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    If I had to replace an Abit IS7-E what would I do ?

    If I needed to replace an ABIT IS7-E I would.... 1st - remove the cpu Fan/HeatSink on the old board. clean the thermal paste off and post here what the numbers on the CPU are so we could absolutley make sure the board below would support that CPU. If a raid HD array has not been...
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    Intel Matrix Storage now Rapid Storage.

    Before everyone gets too exicited, apparently it is the addition of TRIM for SSD's to the Intel Matrix Storage driver and a name change for marketing reasons. But still, if doing a new motherboard install and OS load I would want to use this if the manuf CD or web site still had the older...
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    Great Deal on starter package

    I thought this was/is a great deal for someone wanting to try WCing on a budget. Lot of bang for buck here but as always your milage may vary.
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    i7 needs clean stable +5 and 3.3 - its not all about the +12

    My ongoing investigation finds the Uncore portion of an i7 draws it's power from the +5 from the main motherboard connector for the onboard memory controllor and power from the 3.3V for the QPI. I was reading this...
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    Gigabyte Bios Settings Guide P965 P35 P45 X38 X48

    OK here goes. This is a work in progress. All recent Gigabytes (well the Intel boards anyway) use the same basic bios. So what I have done here is pick the most complex, the X48 and detail as best as I can what the settings do and provide some informational links if you really want to...
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    Installation tips and checklist for Watercooling.

    Over the next couple of weeks with all of you guys (and gals) help I would like to gather information and create as a group effort a post that I will sticky that will contain 2 main items. Installation Checklist This will not discuss the intricacies that might arise from a specific...
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    Free i7 mounting adapter for Noctua heatsinks.
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    Intel to disclose the maximum Tjunction values for 45nm Core 2s

    IDF (Intel Developer Forum) 2008 news. IDF is scheduled this year for August 19 - 21 in San Francisco. Will disclose first-ever public disclosure of the maximum Tjunction value for all Core 2 Duo/Quad/Extreme desktop processors built on current 45nm-process technology. by Intel...
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    Antec 900 and Gigabyte EP45-DS3R "GOTCHA" !

    As incredible as it may seem. the cabling provided by Antec for the reset power and led are far too short to even make the connections with this motherboard and case combination. Much less hide/dress the cable. Will not reach at all. PATHETIC. Inside of case primer gray, nice...
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    CORETEMP: what it is and what it is not !

    The only "right" or "correct" value is the "distance to Tjunction max". This value is read directly from the CPU registers and is the ONLY hard data the CPU provides. Everything else, in this case a reported "real temperature" is calculated and how that calculation is done is using guessed at...
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    This is interesting,

    The trick lies in IBM’s ability to cool the tiny solar cell. Concentrating the equivalent of 2000 suns on such a small area generates enough heat to melt stainless steel, something the researchers experienced first hand in their experiments. But by borrowing innovations from its own R&D in...
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    Fun with Gigabyte P35-DS3L

    just banged in the last screw on sons Christmas gift gamer box. DS3L E4500 2 x 1GB Corsair XMS 4 4 4 12 artic freezer 7 + AS5 no lapping. 8800GT VT-550 PSU cheap ass case with 120 front and back and side panel vent. Set Vcore to 1.375 memory +.3 (2.1V) MCH +.1 FSB +.1...
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    11/28 8:55 ET Newegg has some 8800GTs back in stock.

    see the title.
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    Unlock your Radeon HD3870

    This looks like fun in a "dangerous sort of way. " More Even more Bios: Flasher...
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    Sapphire Warranty Poor, Sapphire Forum dysfunctional

    This post is an attempt to provide a more targeted "hit" on "Google" so the problem below is communicated to a larger audience. If this is in violation of forum rules, remove it. Well a fairly extensive search found no email address for...
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    X38 Intel specs and data sheets are up.

    For those of us that can read. Some clues as to what the issue that delayed release: 1. PCIe 1.1 cards in PCIe slots off the MCH lead to boot failures. Problem: The Intel® X38 Express Chipset sets the TS1 Ordered Set - Symbol 4...
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    New Corsair VX550 power supply, my impressions.

    OK, the 420W (yes it was stressed, I had it laying around and it was fine until I added another drive not listed in sig that apparently took it over the edge) I was using developed "issues" and I finally was forced to crack open the wallet and buy a new supply. I decided on the Corsair VX550 as...
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    4 GB killed my OC.

    Just popped in another 2 GB of Corsair (same as orignal 2 GB but newer version with different memory chips) and my OC has gone to hell in a hand basket. On the other hand the new Corsair VX 550 power supply is really sweet. Need to do a lot of testing but 7x400 at 5 5 5 15 @ 2.1 V seems...
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    Cannot edit one of my posts.

    Strange, I can edit the post above, #1 and the post below, #3 but I cannot edit the second post of my tweaking guide, best guess is that I am at a size limit. I need to update some info and if it is a size issue could you delete the info/text show below and I will shorten/condense when I...
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    @Corsair 4x 1GB sub timings -SPD program.

