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    ASUS VH236H just kicked the bucket. Help me pick a new one please.

    I'll try to keep this short so you busy guys wont TLDR on me. My ASUS Gaming monitor just decided to turn it self off and on about five times and then shut off. I unplugged it for a while then plugged it back in. I have managed to make it stay on for the time being. I am typing this on it...
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    Hawken closed beta sign up time.

    If you want to get in on some early Hawken action go sign up. They are populating the closed beta.:) So many mech games coming out and so little time....
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    They just don't understand!(Familly Members)

    I know you guys run into this a lot. So I though I should ask. What can I say to certain family members who just keep installing limewire and other assorted bullshit on their computers? Just pulled an allnighter emergency virus cleanup for one of my cousins who has a paper due later this week...
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    I was just gifted Crysis. What should I know?

    My brother just gifted me Crysis on Steam. Are there any tweaks I should consider before playing it?
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    I am so bored. All these games suck.

    Is it just me? None of these new crap games have me excited at all. I have a minor fascination with Bullet Storm, but Cliffy B is a D-bag and his prior statements don't exactly fill me with confidence. I remember having so much fun playing Hitman, but I stopped buying them a while ago when I...
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    DX10 for Deus Ex/Unreal/UT GOTY/Rune

    Version17 appears to work the best. 18 was kinda buggy when I tried it. It works with UT GOTY(436) for me. It looks good too. The page explains how to change the video settings.
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    Linksys Router DNS issues.

    I don't know what has changed, but the last three linksys routers I setup would not pass DNS information properly. I had a customer swap one out for a different model but it had the same problem. So for now, I am entering the DNS manually. It's not a big deal for me. My customers won't enjoy...
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    Just Cause 2. Why Shouldn't I?

    Every time I see a video of this game, I want it. The story appears meaningless but the game play looks like a riot. So, go ahead, lay it on me. It runs like poo on a PC right? I have a PS3, but I wasted my money on Batman for that and not my PC. I really hate game controllers unless I'm...
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    Win7 x64 issue. Very strange!

    I'm not really sure what is going on. This is absolutely the strangest problem I have ever had. Every hour on the hour, (currently happening at the 53min mark) the system becomes completely unresponsive for a period of not longer than 20 seconds. During this time the HDD activity light is...
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    i5 cooling?

    What do I need to cool an i5 processor? I just ordered two of them but newegg's cooler selection was decidedly crap. I did see one cooler made by thermalright but it looks a lot smaller than the TRUE and plan to OC the crap out these things...
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    Laptop is overheating.

    I have just been recently given a dell inspiron 5150 laptop. It has a major heat problem.:( It is a 2.66 ghz P4M. I currently have speed switch xp setup and handling the cpu speed. I notice that I have to run this laptop at 1.6Ghz all the time and the fan is still going ninety to nothing. If...
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    WinXP 64bit and how!

    Ok gents. I currently use WinXP32. I plan to upgrade to a Q6600 and 4 gigs of ram. Will I have to purchase Vista 64bit or can I somehow get XP64 for nothing. I have been told that if I have a licensed copy of XP32 then I should be able to get a 64bit copy for free. Is this true? I really would...
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    psp universal remote!!!

    ok guys and girls. here we go. i have found a lot of information in varrious places on this subject.. so i will try to make this a place to get all of the info i have found so far. that way if you guys ever get the urge you know it can be done. first...
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    strange gta SA problem?

    i cant get the view port looking forward when im in an auto mobile!!! i cant drive at all!!!! wtf if this is how you have to do it then im taking this thing back!!!!! i have tried the camera key it does nothing, zooms in and such but it is still a side view?!!!
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    well guys i got cought in the loop this time... it seems that a venice not newcastle part at 155 dollars is a good deal but my video card is agp :( all the good MBs that will allow me to get my extra proformance are pcie and i dont know when those nice adapter things are coming or how well they...
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    wow BFG 6800gt oc heatsink doesnt fit the card!!!!

    omg just pulled it from the box about 1 hour ago... the very first thing i did was lift the card up to the light to see if the nice huge heavy copper h/s was touching everything it should be. guess what? it wasnt.. i could see a clear air gap between the ram chips and the thermal tape that...
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    6800gt on the way!!!!!!

    I got it from chumbo for 399.99, free FED-ex 2nd day air.... 9800pro is going to the roomate.. im gonna need a new powersupply i think... i have an antec 350 smart power and 1 120gig se plus a dvd drive. currently have an athlon mobile 2400@2200*400fsb. 512memory and the 9800pro just isnt...
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    ROAR!!! i can't buy a 6800gt/u anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

    omg, D3 is coming on thursday and two-thirds of the people who want to play it wont have sufficeint im tired of my farcry looking like a slide show. i have been trying to find a place that has any 6800ultra and i cant find anything....all the buyer's guides are blown...
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    where can i buy a 6800gt/ultra?!!!!

    wow!!!! ive never wanted to buy a video card so bad and no one has one to sell to me!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAA I WANT A 6800GT WAAAAAAAA......ok enough crying :p anyone know a good place to aquire one????? hell id even take a pre-order but it seems that no one is selling anymore of them untill they...
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    9800pro not booting!!!!!

    ok guys i just went to best buy and bought a BBati 9800pro. the very first thing i did was remove the nvidia display drivers from add remove programs then i used driver cleaner and removed and nvidia junk that was left over. i unplugged my computer from the internet and rebooted per the...
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    need hsf for ti4400 ASAP!!!

    i need a hsf for a ti4400 the fan that came with it went out months ago and the 80mm i put on it is starting to go now. i epoxied the fan to the old aluminum heatsink, so im going to need to a new assembly.:rolleyes: i was hoping that the fan would last a while but nope. i saw a full copper set...
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    Just Ordered parts from newegg!!!!!

    im stoked!! i just oredered an athlon 2400barton M..(1.8ghz), 2x256 corsiar xms2.0LL 2-3-3-6, and a DFI NFII Ultra Infinity:D I also got a tube of as5. total was $339.25 man i love that place!!! here is the deal though im going to be working out of town and coming home on the weekends. i need a...