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    Windows Safer Than Linux

    With a huge amount of influnce from the creator of VMS. A lot of the basic security ideas and kernel concepts actually came from there.
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    Setting processor .....affinity?

    The darwin kernel (based on mach) does not have processor affinity support. This should be too much of an issue. Unless you are running processes that a) use 100% CPU for long periods of time and b) use a fairly consistant set of data while doing it, you're not going to notice any...
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    PC as Router using many NIC's, no hub?

    To elaborate further, it would work fine. Using linux bridging you could bridge all the cards connected to PCs so that the router effectively act as a switch (or hub, I'm not sure which really applies in that case). The performance would be hindered by the PCI bus bandwidth though. The...
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    Windows XP Embedded

    Actually, there is a windows xp embedded. See the site for it at As to how to obtain a copy, i have no idea.
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    How long do you hard drives last for?

    All my drives are in 24/7 use 8GB WD Caviar - 6+ years 9GB Seagate SCSI - 1 year 18GB Seagate SCSI - 2 years (4) 23GB Seagate Elite 23 - 2 years 120GB IBM Deskstar - 6 months