse Proxy with SSL

    I run a reverse proxy with no issues to access my media servers easily. Config: My question is a lot of the media servers have built in SSL capabilities. Is it better connect to my proxy over HTTPS than go have my proxy direct me to the...
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    Need Av for Mac

    We use sophos in our school district, works well.
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    Chromecast 2014: An Open SDK, Big International Plans

    Local media playing is there is Plex Media Center
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    Apache2 Reverse Proxy Rewrite help

    OK. Part 2 of this request. My unraid server has a file at that passes thru all the commands to restart server, change anything, etc... So its requesting thru I don't want to pass all root files thru to Is there a proxy...
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    Apache2 Reverse Proxy Rewrite help

    Thanks! I ended up using a combination of both ProxyPass ProxyPassReverse Redirect 301 /Shares /unraid/Shares # Ouput html from proxy filter SetOutputFilter proxy-html...
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    Apache2 Reverse Proxy Rewrite help

    You may, and how would I go about implementing that ;)
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    Apache2 Reverse Proxy Rewrite help

    Thanks for the help. One last question. I also have ProxyPasses for other services running on different IPs/Ports in the same default document. How to I put in the rewrite without having it effect those?
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    Apache2 Reverse Proxy Rewrite help

    <Location /unraid> ProxyPass http://IPADDRESS:8008/ ProxyPassReverse http://IPADDRESS:8008/ </Location> <Location /Main> ProxyPass http://IPADDRESS:8008/Main ProxyPassReverse http://IPADDRESS:8008/Main </Location> <Location /plugins> ProxyPass...
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    Apache2 Reverse Proxy Rewrite help

    I do have mod proxy installed. It works great at the I just want it to work at
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    Apache2 Reverse Proxy Rewrite help

    Right now I have my unraid server behind my proxy so I only have port 80 open to the world. The downfall is my unraid is a, and so on. I want to move it to and I have dug through the man pages...
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    2TB WD Green HDD $80 at best buy

    They are 64mb
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    2TB WD Green HDD $80 at best buy

    Mankato MN has about 4 on the shelf still
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    2TB WD Green HDD $80 at best buy

    I bought 3 :/
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    2TB WD Green HDD $80 at best buy

    Saw them instore for 109.99 last week. Thank god for 14 day price match. Extra 90 bux in my pocket.
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    I have things at 5000, 8081, 8082, 8083. I tried turning on External Access and that did work on port 9000. Must not support loopback... bummer. And yes. The problem isn't DynDNS connecting, that is fine. I'll try doing some searches on NAT Loopback/Redirection... just didn't know what to...
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    Had tomato on the WRT54G, i am stock on the 655.
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    Just updated my old trustworthy WRT54G to a D-Link DIR655. I have Sickbeard/Utor/SABnzbd all running on my server and the bookmarks are to my DynDNS domain name with ports. Before the router switch, I could use http://domainname:8081 both internally and externally to access these pages...
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    US Students Not So Worldly Wise

    I'm no dummy. Michelangelo is a turtle!
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    iPhone App Exposes Woman that Exposed Herself

    Countdown till banage for expansionsss
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    Microsoft Certifications up to 50% Off for Students

    A+ is lifetime till the end of this year. After that it is a 3 year cert.
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    What will verizon's next big phone be?

    The "Shadow" looks like a VZW Evo.
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    Best Verizon smartphone for mp3s?

    Samsung Intensity, LG Cosmos, and VZW Razzle are all QWERTY keyboards that don't require data.
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    Hauppauge HD PVR

    I will be setting it up with Beyond TV. I've heard some bad reviews about it crashing after a few records, did this happen to you?
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    Hauppauge HD PVR

    Looking at upgrading from my Hauppage 1600s to one of these. Anyone have any first hand experience or a better way to get non-QAM HD channels onto your PC.
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    HTC HD2

    It's WiMax.... I'm going to guess Sprint is the CDMA carrier for this guy.
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    Technology to the Rescue in Haiti

    QFT. Who gives a rip about politics in a time of need.
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    Netbook Recommendation

    I got the mini 311 from VZW. I'm playing L4D2 and BF1942 on it. The thing is amazing. I love it.
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    7 Google Wave Invites

    All gone!
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    7 Google Wave Invites

    ALL GONE more.
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    7 Google Wave Invites

    Please PM me. I will not check this thread. ALL GONE more.
  35. T Invites

    New too waffles and constantly seeding.
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    Better to buy or rent your modem...

    I'm in the same boat.
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    Free Technet Subscriptions

    Mine has died to. Never got the 6/2010 exp date. No Survey.
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Parents House: Home - when I get there:
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    Iptorrent Invites

    i'm up for one... PM'd