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    10" Tablet

    Howdy Folks My wife wants a Tablet for facebook and surfing the net on... Only main thing i am looking for is Android and a 10" Screen Any suggestions? I was looking at this one: Also this caught my eye, I know its a referb...
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    I am having some issues with DNN.. If anyone know's this quite well, please PM me Our site is hosted through godaddy.. I updated to DNN7, not knowing our hosting server was not running iis7.. So have a huge mess...
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    Windows Server 2008/Exchange 2010

    We started rolling out Office 2007 *Yes i know were behind the times*.... Our Exchange Server is running 2010 on a Windows Server 2008 On Outlook 2003 our O.O.A *Out of Office Assistant* Works fine. Outlook 2007 I get a message saying the Server is unavailable at this time. Please try again...
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    Strange Issue

    I am not sure where to post this, but this thread seems close enough.. The problem i am having is a very strange one, which has stumped me all week. Our network is quite simple at our satellite office. Windows server 2008 r2 for A/D. Another server for Exchange, and a 3rd for our main app we...
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    Has anyone come across this bug before? I have ran everything i can think of, In safemood and normal mode. Almost every A/V Client says pc clean, our Corp Symantec says still infected in the MBR. Which i have also booted off a xp disk and ran fixboot and fixmbr... I am at a lost of where else...
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    Which is better

    What card is better... ATI XFX 5770 Videocard or a EVGA GTX 295 CO-OP? I know both older... Someone wants to give me the ATi just wanted to know if it would be worth switching?
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    Windows 8

    So with my busy life i have not looked one tiny bit at Windows 8 reviews or how's it running. I am very happy with my Windows 7 PC. Again with my busy life i dont have much time to game on my dekstop. I use my laptop and my desktop mainly for work and web.. Is there any point to upgrade to...
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    Help me pick a video card...

    So i have a small dell tower that a friend wants a video car for. To play Fight Simulator It has to have the following, looking for best card that meets this: Low Profile Bracket No External Power connection
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    F/S- My Gaming Rig

    Sadly enough, with my work schedule and family life. I no longer have time for gaming.. So my Rig just gets used for internet surfing..... Sad i know So i think its time to sell it and let someone else get some use out of it. Specs: Intel Core i7 2.6hz Quad Core. Running at 3.2ghz, 6GB of DDR3...
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    Howdy Everyone.. I was just given the task to update a website that usual DNN I've never in my life have messed with DNN... I need to update the version of DNN and the Skin. I bought a new updated skin that i liked, And i can not figure out for the life of me how to update the version of DNN...
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    Clear 4G USB

    Anyone know how to mess with these? I bought a Clear 4G Wimax Modem USB I installed the clear software, i wanted to configure it see our wimax signals I cant figure how to configure this thing... Not sure if i can add different frequency's
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    Changing Hyperlinks in Word

    Hello Everyone I have a 200 page word doc that was sent to me... All the links they created point back to their users file.. I am going to upload the doc's to our website so anyone can use these links... Question Is Does anyone know to do a mass hyperlink change in Word 2007? I've tried...
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    HDMI Video Card

    Howdy Folks Its been awhile since I've looked at video cards... I am building a pc to use as a Media Tower for my TV, Only thing i need to get a decent cheaper video card with HDMI out. I would like one that passes Audio over HDMI also. Not sure if those are out there TV is a 42" 1080P...
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    Looking for 2 256MB sticks of SDRAM, PC133, SDRAM For a inspiron 2500... Trying to make a first laptop for my nephew.. Only got 128mb right now with Windows 2k. If i can bumb it to 512 i will throw xp on it
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    Well i figured i would share with everyone here at [H] I am not sure if anyone that post's here would benefit from it or not... But... My Company is about to Launch a 2 Million Dollar 24 Tower WiMax Network in the Thumb of MI This is going to have 100% coverage in the Thumb, Offering 7/1...
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    Best Free Email Client

    So my desktop running Windows 7 currently has Windows live mail... Its really starting to tick me off... What do you guys think is the best free program. I use outlook on my laptop but trying to get Work to buy another licensee is like pulling teeth... I was going to try Thunderbird Any other...
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    New SAS Out Today

    New Super Antispyware out today on New version looks very nice, lots of new features.. and fixed the auto updates for winows vista/7. I am testing it now, What does everyone think?
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    New Build: Cheap!

