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  1. StryderxX

    Diablo Immortal PC Build

    Is anyone interested in the PC version of this game. I'm aware that it's surrounded with some controversy in regards with it's "pay to win" model but the PVE content is free to play.
  2. StryderxX

    Steam Deck Shipments Delayed

    I just got the following email from Steam: Hello "customer" The launch of Steam Deck will be delayed by two months. We're sorry about this—we did our best to work around the global supply chain issues, but due to material shortages, components aren’t reaching our manufacturing...
  3. StryderxX

    Dell is cancelling Alienware gaming PC shipments to several US states

    Orders placed in California, Hawaii, and four other states will not be honored because of power consumption regulations.
  4. StryderxX

    Amazon’s New World game is bricking GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards

    Gamers with access to Amazon’s New World are reporting that their cards are dying after just 15 to 30 minutes of playing the game, Windows Central reports.
  5. StryderxX

    AMD Ryzen 5000 ‘Zen 3’ Desktop CPUs & X570 Motherboards Have High Failure Rates, Reports PowerGPU
  6. StryderxX

    Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ Pricing is Insane!

    I just read that the estimated price for the Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ is $3500!!! What in the actual F@#K?!?! Is this the new norm for FALD 1000 nit computer monitors? $3500 is WAY out of most people's reach price wise...
  7. StryderxX

    Alienware Area 51M

    At CES Dell showcased the new Alienware Area 51M. This is their newest mobile desktop replacement offering which sports a full blown i9-9900K desktop processor. No mobile part here. It also has an up-gradable GPU. Prices start at around $2500 which includes an i7-8700 and a GTX 1070. The top end...
  8. StryderxX

    New Alienware m15

    Alienware is shifting away from their normal tank like laptop offerings and are about to release a somewhat thin and light 15" gaming laptop. The New Alienware m15. I actually had one on order but cancelled. I'm still going to buy one but I'm going to wait until the Nvidia 20xx series...
  9. StryderxX

    New Macbook Air Incoming!

    So Apple introduced a new Macbook Air and it finally has a high resolution display. It also comes with Touch ID security, a force touch over sized track pad and Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports. Not to crazy about the dual core processor though. What do you guys think?
  10. StryderxX

    [HOT] Logitech G602 Gaming Wireless Mouse $24.99

    If you're looking for a decent mouse at a great price check out the link below: Logitech G602 Gaming Wireless Mouse - $24.99 (via Facebook marketplace)
  11. StryderxX

    [HOT] RDR2, COD 4 or AC Odyssey for $35!! (PS4)

    Crazy good discounts on new games via Facebook marketplace: Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) $34.99 - Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (PS4) $34.99 - Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PS4)...
  12. StryderxX

    The All-New Razer Blade 15

    Have you guys checked out Razer's new Razer Blade 15? It looks like the perfect gaming laptop but the price is steep! It's sporting a new 15.6" display with minimal bezels (no G-Sync), the 6 core Intel i7 8750H processor, Nvidia 1070 MaxQ GPU, up to 32gb of memory and weighs about 4.5lbs...
  13. StryderxX

    Nintendo Switch is warping?

    I just read a report on Techno Buffalo which shows that Nintendo Switch units are warping (bending) most likely due to the heat being generated by the Nvidia APU. I just got my Nintendo Switch so I'm not seeing this but some of you have launch units so I'm interested in seeing if all Switches...
  14. StryderxX

    New Alienware 13

    I picked up the new Alienware 13 with the OLED display and the GTX 1060. The laptop is pretty sweet. The OLED display is amazing. The only downside is the weight. Let me know if any of you guys have a question about it.
  15. StryderxX

    Apple's Macbook Event

    I've been waiting a long time to buy a new Macbook Pro. I'm hoping that Apple has some suprises for us with this event today.
  16. StryderxX

    September 2016 Apple Keynote

    Tim Cook just jumped the shark singing with James Corden. This is truly a face palm moment...
  17. StryderxX

    WWDC16 Keynote

    I know Apple doesn't usually show new hardware at WWDC but I'm hoping they show the new Macbook Pros. My MBP is due for an upgrade.
  18. StryderxX

    Is it possible to use a 980 for dedicated PhyX?

    I just got my hands on a 1080 but I was thinking about leaving 1 of my old 980s in my rig and dedicate it to PhyX. Is that possible? Right now I have both cards installed but only the 1080 is working. The 980 is showing up as a "Microsoft basic graphics adapter". Not sure how to get the Nvidia...
  19. StryderxX

    35" Ultra Wide VA Panel monitor from Acer?

