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    Post your [H] Garage (and what's in it!)

    Chaps - I am looking into purchasing a house with a nice workspace area in the heated attached garage, and I would love some ideas about what other [H]er's are doing with their garages... You got a cool, slick storage system in your garage? Post a Pic! You got a bad ass workbench with...
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    Phenom II X3 740 Black Edition Unlockable? and lots of DDR2 Ram for cheap!

    PAYPAL is the only accepted payment here boys and girls. Feel free to make me an offer! I am in Madison, WI and would love to avoid shipping things :) Heat is under ToMMyGuN AMD Phenom II X3 740 BE OEM SOLD 4 gb's of OCZ Reaper DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) ram SOLD 2 gb's of Crucial Ballistix Tracer...
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    HELP! WTB AM2+/AM3 Mobo with DDR2 slots

    Went a different direction, MODS PLEASE CLOSE THIS THREAD
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    FS: LGA 775: Q9450, E6600, 37" Westy, 22" LCD's, 2gb DDR2, 8800GTS 512, more!

    Lots sold, look for my new FS thread! Mods, please close this thread
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    E6600 to i7-950

    So what will i see in terms of performace changes? Obviously it will increase my performnce across the board, but is it worth it to go to an i7, or should i look for a higher clocked c2q?
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    Come on [H], give me your best Price Speculations

    As the title says, what is your guess as to the retail price (price I can purchase one for) on the 6950 and the 6970? I know that this is purely speculation, but I would like to know where others are thinking the prices are going to be. How do you think the 6970 and 6950 will stack up to the...
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    New GPU for 2560x1600 gaming..

    Hello gents, I just salvaged a gateway xhd3000 from a nice fellow in california (i live in WI), and I have found out the hard way that my trusty old 8800gts 512 isn't up to the task of pushing those 4.1 mega pixels in a gaming situation. So, what card should I look into? I know I should...
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    Odd Problem with Bad Company 2

    Anyone missing their defibrillator under the medic class? I can't see it (not under the gadgets tab) or use it while playing medic. My buddy was playing and he had it, and he just started. I am rank 1 and can't use it! What gives? Anyone with these issues? I think it may be from the...
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    RJ25 to RJ45 for networking?

    Hey! I just picked up 750 ft of what was advertised on craigslist as rj45 cable, but i got home and opened the box to find it is all RJ25 cable (used for running 3 phones off of one line). It was free, so no lost money woes, but it is frustrating! My question is: Can i buy some rj45...
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    Thoughts / Impressions of Klipsch RW-12D?

    Anyone have any experience with this sub? Any problems? Anything at all?
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    Subwoofer Speaker replacement

    Question about subwoofers: Would replacing the 30+ year old 12" speaker in my DLK Subwoofer with a new one significantly change my sub output / sound? Any recommendations on replacement speakers? Also, What is the difference between subs designed for cars and HT subs? Is the difference...
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    New to subwoofers.. Help a newbie out?

    Hello all of you audiophiles (read: soundsnobs ;) ) I am new to the world of subwoofers. I recently purchased a receiver (Kenwood Vr615) that has a sub amp built in. I connected it to a big passive DLK Subwoofer (bought at a garage sale for pennies :-) ) and am obviously getting much more...
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    T-Mobile Upgrade coming up.. Need some recommendations!!

    hey ya'll As per the title, what do you all recommend? My upgrade is authorized for May 13th or so, and I need a new phone (my Nokia XpressMusic 5300 is dying - cracked screen for last 6 months, will no longer reliably send texts, loses service all the time, gets"SIM card registration...
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    750i FTW wont wake up!

    Hey Guys I just got the evga 750i FTW ed. mobo and am having some troubles. The board works great until i put vista 64-bit to sleep. When i attempt to wake it up, the power flashes on then shuts off. after this i cant even turn the system on! the power button does nothing. the funny thing is...