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  1. 5150Joker

    BenQ XL2746S - 240 Hz 0.5ms DyAc+ with FreeSync/GSync

    Ordered one of these bad boys on Amazon on Sunday and it was originally scheduled for May 14th thanks to the Chinese Coronavirus but it got bumped up to this Sunday so I'm pretty excited to get it. I'm currently using an Asus PG278Q 144 Hz G-Sync display which has served me really well the last...
  2. 5150Joker

    How Does the GTX 1080 Ti Stack Up in 2020?

    It seems in 2020, this acclaimed video card still stands the test of time as it takes out both the 2070 Super and 5700 XT overall: A few notable benchmarks, the rest in article link: Article link:
  3. 5150Joker

    GOAT of Duty

    Its free until April 1 then it will be $10 like other early access games. It's goats with UT/Quake like DM so it might be half decent. I grabbed it and will check it out this evening if anyone wants to join in on the fragging:
  4. 5150Joker

    NVIDIA Survey

    Anyone else get this in their e-mail today? Was a pretty straightforward survey, figured I'd take it to add data for high end desktop users.
  5. 5150Joker

    FS: EKWB 1080 Ti/Titan X Block, Model O Mouse

    The Model O mouse was bought in mid December and used for a grand total of a few hours before I decided I hated the way it felt in my hand so I reverted back to my Logitech G Pro Wireless so this thing is practically brand new. I've also got the bungee for it. The EKWB block is in good shape...
  6. 5150Joker

    FS: NVIDIA TITAN X Pascal w/EKWB block and backplate. Model O Mouse + Bungee

    Sale on hold. I've had a lot of requests for the original cooler to be equipped on the card so I'll be doing that this weekend and relisting New Thread:
  7. 5150Joker

    NVIDIAs new driver features ultra-low latency mode, integer scaling, sharpening

    Well that didn't take long for NVIDIA to respond to Navi. The new 436.02 Game Ready Driver adds the following features: Game Ready Provides increased performance and the optimal gaming experience for Apex Legends, Battlefield V, Forza Horizon 4, Strange Brigade, and World War Z Gaming...
  8. 5150Joker

    AMD vs. Nvidia vs. Reshade, Who Has the Best Game Sharpening Feature?

    HWUB delivers yet again with a comparison between ReShade, FreeStyle and AMD RIS. RIS comes out on top w/the least performance hit with FreeStyle taking the largest hit. But the quick and dirty CAS ported to ReShade has a minimal hit (~3-4%) and when used between 0.5-0.8 gives the same quality...
  9. 5150Joker

    Not so fine wine: Radeon VII vs RTX 2080

    Techspot revisited the Radeon VII several months later after release to see if AMD driver updates have helped close the gap between it and the RTX 2080. Sadly, this didn't happen and in fact, in very popular multiplayer titles like Apex Legends, Fortnite and R6: Siege, the Radeon VII got smoked...
  10. 5150Joker

    Looks like Kyle has company now (NVIDIA related)

    So I enjoy watching Hardware Unboxed, the dude does good videos and decent benchmarks with honest opinions. It seems NVIDIA wasn't impressed with him being forthright so they left out his 2060 sample and claimed they were short on boards even though TweakTown in Australia got theirs. More here...
  11. 5150Joker

    FS: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2666 (4 GB each) , Possibly Bricked ASUS Rampage V Extreme, CoD BO3

    RAM AND MOTHERBOARD SOLD! Someone take this COD 3 key off my hands! :) Ram: The fourth stick broke by accident but the other 3 are in perfect shape so I'm looking to sell them and just upgrade my ram. Each module is 4 GB and they were all matched together but well now it's just 3. DDR4...
  12. 5150Joker

    FS: New EK Fittings (Black Nickel) + EK-Coolstream CE 420 Rad for Sale! *Low bulk price*

    SOLD Bought the radiator and the compression fittings brand new direct from EK but decided not to use them (going with 12mm instead of 16mm). Everything is brand new and unused as noted in the descriptions below: Bulk Discount Price: $165 shipped for everything. Payment: PayPal or Google...
  13. 5150Joker