    I had no idea that Acer was working on a new variant of the Predator X34. This new monitor is the Acer Predator Z35 and it's using a VA Panel instead of the X34s IPS display. Using VA might help eliminate issues like back light bleed and IPS glow and now the refresh rate goes all the way up to...
  20. StryderxX

    2015 Macbook AC Adapter

    So I was looking to buy a second USB-C AC Adapter for my 2015 Macbook but was shocked to find out that Apple wants $50 for the adapter plus an additional $30 for the USB-C cable that connects the adapter to the laptop. How the hell do they sell the AC adapter with no freakin' cable?!? It's...
  21. StryderxX

    LG 34UM65 monitor on sale

    Newegg is selling the LG 34UM65 for $499.99. Log in with your account and use coupon code EMCASNT25 at check out. Note: Make sure you select Newegg as the seller not a third party.
  22. StryderxX

    Apple "Spring Forward" Event

    So other than the iWatch what else do you guys think Apple will announce today? I just checked and the Apple web store is down so they might have some new products for sale after the conference.
  23. StryderxX

    Ubisoft sends invalid activation codes for Far Cry 4

    Well it looks like the fine folks over at Ubisoft screwed the pooch yet again. Customers that redeemed Far Cry 4 via the Nvidia pick your path bundle are finding that the activation codes that Ubisoft sent them via email are invalid. First they release the bugfest that is Assassin's Creed:Unity...
  24. StryderxX

    Splinter Cell:Black List (PS3,X360,WiiU) $17.99

    Decent deal on a pretty good game. Splinter Cell:Black List for $17.99.
  25. StryderxX

    Dell Venue 8 Pro for $199.99

    Dell Venue 8 Pro for $199.99. That's $100.00 off retail. Not bad for an 8" tablet that runs full blown Windows 8.1 (not that RT shit). ;)
  26. StryderxX

    Razer Edge Gaming Tablet

    Razer Edge Gaming Tablet on sale at for $899.00 (retail is 1299.99). Razer Edge Touchscreen Gaming Tablet
  27. StryderxX

    Razer Blade 14" gaming laptop is a bust!

    I was really hoping that Razer would do the right thing with their new 14" gaming laptop but they cheaped out on the damn display... those fuckers! :mad: Anandtech 14" Razer Blade review I guess my search for a truly portable gaming notebook continues.
  28. StryderxX

    2 TorrentLeech Invites Available for the New Year!

    I have 2 invites available. PM me. First come first serve. Happy New Year everyone! ;)
  29. StryderxX

    Looking to trade Torrentleech invite

    Looking to trade a Torrentleech invite for another private torrent tracker site. I only have 1 invite available so I guess the first to DM me gets it.
  30. StryderxX

    Asus Taichi

    Does anyone know what's going on with the Asus Taichi? It came up for per-order on October 12th with a release date of October 27th but that date came and went with no product in sight. Is this ultra book vaporware or the real deal?
  31. StryderxX

    Ivy Bridge Delay confirmed my Intel

    Well folks it looks like Ivy Bridge won't see the light of day till June 2012. :(
  32. StryderxX

    HTC Flyer at Bestbuy for only $99

    $99 Android tablet! In store pickup only. Run out and get this!
  33. StryderxX

    Install Cat 11.4 disables USB

    I'm running into a weird issue. I have a Dell Zino HD 410 which uses a Radeon Mobility 5450 gpu. When I install the latest Catalyst drivers (11.4) everything seems to be fine until I power off the system. When I cold boot into Windows 7 (64 bit) all my USB ports are disabled. The only way to get...
  34. StryderxX

    AT&T buys T-Mobile for $39 Billion!!

    Don't know if this news is good or not. AT&T Buys T-Mobile
  35. StryderxX

    Lenovo Multimedia Remote

    Lenovo is selling their multimedia remote for $27. It's a decent wireless HTPC style KB/Trackball for a great price. Just be warned that Lenovo's website stinks to high heaven when it comes to ordering. Use promo code USPC11M26336 at checkout to get 55% off with fee shipping ($27 plus tax)...
  36. StryderxX

    2 U2711s off one video card

    Question for you guys: Is a Radeon 5870 capable of running two Dell U2711s at their native resolution? I currently have one U2711 running off the Display Port. I guess the second can be connected via dual link DVI. I'm just wondering about ramdac limitations.
  37. StryderxX

    Apple Magic Trackpad

    The last thread on this product was locked because some kids can't play nice in the school yard! :p Anyway... I received my Magic Trackpad today and thought I'd share my opinion on it with you fine folks. First off here's a picture of the pad: This is basically the exact same trackpad...