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    Apache Reverse Proxy with SSL

    I run a reverse proxy with no issues to access my media servers easily. Config: My question is a lot of the media servers have built in SSL capabilities. Is it better connect to my proxy over HTTPS than go have my proxy direct me to the...
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    Apache2 Reverse Proxy Rewrite help

    Right now I have my unraid server behind my proxy so I only have port 80 open to the world. The downfall is my unraid is a, and so on. I want to move it to and I have dug through the man pages...
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    Just updated my old trustworthy WRT54G to a D-Link DIR655. I have Sickbeard/Utor/SABnzbd all running on my server and the bookmarks are to my DynDNS domain name with ports. Before the router switch, I could use http://domainname:8081 both internally and externally to access these pages...
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    Hauppauge HD PVR

    Looking at upgrading from my Hauppage 1600s to one of these. Anyone have any first hand experience or a better way to get non-QAM HD channels onto your PC.
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    7 Google Wave Invites

    Please PM me. I will not check this thread. ALL GONE more.
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    Passing External Javascript variable into HREF

    I have a external JavaScript that populates a drop down menu, with a list of classrooms, based on which building is picked. What I want is a way to take the value of the item that is selected in the populated drop-down menu and use it in a link. The link would look something like...
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    Raid 0+1 vs Raid 5 with Hot-Swap

    Hey Everyone. I came into possession of 4 Seagate 750gb hard drives and want to setup a raid on my multimedia machine. My current motherboard ASUS A8N-Ehas the capability to do a 0+1 raid, which would give a 1.5TB array, that is still usable unless a drive fails on both sides of the...
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    Wireless Network setup help

    Here is my setup The Wifi makes it out into the shop, but only with about 18mbps. Any recommendations?
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    Different Image for each session

    Working on a small project here to update our Classroom support page, and we are wondering if there is a way in HTML to have a pool of say 8 images and for each new session, they get one of those random images.
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    Help with my CGI

    Okay... I have a cgi script written that takes the info from my form and it should send an e-mail to the account I have specified. I no longer get any server e-mails. I have it pointed at the sendmail. It just isn't sending. I have my email.conf set up correctly also, or else my script would...
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    how to tell which PCI-Mini card goes in my laptop

    Its a ZE4402US
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    problem seeing computer in network

    Okay. I have a D-Link DI-704 (factory settings) and a Linksys BEFW11S4 (factory settings) . The DI-704 is connected to the cable modem. Then a crossover cable is being run into the WAN on the BEFW11S4. I get internet on all computers. But the DI-704 computers cannot see the BEFW11S4...
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    wondering if i can set up a wireless bridge with this equip

    okay... I have a Linksys BEFW11S4 router in my basement and a D-Link DI-714. I have no clue if this is possible or how to do it if it is. Thanks
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    Submiting Forum Locally

    Is there a way to submit a form locally into Excel or a Txt file using Dreamweaver thx
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    Streaming Video

    Does anyone know a good resource on streaming video. need to learn
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    Where does Outlook store the Address book database

    thanks for your help
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    Where does outlook express store the .eml's?

    Trying to find the folder that outlook express stores the emails... any help
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    Anyone else having problems downloading SP2?

    I've tried downloading the setup files from many a different servers, including microsoft, and when I get to the point in the install to download the files the setup can't find my internet. So i followed its directions to go to their download section to get a IMG file. Downloaded that.. and...
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    Resolution problem with website

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why doesn't my website automatically adjust its self to from 800x600 to 1024x768 or vice-verca. Is there a way to make it auto change? Have dreamweaver mx... know very basics. help! w
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    small pixels when driver installed...? help

    I just bought a Powercolor Radeon 9600SE for my friend and when I use the driver that comes with the card I get small black or red pixels when I view videos in Quicktime or RealPlayer or anything like that. There are also small pixels on the bottom blue banner on the window xp logon screen. I...
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    AWARD 6.00V Bios Problem FSB

    For some odd reason, I cannot change the FSB speed of the Processor. It is stuck at 100Mhz. Its running at 1.1 instead of the pure AMD Athlon XP 2500+ speed. Temp is 60 C
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    Which CPU would be better in this situation

    I am building a 3D animation machine. Would an AMD or INTEL based system perform better?
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    New to microATX.. could someone help build a basic sys

    I want to build a microatx case but spend as little money as possible... any ideas...? thanks
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    Administration in XP Pro

    I am trying to find how to block stuff in XP Pro. I am trying to set up a user like a student in school. NO privaliges. Can any one help? IE: Limit Start Bar No Right Click No Ctrl-N Can't change Control Panel or anything else
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    Is there really a differance between...

    Is there really a differance between Built by ATI & Powered by ATI?
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    Dual Display Prob

    I am working on a friends machine. His set up is a Radeon 7200 and this old STB Tech Vid Card. When I boot the computer the PCI monitor comes up for the BIOS information, but when XP Pro is done loading the AGP monitor takes over. I go into Display Prop to turn on the multi monitor and I...
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    Slow Network Places

    My computer runs very slowly through My Network Places. Is there a way to speed it up. D-Link 614 - Router