    Avoid NewEgg At All Costs

    It isn't the company it once was once the Chinese bought it out. I purchased a 9900K + Gigabyte Aorus Master from there and today both items arrived or so I thought. The 9900K showed up as expected but instead of the motherboard there was a Gigabyte RX 580 8GB video card instead. I had to wait...
  14. 5150Joker

    Avoid NewEgg At All Costs

    It isn't the company it once was once the Chinese bought it out. I purchased a 9900K + Gigabyte Aorus Master from there and today both items arrived or so I thought. The 9900K showed up as expected but instead of the motherboard there was a Gigabyte RX 580 8GB video card instead. I had to...
  15. 5150Joker

    FS: Call of Duty: Black Ops III (3) Deluxe Edition

    So this was on sale at NewEgg and I misread the damn thing and thought it was black ops 4 deluxe edition instead of black ops 3 - oops! They had a discount code for it which dropped the price to $30 so I'm looking to sell the key for what I purchased it for since I don't plan on playing BO3...
  16. 5150Joker

    FS: I7 7700K (5 Ghz) & ASUS Maximus IX Hero

    SOLD: Items sold to noxqzs I'd like to sell both of these as a package deal so I can get the sale done and over with. Now some information and disclaimers in this sale based on the title: CPU: Intel 7700K @ 5 GHz. This thing runs 5 GHz 100% stable at only 1.28v load (1.30v in bios) using my...
  17. 5150Joker

    Hardware Unboxed - BF 5 benchmarks

    This is why I can’t take AMD seriously in the high end CPU market for consumers, they get pummeled in games. Yeah Ryzen has cores but that’s about it really. The game might be in a beta stage but I doubt this result will change much between now and final release. Video:
  18. 5150Joker

    Bad news for NVIDIA? Google TPU

    Looks like NVIDIAs dominance in machine learning may come to an abrupt end if this new ASIC dubbed a TPU by Google really delivers on what they claim: So how would NVIDIA...
  19. 5150Joker

    FS: ASUS Rampage V Extreme & New In Box Intel i7 5820K

    So I changed my system from my previous Rampage V Extreme + 5820K build to the 7700k. The i7 5820k I had before was showing some issues so I sent it back to Intel and they sent me a brand new boxed 5820k as a replacement. Seeing as I have no need for the motherboard or CPU, I'm putting them on...
  20. 5150Joker

    FS: Corsair Void RGB 7.1 Wireless Headset (NEW)

    SOLD TO THEPLAIDFAD! Got this as a brand new replacement for my old Corsair H2100 wireless headset. It is brand new and unopened in the box. Amazon link:
  21. 5150Joker

    FS: 2 x EVGA Titan X (hybrid cooling for both)

    Ok got some items for sale that I'm trying to move so here they are: NVIDIA GTX Titan X (two of them): Both of these Titans are currently using EVGA hybrid cooling with the new EVGA GTX hybrid LED shroud (which you can't buy anymore). Asking price for the Titan X's: $475 each shipped via USPS...
  22. 5150Joker

    FS: GTX Titan X w/hybrid cooling + LED shrouds & Mice (Mamba + Logitech G602)

    Ok got some items for sale that I'm trying to move so here they are: Razer Mamba 5G Chroma Wireless - It's barely used, probably less than a week's worth of use since I purchased it in January. The feel of the design just wasn't for me. It was purchased in January and I'm not sure if Razer...
  23. 5150Joker

    WTB: 2 x EVGA Hybrid Shroud w/LED

    Looking for two of these: EVGA - Products - GTX HYBRID Shroud with LED - 100-TC-0999-B9 Let me know if you have them and want to sell them as I'd like to use them for my Titan X's.
  24. 5150Joker

    WTB: 2 x EVGA Titan X Hybrid Coolers

    Like the title says, I'm looking for 2 coolers in good condition that I can re-use on my Titan X's. Will pay $100 for both.
  25. 5150Joker

    Come check out my new ARMA 3 King Of The Hill Server

    What's up fellas - For those of you that play ARMA 3 KOTH Infantry, I've got a new hardcore (first person locked) server up located in Los Angeles. The current official one is in Eastern Canada (Quebec) and usually has no admins around and is currently broken. So given that, I decided to fire...
  26. 5150Joker

