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  1. viivo

    Are EVGA's Z490 boards as gimmicky as they appear, or are there really people who think having only 2 DIMM slots will make any difference?

    I was looking at the three boards in EVGA's Z490 lineup and there was something bugging me that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It took a fair few minutes going over the images before it struck me - there are only two RAM slots! But wait, maybe it's ITX and-- oh, EATX. I already knew the...
  2. viivo

    8+4 EPS: Last 4 pins of PCI-E cable fit, but is it safe?

    I don't know if my PSU(HX1000i) came with two 4+4 cables and I lost one or it was always just one, but until now I haven't needed both. I found that four pins on a pcie cable fit perfectly in the 4-pin connector, but is it safe to use? It's irrelevant whether or not the extra EPS connector is...
  3. viivo

    Massive performance reduction since installing an ASRock Z390 Taichi.

    I've been experiencing stutters, frame drops, and all around sluggishness in games and general OS tasks since switching to this ASRock board. I have tried everything I can think of including countless combinations of BIOS settings and a complete format and reinstall. Even while writing this the...
  4. viivo

    Mech keyboard with at least 12 macro keys?

    Is there a currently available keyboard with a separate macro pad similar to the K95? I upgraded some hardware and now CUE/iCUE causes mass system stutters and unstable FPS in games. Exiting cue clears up all issues. I can find no solution, but I need the 18 macro keys or the MMO I enjoy would...
  5. viivo

    Can a motherboard take out memory when its RAM slots fail?

    Had an MSI board die, the cause of which turned out to be the simultaneous death of all four RAM slots. Just got a new board and now only two of my DIMMs work. Was this a astronomically unlikely coincidence or did the MSI board kill my RAM?
  6. viivo

    Power but no POST. CPU or motherboard?

    8700K MSI Z370 Gaming M7 Happened out of nowhere yesterday, board lights up and powers headers but no video - integrated or discrete - and displays 00 (not D0) and the DRAM debug LED is lit despite memory testing fine in other systems and trying all slots and combinations on this board. I spent...
  7. viivo

    Expanding Swiftech H220-X - is this Barrow res a good option?

    I'm doing some small upgrades to the Swiftech. Since I don't need an extreme custom loop, adding some entry-level parts to the H220-X should be more than enough for my needs. Tubing and fittings are already on the way and since I'm fine with the radiator, the only other thing is the extremely...
  8. viivo

    PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Reveal Original PlayStation Blog Post I can't find any details regarding dimensions, but here's hoping it's larger than the DS4.
  9. viivo

    Looking to upgrade to a GPU that can deliver a consistent 100FPS @ 2560x1440 and medium quality settings

    I knew when I bought a 5700 XT that it's a 60FPS and/or FreeSync GPU, so it's not surprising or disappointing that it has trouble maintaining 100FPS at 2560x1440 in some games. Since I cannot use FreeSync due to intolerable flickering I must upgrade to something with a little more power. Would...
  10. viivo

    Does this need to be bled or refilled? (Swiftech AIO)

    I bought a Swiftech H220-X from a member here. It's new, but it sat in its box for a number of years and I'm curious what, if any, maintenance I should perform. The res window is apparently supposed to look dirty like that judging by every other picture of the AIO. The big air bubble and...
  11. viivo

    Adblock Plus showing 3000+ ads blocked on several sites - normal or something on my PC?

    Yesterday while browsing Amazon I noticed the "ads blocked" number on the ABP icon was over 3000. I went to Newegg and it climbed quickly to over 2000. Same thing at many other sites. I don't recall seeing these kinds of numbers before. Is this normal behavior?
  12. viivo

    Anybody still playing Guild Wars 2?

    I just started playing again after many years and despite my burning hatred for F2P MMOs with enormous cash shops I am enjoying it. The only problem is what appears to be a fiercely anti-social playerbase full of people who would rather die trying to solo something than group with other humans.
  13. viivo

    Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 upgrade under ~$350?

