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    WPA handshake same as MAC address

    I sniffed a WPA handshake that is exactly the same as the BSSID (MAC) address of the access point. With WPA password salting is it possible to choose a passphrase such that the salted hash will be the same as the MAC? Or is the only way to create a hash and then change the MAC address?
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    Anyone play minecraft?

    Anyone want to help create a new minecraft world? I have no idea about admin/building spawns etc so I'm happy to let [H] do it and use the server as our own. I had a spare machine lying around so the specs are: 100 slots, 16 GB RAM, 1 Gbps internet and minecraft on a RAM disk to make it load...
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    10 screens on 2x 6990?

    I have a 6990 and currently have 5 screens attached. If I purchase another 6990 will it let me attach another 5, so that I have a 10 screen desktop display? Could I do this in Crossfire or would they have to be separate?
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    Virtualisation Build - Ideas wanted

    I'm building a server that will be co-located on a 1gbps/10gbps line and provide VPS/hosting/gameserver solutions as well as FTP servers/seedboxes (if there is redundant bandwidth). Here's what I'm thinking of getting so far (going Opteron as it's cheaper than 4-way Xeons and not much worse)...
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    Gaming under two guest OSes?

    If I virtualise a machine in to two guest OSes, is it possible to plug two monitors/keyboard/mice in to the host machine and be able to game on both? Is there any way to virtualise GPUs? What about dual GPU cards (e.g. AMD 6990)?
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    4U/Tower for Co-location - Advice needed

    I'm building a 4U/tower for co-location on a 1gbps line. Which case I get will depend on what is cheapest and can accommodate my needs. The server will be sliced up and resold as various hosting services with a lot of bandwidth being used. I'm looking for a minimum of 20 cores but the more...
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    Windows 7 - 'system' delay

    I usually don't post these sort of threads as Google can fix most of my problems. However, in over 7 years of overclocking I've never had a problem as weird as this. I had an unstable OC which BSOD'd me as Windows 7 was booting up which caused the problem. It's hard to explain which is why...
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    Rebuilding raid5 - possible without same HDD?

    One of my HDDs in my raid5 array finally failed on me. The original drives I had were: 3x Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 [ST-3500630AS] - 500Gb Since they are pretty old, I'm having trouble getting hold of another one with the same model number. However, Seagate do have a newer 500gb drive out...
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    Halo 3 - Complete Legendary in one sitting, anyone want to join?

    I was thinking about completing the game on legendary in one sitting and I'm looking for people who'd also be willing to do it. As far as my current understanding stretches this is possible if all players link over xbox live and have an xbox live gold membership. If anyone is interested please...
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    WTB: Corsair Dominator 10000c5

    It's currently very hard to find a retailer stocking the 10k dominators over here in the UK. I need a seller who would be willing to ship to the UK (I will cover all shipping costs). I am willing to pay a reasonable price for an unopened 2x1gb corsair dominator 10000 kit. If needed, the...
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    Nightmare - Bent pins on Opteron 250!

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    Good Visual Basic Book?

    I did a quick search on the forums and couldn't find anybody recommending a VB book that wasn't for complete newbies. I've got LOADS of time ot spare and really want to get VB under my belt. I already have fairly decent knowledge of PHP and some C++ but I've never tried VB. Can anyone...
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    X1900 XTX (and maybe XT) not liking drivers?

    I've had numerous hitches with my x1900 xtx system listed in my sig. It appears to be that the x1900xtx does not seem to like the ati drivers, which leads to many different BSODs (not only when playing games but also when doing other stressfull things like maya rendering, photoshop editing and...
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    Redirecting Subdomains to Different IPs?

    Is it possible to redirect a subdomain to a different IP , and if so, how? Example: I have which is at 195.x.x.x I want to point to 149.x.x.x Is this possible? The main reason I want to do this is because I have teamspeak, ventrilo and game servers on many...
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    Thinking of 2TB Array in Raid 5 - Questions

    Simply put, I need more data storage for backups/media/documents etc. and I have a few questions: Will more drives (i.e. 8x250gb rather than 4x500gb) help protect my data better if its in raid 5? (I know there will be a higher risk of one drive failing but I can quickly replace it, I mean is...
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    s939 Opteron OC Questions

    I'm planning on a new single-cpu build purely for CPU OCing and I'm stuck between dothans and s939 opterons. I have a few questions: Do the opterons have the cold bug? (will be doing a few runs with ln2) Does the week of production matter (much)? and finally, do all the different models...
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    Which Speakers?

    At the moment I'm currently looking for some decent speakers for my study. I don't really care for 5.1 or 7.1 allthough it is a plus. I have around $500 to spend (or ~300 GBP), not looking for big bass or something I can hear down the street, but I am looking for really good quality. Anyone...
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    F@H Settings via Command Line?

    I was wondering if it is possible to set up the text-only console via the command line only. Basically I mean instead of having to config each item (user name, team etc.) seperatly, can you just run fah.exe -config -(insert team name etc here) Also if I am installing FAH on more than one...
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    I'm bored, anyone wanna race? (Current PPD = 0)

    I'm at 130k at the moment with all my boxen folding (not for me though). Gunna switch em back over today and was wondering if anyone wants a good ol' fashioned race (to 200k? I don't care where to just post/pm me if you wanna race). Currently Racing mahnusvir, rogue_jedi and apHytHiaTe to...
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    Any way to pick work units?

