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    WTB - 1200 WATT PSU Preferably 80 plus gold or titanium thats fully modular

    Currently need a bigger PSU since my dinky little 750 watt corsair isnt cutting it anymore. Shipping will be to 76541, If you have any Corsair or Seasonic PSU's pls pm me :)
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    Corsair rm750x

    so I have a Corsair rm750x and I’m starting to wonder if I need a bigger psu. Currently I have a 8700k @ 5ghz at 1.4 vcore, 2 8gb sticks of 3200mhz ram, 2 7200rpm drives, 2 SATA SSDs, 6 noctua industrial 3000 fans, and a DDC pump for my custom water loop. I was trying to push my CPU to 5.1 ghz...
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    NVIDIA Watercooling Warranty

    for all you nerds wondering if your precious GPUs are still covered by warranty if you put on a water block. Bought a RTX 2080ti from the nvidia store and was curious if installing a water block voided my warranty so I decided to email their customer support about it. Also on a side note I...
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    FS: Alienware 17 r4 (7820hk/GTX 1080)

    Selling my laptop cause I barely use it anymore. Full disclosure the warranty is already expired and the front left speaker crackles when the volume is at a 100%. Also there’s a tiny scratch on the lid on the left side which you won’t notice unless you look real hard. I’ve also applied liquid...
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    To Water Cool or not to Water Cool

    so heres my dilemma, currently have a kick ass system that's in need of a cooling upgrade. Right now my 8700k is running 4.8 ghz with a Cryorig r1 but to save my life this tower cooler cant keep up with the temperatures if i push the vcore up to 1.35 and the cpu clock at 5ghz. I just finished a...
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    Founders edition binned?

    ive been reading stuff around the forums about how founders edition cards are binned. I’ve never bought founders edition cards before because of their blower style design. This time around however I decided to pre order a FE card since I couldn’t get my hands on a EVGA branded one. Any of you...
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    RTX 2080ti spotted in the wild w/ fraps So apparently this new graphics card can’t hit 60 FPS with shadow of the tomb raider with RTX on at 1080p.... I really hope this is a hoax cause I just pre...
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    Cooler for 8700k OC

    Currently have a H80i v2, just upgraded my system to a 8700k. Right now its at 4.8ghz @ 1.28v however the little h80i cant handle the OC during stress testing with aida64 and small fft prime 95. It constantly reaches 90 degrees during testing but games are fine. Im currently looking for a new...