    I have used this thing every day for 6 years and it has refused to die. I've dropped it countless times, thrown it, stepped on it on multiple occasions breaking 5 glass screen protectors until finally just going bare. I really, really wish I could keep it but the hardware is too old and common...
  14. viivo

    20.2.2 (Optional) drivers released

    Release Notes Drivers They claim to have fixed most of the black screen problems. I think I'll stay with 19.12.1 for now, or until people report their experience with the new ones.
  15. viivo

    Anybody know what these are (satellite stuff)?

    I know it's not strictly PC-related but [H] is the only forum I visit. I don't know when, how, or why I came into possession of these, but they turned up during some pre-spring cleaning and I could find very little information online. I don't know whether to throw them in the donation box or...
  16. viivo

    Fallout 4 GOTY (Steam) - $7.99 @ CDKeys

    FALLOUT 4 GOTY STEAM KEY Despite it existing in what many consider a gray area, CDKeys is a legitimate site and excellent resource* - and prioritize buyer safety and privacy from my experience. I've bought from them many times and have never had an issue, and any refund requests were fulfilled...
  17. viivo

    Anybody else disappointed in their Be Quiet case's quality?

    be quiet! Dark Base 900 Black (non-pro/non-window). I've had this case for a few months, but I was just looking at it on my desk and wondering how heavy BQ's balls must be to charge what they do. I was excited to transition from a mid-tower back to a full. The last high-end full tower case I...
  18. viivo

    Does the Rift S possess any features that would make it a must-have over the Odyssey+?

    Prices notwithstanding, is there anything about the Rift S which makes it objectively better than the Odyssey+, or anything about the Odyssey which makes it worse?
  19. viivo

    Is there a 32" 16:9 or 34" 21:9 display guaranteed to exhibit zero FreeSync flicker?

    I've never used or needed more than one display at a time, yet here I sit with three monitors - Samsung C32HG70, LG 34UC80, Viotek GN32LD - each of which excels at flickering while FreeSsync is enabled despite every possible combination of hardware and software settings. Is there a FreeSync...
  20. viivo

    Frequent frame drops with vsync.

    Scenario - FFXIV Vsync on: 99 FPS, 98, 100, 99, 96, 98, 99, 97, 99, etc. Micro stutters galore. Vsync off: 200+ FPS, but unbearable tearing. Same in both borderless and exclusive. What is the reason for this and is there a workaround that will not introduce screen tear? Freesync is not an...
  21. viivo

    The Wolf Among Us - Free @ Epic Store until the 19th Didn't see it posted in the thread for the other free game. Just in case some missed it.
  22. viivo

    Is there any difference in ethernet performance amongst WiFi routers with 1Gb ports?

    For example, between an AC1200 router thats costs around $30 and an AC5400 that is ~$300. Both have Gigabit ethernet ports - would there be a noticeable difference in wired network performance? I'm asking because I want to justify a new router purchase, but the one I have now works fine for...
  23. viivo

    Logitech G600 MMO mouse - $22.99 @ Amazon/Newegg and others.

    Amazon Newegg Not a bad price if you're looking for a mouse with a lot of assignable buttons. The build quality is excellent and, unlike the Naga, profiles with custom binds are saved to internal memory, so there's no need for bloated software to run in the background.
  24. viivo

    OS or games on fastest drive? Does it even matter?

    I have one NVME SSD and two SATA - would using the fastest drive for Win10 instead of one of the slower SSDs make any practical difference in games and daily usage?
  25. viivo

    FreeSync flickering: There is no escape.

    The FreeSync flickering on my Samsung C32HG70 has long been an annoyance which no amount of hours spent tinkering could fix. I had been wanting to get back into 21:9/IPS so I ordered an LG 34UC80-B and it is amazing with not a single flicker or brightness change. too flickers like it's trying...
  26. viivo

    Does a NON-CURVED 16:9/21:9, 32", 2k, ~100hz IPS monitor under $500 exist?

    I realize now that I took my IPS displays for granted. I hate VA. I fucking hate fucking V fucking A and its deficiencies. For the things I do it's horrible in every way. I'm sick and disgusted by the motion blur and ghosting. I thought it would be quick and easy to find a NON-CURVED 32" IPS...
  27. viivo

    Question about switch wiring.

