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    My older 8800Gt

    A friend of mine gave me a 8800 GT. When I get it into the mobo and power on, it does a high pitch continuing sound - something tells me this isn't good so I turn it off. My current build has no video card (just the mobo's), so I thought I'd appreciate my friend's gift since he got himself a...
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    Building an effective workstation build

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc 2D work (adobe) Multi-tasking. 2) What's your budget? €900. No need to hit the ceiling though. I'm all for cost effectiveness. 3) Which country do you live in? Portugal. I will be buying from this store...
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    Help me build a cost effective workstation

    I need a cheap workstation, and I'd need to buy all the parts from here: So unfortunately, no newegg, no best buy, not tiger direct, I have none of those in...
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    If you could build the most cost effective build for gaming

    If you could build the most cost effective build for gaming, what would it be, what would consist of? I'm not saying to be cheap, sometimes expensive hardware still provides a good value for the money. So what is the best bang for the buck build you could have for?
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    Build around Core i3 530? (anandtech)

    There is an interesting article on Anandtech here: It basically goes saying the i3 530 is a good bang for the buck processor for a gamer (if I got that right). How would the perfect build around the i3 530 could be, taking into ease of...
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    I need a screen for PS3/PC

    Hi guys, I'm going to buy a PS3 and I need a new monitor, my old one is a CTR. My PC is also old but it's enough to do the work I need done, so the monitor would be for both the PS3 and the PC, I suppose it has to have HDMI? I occasionally do some design work (not a lot, just some), it would be...
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    The best cost effective build - gaming -

    Hi everyone, first post. Im thinking about getting a new PC, and I've asked help on a very helpful portuguese forum, along with others forums where I've posted this. I'd like to read everybody's feedback. My budget is 1500 euros tops, although it woud be cool if it can be much less than that...