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    tl;dr: Windows 10 sucks I was just in the middle of debugging a network stack when I noticed connections going out to Microsoft going in the background. No biggie, I thought, Windows Update/Defender/whatever. I decided to peek at some of the packets, out of curiosity, and found this: These...
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    What's the latest verdict on Windows 10 LTSC?

    With the infinite loop of update insanity that is Windows 10, I've considered dipping my toes into LTSC waters again and again, each time thinking (foolishly) "Surely next update they'll iron everything out and it'll all be good." Well, I think it may finally be time. In context of...
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    With Firefox self-destructing, what's the next best choice (for addon users)?

    With Mozilla selling out to Google/Chrome by moving to WebExtensions, thereby destroying their best asset of an extensive addon community, what's the next best choice as far as browsers go? Looking through my list of addons, I get depressed when I realize that most of them will die in the near...
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    Is it possible to “transplant” parts of another machine for a program's use?

    I want to test how a program generates a seemingly unique system-id by "feeding" it parts of another (virtual) machine. For example, say I have VMware #1 and VMware #2, both "physically" identical machines, but with separate non-cloned Windows 7 installs. On VM1, test.exe generates a system-id...
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    Possible to "tune" in on individual 5.1 audio channels via software?

    Anyone know of any type of easy software method to "switchboard" individual audio channels from a 5.1/7.1 mix of an .mkv movie? I'd like the ability to easily switch through the audio channels of a playing movie file -- without too much trouble. In other words, I'd rather not have to extract...
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    Anyone use RadeonPro?

    Couple questions: *Is there a performance to be gained between methods of enabling vsync? (In-game, RP's "Direct3D Tweaks" (enabling/disabling via keyboard), "Visual"/CCC option ("Off, unless app says; On, unless app says; Always on") *What happens if more than one vsync option is enabled at...
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    Can someone test a source for me?

    In "Matrix: Revolutions" bluray (movie opinions aside :)), I'm hearing something that sounds reminiscent of blown speaker equipment, perhaps a tweeter or crossover. It happens at 0:12:48-0:12:54, when Neo is talking with the programs in the train station as they await the train. As soon as...
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    How could Windows 7 permission level suddenly change?

    I'm seeing strange behavior on a W7 installation I've been using for years -- All of a sudden, it's like the machine has "forgotten" that I'm an administrator. I'm getting: Permission warnings when trying to write to Program Files directories (which continue after I click continue, no...
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    With a new GPU, should BIOS/CMOS be cleared?

    When upgrading to a new GPU (particularly a different generation), should one do a full BIOS reset, clearing the CMOS? I ask because I'm getting artifacts on a brand new 290 Vapor-X, and came across suggestions elsewhere for doing a full BIOS/CMOS reset, as it could have something to do with...
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    Would hardware-related GPU artifacts appear over remote desktop?

    Could GPU artifacts manifest over virtual displays, like a remote desktop connection? My understanding is that hardware-related anomalies display wouldn't appear over a "virtual" display, like a Teamviewer connection, for example -- only on a physical display connected directly to the GPU...
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    Wait for 390x or jump on a 290/290x?

    Any thoughts on whether to wait for the impending 390x release vs. getting a 290/290x now? I usually buy a generation behind, so I most likely won't be getting the new series, I'm just wondering if 290's and 290x's used/resale prices will fall much with the new release. Bonus: I've seen other...
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    What's a safe handle count? Thread count?

    For a modern enthusiast system, what's a generally "safe" per-process count of handles? And how about threads? Or perhaps better put, what number should set off a troubleshooting alarm for a particular process' handle or thread count?
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    Biggest single hard drive you'd feel safe buying today?

    What's the biggest single hard drive size you'd feel comfortable buying today (assuming no RAIDing)? I need a good storage hard drive, and I'm wondering whether to buy one 2-3TB drive or 2-3 1TB drives. I wince at the size of drives these days and how much data is getting stored onto a single...
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    Possible to replay requests in Internet Explorer?

    I know Firebug and Chrome tools provide the ability to replay browser requests, but can't seem to find this ability in Internet Explorer's developer tools. Is this possible to do?
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    Possible to scrape data from Android apps?

    How could you scrape data from an Android app (one without an available API)? There are some apps I've entered data into and I'd like to be able to hook into and extract the data rather than manually transcribing it all by hand.
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    Antialiasing vs downsampling -- which is preferred?

    Between using antialiasing vs. downsampling a higher resolution, which route would maximize FPS and quality? Which do you personally use? In other words, would you be better off running at 1080p with AA ramped up, or 1440p downsampled to 1080p with no AA?
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    How do you use 1440p?

    I've got an Asus 27" 1440p monitor, and I've been having a difficult time getting used to it -- the resolution makes everything so small, it seems you have to be super close up to it to read things. I have hawk-level eyesight, so that's not the issue. I thought I just needed some time adjusting...
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    Anyone know how to debug software hangs/freezes?

    Anyone know how to debug/diagnose software hangs/freezes down to the "nitty gritty level" level? I mean like going into something like Process Explorer/Monitor and digging through threads and process trees.
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    Will R9 290/290X prices drop once the new cards release?

    I've been waiting to buy a 290/290X for a little while, but figured I might as well wait for the next gen cards to drop before doing so. Any thoughts/speculation on whether 290's will fall in price, and if so, how much (used and new)?
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    What to look at when comparing CPU's?

    ...besides arbitrary Passmark/benchmark scores? For instance, how would you compare Intel CPU's across the years, from x58 up, assuming they're all at 4GHz (and that the onboard GPU features are unnecessary)? What features or metrics would you look to, and how would you equate the performance...
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    Anyone done (or know much about) these programming "bootcamps"?