    I buy and use only Corsair for my personal and client builds and I know you have nothing to do with the rest of your day if I don't ask you a really tough question. So hopefully my business/brand loyalty will buy me some consideration and coupled with your huge amounts of idle time and...
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    My 2 cents.

    The posters whining about backups particually amuse me. It if was so damn important, and you are so damn smart, how hard is it to open a notepad windows and cut and paste important posts (not to mention File/ Save as/ Web Archive) and have your own backup? And if you have never...
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    Why P965 boards that will not run 1333MHz CPU?

    ohhh I ammm soooo angry! I saw it coming but it does not matter, I feel like being outraged today. And yes I know its the same core so it does not matter a 1066 and 1333 OC to same speed will perform the same. I want to be mad damint and I will ! If you have a board that never...
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    P35 chipset and thermal specs up on Intel's site. Looks like the MCH now has an external readable temp sensor. TCONTROL Limit Advanced Fan Speed Control monitors an embedded thermal sensor. The maximum operating limit when monitoring this thermal sensor is TCONTROL. For the...
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    C2D's may not thermal alarm as designed, Intel errata. admin- sorry for the double posting but this needed to be where it would be seen. Delete if you have too.
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    C2D's may not thermal alarm as designed, Intel errata.

    It appears that in the lastest spec update for C2D desktop processors (apparently all models with steppings B1 B2 L2) that there are some issues with the the thermal control features. Not good. So watch those temps...
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    ICH9R (P35) issues with Vista and Raid

    If you are thinking of a Intel board with an ICHxR chip and installing Vista on a raid array you would be well advised to read this carefully. There are sharks in the water. It is interesting too that there are a couple of revisions of the ICH9R chip out there apparently...
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    Gigabyte owners READ THIS

    A lot of people are having issues with (mainly DS3's) and what is called the cold boot issue. This issue seems to consist of 2 main issues as far as I can tell. 1) Failure to boot, clear cmos does not work, board is boat anchor. 2) Bios settings not retained on reboot...
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    Does DS3 have Memory Performance Enhance in Bios ?

    In researching an undocumented BIOS setting of my DQ6 (no mention in manual) when I asked Gigabyte about the Memory Performance Enhance in the M.I.T sub-menu this is what they replied: Wel my ram has EPP and setting the option to Fast and Turbo does affect Sysoft Sandra benchmarks (better :)...
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    Accuracy of Temp Monitoring Programs on Gigabyte 965P-DQ6 DS3 S3

    Acutally I only ran it on a DQ6 but the others should be the same. TAT Speedfan Coretemp Easytune Comparision of the 4 programs with data/screen shots and conclusion is here: Short version: Easytune is way off on temp and is dangerous...
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    Overclock and tweak guide from Nvidia for 680i

    Ok, from the horses mouth, maybe you 680i guys know about it already but I tripped over it a few minutes ago ( it took me few minutes to stop stomping around in circles, swearing, and screaming "yea, Intel will have one ready when the Red Sea parts again" and stuff like that. ). enjoy...
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    Gigabyte P965-P35 X38 overclocking and BIOS tweaking Guide

    Gigabyte overclocking Guide P965 P35 and X38 Edit July 17: The Gigabyte P35 boards and X38 use a bios and chipset that is so identical to the P965 this guide is perfectly usable for the P35 and X38, you might find minor differences and a few extra high end tweaking options but it will...
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    Why 4 sticks might not work on P965 boards.

    From the P965 application notes for the MCH. emphasis is my addition. For example, a DDR2-667 DIMM with supported 5-5-5 speed bin timings installed with a DDR2-533 DIMM with supported 4-4-4 speed bin timings should run at 533 MHz with supported 4-4-4 speed bin timings. The DDR2-667 DIMM...
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    IHS lapping results. I hope.

    Well I havent broken anything in a couple of weeks so i guess its time to try, Before: Rig in sig. Waterblock already lapped to 50microns. Precision springs on block holddown should let me remount with very close to the same pressure etc. Plan is to touch nothng but the cpu...
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    Attn Corsair Reps

    Moderator, I know this is off forum subject but want to catch the Corsair reps attention as I have not seen them in the WC forum lately. Guys, 2nd post concerning the (imo, horrible) waterblock retention used with the Natulus I have helped with in a couple weeks. Please consider...
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    Stop calling the VRD the PWM !!! Please?

    This is wrong terminology and makes you sound like you dont know jack even if the info is mostly ok. Please stop, I know you guys are smart. " ..."PWM" is a circuit on mainboards to convert the voltage level from power supply unit to provide specific voltage to components (ex. Provide...
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    Dominator Fans available for any ram. Just in case you dont have enough fans in your box already. :D But actually if you water cool and dont have a lot of moving air from the now gone cpu fan, probally a decent idea if really pushing your memory, it looks...
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    new Gigabyte P965-DQ6 bios released

    susposed to help overclocking on E6400 E6400 didnt do anything for me. :(
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    Gigabyte P965-DQ6 updated bios F4 just released.

    F4 2006/09/08 Fix some DDR667 compatibility issues Fix some GFX card compatibility issues motherboard main page (BIOS download link on the right ) edit...