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    Titanfall season pass FREE

    I don't know how long this will go on but the season pass for titanfall is free on origin's store.
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    WTB: OEM Microsoft wired xbox 360 controller

    I need a wired controller for my daughters laptop (steam games). I've check the local gamestops and none have any OEMs so if you have one that you aren't using and willing to part with please PM me. In desperate need of schooling my little on in old school and modern games on HER machine.
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    Hacker evolution and all its dlc

    First person to pm me the name of the serial killer from Poughkeepsie NY gets it
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    Have: Origin Keys: $0.30 The sims 3 date night DLC ($1) all keys gone - ty
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    Skyrim for PC $12 at gamefly

    This is the cheapest this game has been to date.!/download-the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim/157950 Use coupon GFDOCT20 to get it to $12
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    IndieGala: Red Faction collection

    Get it while it's still 3.99 if you don't have them already. Red Faction Red Faction II Red Faction - Guerrilla Red Faction - Armageddon & Path to war DLC
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    FS: Battlefield 3

    This is not a Humble code. I got it on GMG before the origin bundle. so PC version of BF3 for $6!! PM me if you want it.
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    Really really really cheap game fire sale.

    When you buy keys from Humble Bundle they clearly state they are not for resale. As per the rules of this forum you are not allowed to sell NFR products. So I bought a ton of bundles and have alot of stuff left over. Everything is $2.50 unless marked otherwise. Redeemable on steam: Dead...
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    FS: Farcry 3 BD

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    DIY Steam Box

    Has anyone here attempted to do this yet? I've been curious about rebuilding my htpc for gaming instead of streaming media & utilizing Steam's big picture mode as the primary interface along with MAME & Hyperspin for old school games.
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    Thinking of picking up skyrim

    Yeah I know I'm late to the party but better late than never. What do i need to know? mods tweaks etc?
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    HOT: Every GTA game evarrrrr $10 Coupon code: GMG20-4B9NY-L4FEN
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    WTB: Dirt 3 on Steam

    I would like to get Dirt 3 & Farcry 3 Blood Dragon. Does anyone have a steam copy they are willing to sell? PM me please.
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    WTB: games on Steam

    I need games on steam. Please be reasonable as I'm kinda broke and just setting up steam account. PM Me please
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    Getting back into PC gaming.

    So I finally got a gaming rig back up and running. It's been 7 years since I've gamed on a pc and last one I played was BF2. I am not too impressed right now with the xbox one or PS4 so I am doing this as an experiment to see how I like playing games on the pc. I just got steam running on...
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    WTB: Windows 7 keys

    I need a few windows 7 keys. 2 Home premium and 1 Pro. Please message me with what you want for them. (8) Selling or Trading of CD-KEY(s) without the original disks is strictly prohibited unless the software was originally sold by the publisher without physical media
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    WTB: Atari 2600, Coleco & old games

    I'm looking for old school gaming consoles and the accessories that go along with those systems. Games: All Nintendo, All Sega, PS1 and 2. We have tons of consoles so if you have stuff that you don't want or use pm me. The stuff must be in working condition. So come on boys get that...
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    Have you gone Retro?

    With all the talk of next gen consoles which is all well and good but how many of you have done back to an NES or SNES?
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    FS: PSP 2000 (modded)

    PSP is in great shape, modded and ready to play. Asking $65 Neg. shipped. Includes: PSP Charger USB Cable Matching ice blue soft case Memory card combiner (makes 2 micro SD cards work as one) A Replacement power switch (the one on there works but is iffy) Battery life is good and the psp...
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    Free Borderlands Golden Keys make sure you are signed up to Gearbox Shift to be able to redeem the codes.
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    Free Xbox Live for a month

    E3 deal for IGN users. :D Edit: site asks for a credit card so I am assuming that is for auto renew..
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    Free Xbox Live for a month

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    $10 Limbo, Trials HD & Splosion man - Xbox 360 Free shipping at the egg. EDIT: Also includes: • 160 MS point card • 48-hour Gold Trial card LIMBO Experience the hauntingly beautiful world of “Limbo,” and take a journey of exploration with a boy...
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    Netgear WNDR3700

    Great router unfortunately the 2.4/5ghz radio no longer works.. The wired ports still work fine and it still streams videos fine from the usb. Gigabit Ethernet DLNA Media Streaming from hard drive or flash drive $30 neg. shipped.
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    Bulletstorm for xbox $7.99

    Best Buy has Bulletstorm on sale for $7.99. Game Trailer & Parody Clicky to buy
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    Xbox Profile help please

    I own 2 360s.. one in the bed room and one in the living room. I would like to put my live ID & game saves from the one in the living room to the one in the bedroom.. is there any way to do this? I Moved my profile to a flash drive and my game saves then moved them to the 360 in the bedroom...
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    Samsung HD204UI 1TB fix

    For some reason these drives don't always show up as 2TB but instead as 1TB.. I RMA'd one drive and the second did the same thing on 2 other computers.. SO I figured after an unsuccessful search on google that it wasn't the OS but instead the drive. Samsung makes great drives but god their...
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    WTB: Left 4 Dead 1 or 2 or both

    Looking to buy a used copy of L4D 1/2 for xbox 360.. PM me with how much you want to let it go for.. Please no scratched up copies.
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    Halo 3 & Forza 3 Bundle $10

    Not a HOT deal but it's still decent. Clicky
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    Help me choose a router.

    So me being the indecisive sob that I am, I turn to you HF for help. This - This - or This -...
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    Xbox Live Gold question

    SO I am poor as hell and my Gold Trial ran out.. Theres a game on Newegg that comes with a free month trial Would I be able to use this code since mine already ran out? Sorry I am a noob.
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    Getting Ghetto with it!

    A few months ago I picked up 2 Coolermaster Extreme power 550W PSUs. I stashed one in the closet and installed one in my file server..Today I woke up to a rattling noise which I narrowed to the PSU... turns out its a ceased fan some el cheapo crap made by ADDA bah! PSU tested good SOOOO...
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    Coolermaster 590 launched

    Looks like CM officially launched the 590! I can't wait till stores stock them..
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    WTB: Socket 478 Board.

    I need a working mATX socket 478 board.. PM me with the specs and how much you want for it. Thanks
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    G31 or 945GC board???

    Which board would you get? OR This board will be used in conjunction with a Pentium D 805 w/ DDR2 800, yes the 945gc says 667 I know but it will run the...
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    Should I sell my laptop?

    I am having second thoughts about selling my laptop.... I am supposed to give it to someone for $300 But when it booted it so i could format it back to windows from ubuntu I just kinda said to myself maybe I shouldnt. so lets hear your opinions...
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    Coolermaster eXtreme Power 550W $29

    Hey I just came across this and picked up 2 of these, Newegg retails them for $69+8 Shipping. Instant rebate will be gone on the 15th so if ya want it buy it quick.
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    2.5" to 3.5" adapter

    I recently bought a 2.5 to 3.5 cable adapter now the only problem is if I do decide to use the laptop hard drive how do I mount it in a space for 3.5 hard drives, I may have to make a custom (ghetto) bracket.
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    Man electrocuted by PC

    not sure if this has already been posted or if this is even the right forum BUT someone got killed by their pc, let this be a warning to those of us who run sides off or those of us (like me) that occasionally do tweaks while it's running...
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    P5B > DS3 Swap - Worth it?

    I am considering swapping my P5B w/ P4D 805 to a DS3 w/ Q6600 is it worth the trouble & $ to change the board or should i simply swap the cpu???