    Any thoughts/input on these ~10 week programming bootcamps that are popping up in CA and other places, and claim to have a ~95% placement rate post-grad, with jobs averaging $80k/year? Anyone have any experience with them, and particularly, any idea what a typical "syllabus" from one of these...
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    For employment sake, should you "IRL" Github?

    For those with some kind of programming job, in regards to employers and applying for jobs, how public or privately identifiable is your Github account? Do you have more than one account, like a private/anonymous one and a publicly identifiable one? How common is it that potential employers want...
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    Possible to change/edit which letters are underlined in context-menus?

    I want to change some of the underlined letters for quick-selecting context menu entries, particularly, for Firefox (but knowing how to do so for general Windows 7 context menus would be great, too). For example, if I select some text on a page and right-click, the entry for searching Google...
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    Possible to schedule a task to browse to a webpage in an already-open browser?

    In Windows, I'm trying to schedule a task that visits a predefined webpage every morning before I wake up, but doing so in any *already-open* browser (if there's one available). I jump between Pale Moon (32-bit) and Cyberfox (64-bit) browsers. Sometimes one's open but not the other. I want to...
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    In BIOS, does PCI-e "Max Payload Size" affect anything?

    I just noticed a setting in my evga x58 BIOS: "Max PCI payload size" It's been set at 128 for years, however, it's able to be set at a maximum of 4096. I found this explanation, however, it doesn't give much, as far as particulars:
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    Dying drive: Where do you start?

    If you have a drive that looks to be on its way out, with SMART warnings popping and intermittent usability, where do you start, in terms of an emergency data-evac? (...while promising to rail on yourself later for not backing up)? I've got a 3TB WD Red drive that looks to be dying, and...
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    Could a hard drive's partition "spontaneously" corrupt?

    I have a WD Red 3TB drive that's recently been causing problems, with event log saying it's not responding within the timeout period (when I was using Intel's controller driver), and now "The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort1." (now using Microsoft's controller driver)...
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    A very helpful Firefox addon (menu editor)

    For any interested, an utmost helpful Firefox addon that quickly and easily edits context menus: Ability to quick-edit straight from the context menu, ability to move/rename/hide entries, use folders, etc. And based on the reviews...
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    New motherboard or SATA controller card?

    I think my SATA controller is dying on me. I've been getting lots event entries for iaStor -- event id #9, "The device, \Device\Ide\iaStor0, did not respond within the timeout period." Disabling LPM hasn't helped. I'm on an eVGA e758 (x58) and really dreading upgrading before x99. On top of...
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    What else can I check?

    Besides standard CPU% and RAM%, what other metrics can I check or monitor to diagnose system sluggishness? This is driving me nuts -- As time goes on, my system invariably slows down, to the point where opening an Explorer window or Task Manager or switching to a program takes like 10-30...
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    Does the DCS open beta allow anyone to fly any ship?

    I've been craving DCS' fighter jet action, but can't afford "Flaming Cliffs 3" at the moment. I saw that there's an open DCS beta currently going on, however -- does this allow anyone to join and use the fighter modules, like the F15? On the DCS site, the beta leads to links for the various...
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    The death of RadeonPro

    What would it take to code a RadeonPro alternative? It was my surprise the other day to discover that RP's creator, John Matauri, had been recently hired by AMD to work on their "Gaming Evolved" app, and hence, RadeonPro has officially been relegated to the bucket of abandonware. I asked on...
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    What's specifically happening when a browser starts slowing under tab load?

    Browsers start to get sluggish and unresponsive under increasing tab load. What/Where specifically is the source of this slowness, and could it possibly be "boosted" in some way (other than limiting tabs)? Obviously, there's a heavy load on memory when you have 100+ tabs open. But if there's a...
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    Any benefit to *completely* wiping a device?

    Would there be any benefit to *completely* formatting a device's storage -- specifically, a device without an SD slot, which uses the "virtualized" SD storage? (Galaxy Nexus) I'm wondering if there could possibly be any benefits to completely wiping both of these partitions and starting fresh...
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    Is it possible to trigger addons' functions programmatically?

    Is there a way to "hook" GUI-triggered functions in Firefox? There's an addon I frequently use in Firefox, however, the most-used feature isn't accessible via keyboard shortcut -- I either have to right-click and select it from the context menu, or I have to click a button on the addon's...
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    Getting more FPS with "Large Pages" tweak?

    A number of people are reporting decent gains with this Windows tweak for setting a program to use "Large pages". Is there any legitimacy behind this? I ask because it seems that, more often than not, tweaks are nothing more than placebos, and...
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    How prevalent is hacking/cheating in Starcraft 2?

    I've been wanting to get back into SC2, but I've heard that ladder hacking may be widespread, and made worse by inaction on Blizzard's part. Is this so? Anyone have any idea how prevalent cheating/hacking is on SC2 ladder? ----- Infuriating this can't be stopped. Even more infuriating is...
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    Would a black image burn a plasma "less"?

    Is there a color that would burn a plasma screen the least? --- HTPC -> 7950 (HDMI) -> Yamaha 667 receiver -> Samsung plasma HDTV When my HTPC puts the display to sleep from idling, unfortunately, my Yamaha receiver ends up sending a "screensaver" image to my HDTV instead of cutting off the...
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    Caching or archiving a website?

    What are some of the best methods and programs for caching/archiving/backing up a "live" website locally? --- looks like it's officially down for the count, unfortunately, now out of commission for over a week (...curiously timed with Firefox Australis). Strangely, it's been...
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    Possible to find what HD space gets overwritten last?

    Is it possible to put files into sectors of a HD that will be (over)written to very last? For example, if I have an HD with a hundred 1MB slots, I'm wondering if it's possible to know beforehand which of those hundred slots will be the very last ones to be written to (when the HD is being...