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? - Internet 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? -300 3) Where do you live?- Michigan 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? Case, Mobo/CPU,Ram- Onboard Video is fine. 5) If reusing any parts, what parts will you be reusing...
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    Windows 7 Load Balancing

    I have not played around too much with Windows 7. But Does it have any sort of load balancing built it? Say a motherboard with two NIC cards, 2 different internet connections Want to set them to use both connections as one I know this can be done with a Dual WAN router or a server, but just...
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    Acer Aspire 5520

    I have a Acer Aspire 5520-5912 that i am parting out or selling Model # LXAJ0X0047401BD71601 SNID 74008495116 I believe it has a bad motherboard, you turn it on, the power light flashes for a few seconds then shuts off. The screen and keyboard look brand new, I will be removing the HD and Ram...
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    F/S: Corsair 6GB DDR3 Kit

    I have a new Corsair 6GB DDR3 Kit for sale Timings are 9-9-9-24 @ 1.50V Won these from a contest at work, my motherboard does not like 2 different set's of ram with different timings. So my loss, your Gain Asking $80 Shipped OBO Heatware: Luthiren Ebay: suenunn80 *joint with wife....*(though...
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    Strange Memory Issue

    Hello All :) I have a X58 with Core i7 (see sig) Current i have 6GB of OCZ Gold PC312800 at 8-8-8 @ 1.65v I just won a Corsair XMS3 6GB ki, at 9-9-9-24 @1.5v When both of these in my mobo will not mess well together in OCZ in 2,4,6 and Corsair in 1,3,5 It boots but takes forever And...
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    WTB Laptop

    Hello All! I am looking for a half way decent laptop Nothing special by any means Just going to be for wife, Internet surfing is all she does.. Like to spend 200 or less Thanks :)
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    Blu Ray Players/Burners

    Well folks My PS3 has the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) Its at a friends trying to get fixed In the mean time i am thinking of getting a Blu-Ray Drive for my system (see sig) Now i have not looked at any of these since they came out because until now i did not need one. What do you guys...
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    Wireless Driver

    HI Everyone I am working on a Compaq Presario F730US with a broadcom wireless card I decided to go to windows 7 from vista to help the laptop run better. Problem is, Windows 7 does not see the wireless car installed. I've tried the vista drivers with no luck. I've removed the work and...
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    Looking for a Laptop HD, SATA 80GB or Bigger. Thanks :)
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    Lose Video

    Every time i open a Game my Monitor goes black for a second and sometimes it comes back, other times PC locks up. System in Sig, GTX 295 co-op, Downloading latest drivers now to see if that fixes it. Normal windows use is fine. But only when i play games it gets all harry. Any other idea's?
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    JL Amp/ DB Drive Platium 12"

    Hello Everyone, I have a JL 500/1 Series AMP and DB Drive Platinum 12" Sub in a custom built ported box.The amp cost $500 bucks alone, I paid $250 for the Sub, $100 For the Box, $100 dollar wiring kit.I will throw in100 dollars worth of wiring. 4G Wiriing Kit, including Speaker Cable, RCA's...
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    Magic Jack

    Not sure if this the right thread or not but here's my question My parents are thinking of getting magic jack,......... I have heard lots of talk around the water cooler that its very unsecure and opens your network shares to the world. Does anyone have any experience with these? Just how...
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    Case Idea's

    Hey Everyone, I am having problems with sound with one of our cases. Its a Hp media center that has a X2 processor 6GB of ram, and a video card for CAD. Under load Temps were hitting 80-90. I upgraded the CPU/HeatSink, Case Fans, Artic Silver. This brought the temps down to 40-50 under loads...
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    Does anyone use SunBird? If so i have a few questions and in hopes someone can help me set this up.
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    Open Source Scheduling Program

    I am looking for a free or open source program for scheduling appts and service calls. Program has to be easy to setup and use. Dont care what flavor it runs on. Has to be network style software. So multiple computer's can install a client and access the server.
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    New Camera

    I need help with suggest for a new camera for my wife. She currently has a Kodak 5.1MP Z Series, Really nice camera just getting old. I am looking to spend 200-300 on a camera.
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    Ok Guys, I got asked on my input on a low budget proxy/web filter that needs to be transparent. This can be hardware or software powered. I personal think a hardware solution is better. But cost is a huge deal. What do you guys have in mind? The reason they are looking into this because of...
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    Mikrotik Router Boards

    Does anyone here have experience with these? Our wireless network uses them and i have a few questions
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    Raid Question

    I have a question about a setup.... First a little background on the problem I had. A customer brought in a Dell XPS 400 with a Mirror Raid Setup with 2 160GB Raptor's one of the drives in the RAID has failed. In the process of looking for a replacement drive i found these drives to cost a...
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    WTB: Decent but cheap laptops

    Hello Everyone Two of my work laptops just died on me this morning so i am looking for some cheap replacements. I would like them to have 512mb of ram or better, Windows XP, 20+GB HD, Wifi Looking to spend $100 or less for each Also looking for p4 Socket 478 Mobo's
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    Wireless Router

    I am looking for a cheap but good wireless router with adjustable wireless powers
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    Simple Question

    So i am a total SLi noob, never had 2 cards in SLi before. I usually get 1 high end card and is enough for me. So i have a GTX 295 Co-Op Edition, which i pushed to the "Super Clock" speeds. Can i SLi it with my 8800 ultra that's just sitting here collecting dust?
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    Vista/Win 7 Boot Question

    So my wife has a Dell Inpsirion 1520, It had windows vista on it. Everytime you would start the PC You would get a Edit boot options screen With Edit Windows boot options for:<OS> Now it says Windows 7 Because i just installed it path:\windows\system32\winload.exe Partion 1 Hard Disk...