    I scavenged a momentary switch to replace the dying one in my case, but the new one has four wires - 2 white on one side, 1 black 1 white on the other. I'm wondering which two I should use. It's simply for power on/off, no LEDs. I can take a picture if needed. There are markings by each wire...
  28. viivo

    ~$200: Powered monitors or bookshelves and an amp?

    I am unable to wear headphones for longer than 20 minutes at a time, so I'd like to add a simple pair of speakers so I can enjoy games and such again without discomfort. Monoprice's 5" and 8" powered monitors look pretty good, but I'm wondering if better quality could be found by getting a...
  29. viivo

    Safe to submerge switches in water?

    I'm clearing out some old keyboards and have one with some nasty dirt and debris everywhere and in between, but the switches are plate mounted and I'm definitely not de-soldering them just to clean the plate. Has anyone thrown a plate with switches into soapy water? I know I'll have to re-lube...
  30. viivo

    Is there a clear explanation of Voltage Swing and PreEmphasis anywhere?

    I know these settings aren't exclusive to Radeon Settings, but I assume that's where many first encountered them. The problem is I cannot find an explanation of what exactly they do. The one promising search result - a PDF whitepaper - is a dead link.
  31. viivo

    Disco Elysium

    I am so glad I gave this a chance. I've always loved isometric/2.5D RPGs. Although DE is fully 3D with a static camera, it is reminiscent of the great Infinity Engine games among others, and the art style is both stylish and engaging. I think it was during my first playthrough that I realized...
  32. viivo

    No option to uninstall Windows updates

    This is really strange. I am unable to remove or even right click any of the Windows Updates in Programs and Features, and the "Uninstall" button that used to be next to the "Organize" dropdown is gone. It started after the KB4517389 update. I've tried uninstalling it through Advanced...
  33. viivo

    Is anyone else worried The Outer Worlds will be disappointing?

    Real RPGs are becoming more scarce by the year. What is a "real RPG," you don't ask? Generally it's a series of complex gameplay systems wrapped in a long and involving narrative with tons of well-written dialogue, NPCs posessing unique personalities, and shitloads of completely useless trivia...
  34. viivo

    Where are the benefits of teaming likely to be noticed?

    Intel Pro/1000 PT dual port network adapter, 1Gb up/down fiber. Decided to check out teaming. Everything seems to be properly set up, but I'm not noticing any differences - good or bad - anywhere. Latency, ping, transfer rates and stability, etc. Is it just not worthwhile for a gaming desktop?
  35. viivo

    Is there a mouse similar in size and shape to the Zowie EC1-A but with a re-bindable DPI button?

    I've become accustomed to binding that button to ALT which allows me to double my hotkeys without needing to move either hand which is very useful in MMOs with tons of spells/skills. Weight and sensor aren't a huge deal, but the shape is most important for comfort over long sessions. Currently...
  36. viivo

    Looking for suggestions for mounting frameless fans to a heatsink.

    I'd like to put an old Accelero heatsink to use on a GPU, but I've hit a wall when it comes to the "air" part of aircooling. Any ideas for securing these three fans - without the use of zipties, preferably - would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help. I know a one-piece bracket w/...
  37. viivo

    Is there a way to discover which Amazon Warehouse items are discounted?

    Occasionally, used items sold by Amazon Warehoused will show a 20% off discount. Is there any way to track these?
  38. viivo

    GreedFall - The Generic Store Brand RPG

    Maybe the title is overstating it a bit, but so far it does look and feel uninspired and rather soulless. Is anyone else playing this who can share their thoughts? I'm struggling to find reasons to keep playing because I don't know that it ever will get better. Here's a long gameplay video...
  39. viivo

    Any benefits or "future proofing" by going from z370 to 390?

    Currently using an MSI Z370 Gaming M5. It's not a bad motherboard, but I've come to despise some of its quirks, the worst being it likes to massively overvolt everything. Is there any reason to move to a Z390 board? Or are they like the Z1/270-370 "upgrade" which were basically all the same...
  40. viivo

    Corsair Cue/iCue - is the latest version still a load of bloatware?

    I've been using an old version of Cue for quite some time since I only need it to bind the macro keys on my keyboard, but even this old version eats memory and CPU cycles like crazy no matter what's going on. My question is for those on the latest version - does it still suck system resources or...