    I'm tired of getting low-point WUs and I'd prefer the bigger ones. I have accepted the option to allow for large WUs to be accepted but I rarely get them. Is there any way to pick what WU you receive?
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    I can't take it ><

    Just watching my X2 sit there crunching WUs at stock speeds is killing me. If I go any longer without OCing it I'll start having nightmares. Will post back later with results. :D
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    Giving users SSH and FTP access?

    I'm going to be co-locating a few servers soon (first time). Most will be for personal use but some I will be renting out for gameservers. The servers themselves will be winxp pro (I'm a nix noob) and I probably will be administering them via remote desktop (radmin the only other option?)...
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    Most Stable s939 mobo?

    I'm going to colo a few servers soon but I have been given the option to go with towers instead of rackmounted. Anyways, rather than getting dual opty/xeon rigs to colo, I thought I'd go with dual core amd. I was wondering what the most stable s939 board is and why? OCing and extra functions...
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    Scrollover Thread Name = Preview of First Post

    I've seen a few other vbulletin boards with the mouseover thread name hack. Basically what it does is let you view the first 30 characters or so of the first post if you put your mouse over the thread name from the main forum. Having a mod like this installed will stop people clicking on...
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    Which setup to go with?

    Well I'm getting tired of gaming on my CRT and thought I'd get a good quality LCD setup. My current choices are: Two Dell 2001s, Two Dell 2005 FPWs OR Single Dell 2405 FPW I'm currently stuck between those setups, I'd love to get 2x 2405s but dont currently have the cash. Any ideas what...
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    XPS or Alienware?

    pfft I just want a thread in here...erm scratch that. Dell XPS or aliencrap..erm ware? Discuss
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    Need linkage to domain installer fast! 100ghz ready to borg!

    Don't have much time to get into the details but I may be borging 100ghz+ in about an hour and I could really use a link to the domain installer. I did a search but found nothing. Thanks
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    Well I've been trying a few different ramdisks (most off the first page when "ramdisk" is google'd). However even with 3.2gb ram detected by Windows (4gb total) the ramdisks have trouble going over a couple hundred megabytes (different amount is dependant on whatever drivers I use). Does...
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    RAM not being detected due to fried CPU?

    Well I'm in a little bit of a dilemna and was wondering whether it could be possible that ram would not be detected due to a fried cpu. The reason I say this is because my dfi nf4 mobo does not pass the dram check when it starts up, I've tried different other people's mobos and other types of...
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    Using radmin through LAN?

    I currently have radmin server set up at home, with all the necessary ports forwarded. However where I wish to acess my home computer from is on a domain, but the computer I connect to the domain is not winxp pro so I cannot actually connect to the domain (I can use the internet via it, etc)...
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    Idea: Automatically remove [img] tags when quoting

    I see many 2-3 line comments with a huge quote of about 10 images above them (especially in the "post pics of your new rig" thread. I was wondering if it would be possible to maybe automatically take [img] tags out of quotes and replace them with [url], or maybe a warning message when somebody...
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    Super Quick PHP Question - Quick Answer!

    Ok, I have a string of words, $message. Lets say $message = "hello I am good today" I want to cut the first word off of the string, so I can make another string, $othermessage which will be "I am good today" I've tried splitting $message into words ($word) and then done...
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    PHP Gods, Hear My Cry!

    I've used PHP before, but nothing past the basics, however I do understand quite a few of the commands and concepts due to their relation to C+/C++. What I wish to do is create a simple program that I will run on my web server, which will query another server, take data and mirror it. E.g...
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    Building Ultimate Benchmarking Rig! Need Suggestions!!

    Ok, I'm tired of FX-55 SLI benchers beating me in SPI and gaming benches. So I decided I'm gunna give em a run for their money. Basically I have $5.5k to spend (probably more if needed). I will put the CPU under a phasechange and I'll have 2 6800Us under water (Phasechange + GPU = BAD!). At...
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    6800 Ultra, 6x.xx drivers, Planetside and UT04...

    Ok, after many many drivers and loads of BSODs I finally realised something: It seems that when the 6800 ultra is paired with 6x.xx drivers and unreal tournament or planetside (those only games it seems to happen on) you sometimes get BSOD when alt tabbing to windows. I first thought that this...
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    Promoting meh Teamspeak Swerver

    I don't know whether this belongs in Gen May, but since its the gaming forum I hope it's allowed here, if not could a moderator kindly move it? Thanks. Anyways, I recently got a big teamspeak server, I'm opening it free to the public, as there is no way I can fill it privately. What good is...
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    Help me hit 3ghz

    I wanna prove to the world that Opterons can hit the 3ghz mark, but the only thing that's stopping me is the RAM. My motherboard (Iwill DK8N) does not support _any_ OC'ing features at all, allthough it has the handy PCI/AGP lock. At the moment I can get to (225 x 12) 2749mhz stable with my...
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    SOHO network problem (connecting routers and switches)

    Ok, my network is as follows: Internet --> Crappy 1 port router ------> Linksys BEFW11S4 -------------> Asus 5 port gb switch ---------------------- |------> Asus 8 port switch --> Computers...
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    Lots of Power, Nothing to use it on...

    Well, since I work away from home during the week, my main rig just sits at home crunching FAH 5 days a week. I was thinking of something to let my computer "do" while im not at it, of course I will still keep folding. I've thought of games servers, but due to the crappy UK connection speeds...
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    Help me b0rg 100 CPUs

    Well, I thought I'd pay a visit to my cousin's school and ask the admin if he'd run FAH on the school computers. I've been told by a few people that hes a nice guy and would probably let me do it. However, I was thinking of things I should say to "persuade" him and the principal of the school...