    NVIDIA Announces Financial Results for Third Quarter Fiscal 2016

    NVIDIA just announced their third quarter financial results this morning and it seems they did pretty well: Record revenue of $1.305 billion, up 7 percent from a year ago, up 13 percent sequentially GAAP operating income of $245 million, up 15 percent from a year ago Quarterly cash dividend...
  27. 5150Joker

    War Thunder Updated With NVIDIA Gameworks

    Gaijin just updated their popular War Thunder game with their newest Dagor 4.0 engine and it features a couple pretty cool Gameworks effects called Waveworks and Destruction, check it out: Gaijin claims the new engine + NVIDIA Gameworks were tested on a variety of...
  28. 5150Joker

    WTB: MGS V Code

    Looking for a steam MGS V code. Offering $25. Thx.
  29. 5150Joker

    Well so much for AMD getting priority with HBM 2

    We've heard many times that since AMD helped co-develop HBM with SK Hynix that they'd get some sort of priority over NVIDIA in sourcing it and thus force NVIDIA to wait or come up with alternate plans. Many of us who knew better, that locking out a company with 80%+ marketshare would make no...
  30. 5150Joker

    Looks like PC power efficiency does mean something

    A lot of gamers dismiss the impact of the power footprint PC gaming has but check out this article from Hexus where it states: They increased their power efficiency quite a bit by tossing in NVIDIA Maxwell + G-Sync components. Source...
  31. 5150Joker

    Any RUST players here?

    I got into this game about a month ago on public servers and can't seem to stop playing it. In fact, I got into it enough to bring in my entire clan and start a server of our own. I know a lot of people either loved/hated the old Rust but this experimental one seems to be on the right track...
  32. 5150Joker

    This is why Fury X can't ever touch Maxwell

    Hexus just did an excellent review of the Zotac 980 Ti Amp Extreme and it's around 20%+ faster than Fury X at 4k and just stomps it in all other resolutions. This all for $699 from NewEgg and the best part is the load temps and noise are very close to the AIO Fury X. The sample they had OC'd...
  33. 5150Joker

    Early access steam games

    Steam sells a lot of early access games and some are quite popular like Rust, Day Z, Ark etc. Given the fact that they're still in early development, we rarely see reviews covering their performance with various hardware. Personally I'd like to see these games tested with the caveat that...
  34. 5150Joker

    WTB: Witcher 3 for $25

    PM me if you have an NVIDIA game coupon.
  35. 5150Joker

    Dell Promo: PNY 980 for $574 + $100 free e-gft card

    It's a reference cooler and seems like a pretty good deal to me since it's basically $474 with that $100 promo. In contrast the same card on Amazon is $570. Link...
  36. 5150Joker

    FS: ASUS Maximus V Formula Mobo, Intel 3770K (Retail), 2 x 8 GB Corsair 2133 MHz Ram

    EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SOLD AS A COMBO. SALE HAS CONCLUDED. THANKS! NOTE: Original boxes are included with the sale. I will attempt to include all the accessories with the motherboard but if 1 or 2 minor items are missing, then what you get is what you get. One of the external antennas is...
  37. 5150Joker

    Any ARMA 3 Altis Life Players?

    I've worked on a server that's got a lot of features, just needs a steady player base: Features: 1. perm wanted list 2. random gold shipwrecks every two hours 3. persistent log in/log out location 4. custom fed reserve structure 5. sea based oil rigs 6. tons of...
  38. 5150Joker

    FS: Two EVGA GTX Titans Superclocked With Backplates

    SOLD the last Titan - provided both sales go smoothly, this sale has concluded. Thanks everyone. ON SALE PRICED TO MOVE! UPDATE 1/15/15: ONE TITAN SOLD. ONLY ONE REMAINING! TAKING OFFERS SO PM IF INTERESTED. THIS IS A GREAT DEAL FOR A 6 GB CARD THAT STILL MATCHES THE TOP CARDS IN...
  39. 5150Joker

    Quick question

    What is everyone's thoughts on shipping to a PO Box for a 0 post 0 feedback newly registered buyer if the address is confirmed on PayPal? Thanks.
  40. 5150Joker

    FS: Like New Corsair HX 850 PSU

    SOLD I bought this power supply earlier this year for my new computer build but within the first week I ended up changing it out for an AX 1200i and never used it again. It's been sitting in it's box and I figured I might as well sell it off and get some money back. It is in like new condition...