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  1. Ocean

    Rat, Keyloggers, etc

    i have a rooted android tablet, and would like to play around with rat software, keyloggers, vnc type stuff, can anyone point me in the right direction? im not looking just for some website that tracks my spouse's bla blah blah. i just want to learn, how to set up, detect, know the average...
  2. Ocean

    Bitcoin All Time High. And has surpassed a gold ounce as well. To the moon. :p
  3. Ocean

    Reactions to VR

    I found a video that sold me on VR experiences. Post videos that did it for you.
  4. Ocean

    Camera Mechanisms @ 10k fps Showed mirror and shutter in slow mo with different exposure settings. explained a few nifty hardware quirks. kinda interesting.
  5. Ocean

    Bitcoins are tanking?

    $280 as of this post. Holy. Good buy for anyone who wants to gamble i suppose.
  6. Ocean

    Newer Drivers (Cloned and preferred displays are wonky)

    So first a quick run down of my setup: one desktop 1080p monitor connected via dvi for gaming one wallmounted 1080p tv connected via hdmi for htpc both connected to primary 5850 card. this is how it always worked: cloned displays: movies, browser, desktop showed up on both monitors...
  7. Ocean

    Guild Wars 2 Free for 1 Week! im a big fan of this mmo with respectable graphics. it is designed to let you play very densely, no grinding - just progress through the story and the world until level cap - then do pvp or dungeons or...
  8. Ocean

    Skyrim - $5 @ Steam

    Skyrim -$5 Legendary Edition - $13.59
  9. Ocean

    XB1 vs PC GPU in Watchdogs Comparison They underclocked a pc GPU to obtain the watchdogs xb1 performance, then compared that amount to the performance needed (to what would be acceptable for a pc. 1080p 60fps) with the same gpu. This serves only as a gpu comparison for graphics...
  10. Ocean

    Meh, Newegg 10% off all BTC-paid purchases. Not that its at all freaking possible bitcoin wont go up 11% in value by the time you get your hardware, never, ever :D Newegg 10% off all BTC purchases. Promo code: BITCOIN Max discount: $100 Not with other discounts Doesnt apply to...
  11. Ocean

    Charging Phone While Car (and outlet) is Off?

    Im shopping for something. Car turns off cigarette lighter when car is off. i am wanting the ability to leave the phone in the car to charge. Ive concluded that i would need an external backup battery pack that: A) charges itself whenever the car is on via the cigarette lighter...
  12. Ocean

    50% off - VPN or Proxy for Life! VPN 30$ a year for life! Proxy 25$ a year for life! promocode: TGLifetime50 A recurring promo code ! /memorial weekend only /monthly and semi-annualy available /cancel anytime
  13. Ocean

    Insane Character Creation Depth - Black Desert it makes me want to play, but i dont speak a lick of korean :( a few other examples of ingame stuff Finished characters in game: Gameplay: i liked...
  14. Ocean

    Warm - 4TB External HDD - $130 - Amazon Seagate Expansion 4TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STBV4000100)
  15. Ocean

    Warm - 1TB HDD Dell - $45 Coupon code: 9QB025WNJ3X$MJ Sata 7200rpm
  16. Ocean

    "Mesh Network" app example i just downloaded an app, and im impressed with its functionality. it lets you chat between devices without an internet or cellular connection. i have no use for it, but if this tech...
  17. Ocean

    Dell dual 22" monitors with stand, bundle, $280 Coupon Code $KFG6NMP2MHVSJ Deal partially expired, they upped the price of the monitors $130ish, but 30% off still works until thursday for $378.
  18. Ocean

    Melodies of Hyrule Digital CD - PWYW

    Pay What You Want I enjoy zelda remixes, so this was totally worth $15 to me.
  19. Ocean

    ffdshow audio normalization?

    Summary: xbmc frodo release with dsplayer, haali media splitter, ffdshow video with svp, ffdshow audio. 2.1 speakers connected to stereo. First, all xbmc volume was too quiet. I utilized ffdshow audio to amplify the sound 300%! which according to the windows (audio graph?) makes the videos...
  20. Ocean

    YMMV: Monster Ncredible Headphones: $5 @OD

    local Office Depot had Monster Ncredible Ntune On-Ear Headphones for $5 on clearance. bought a pair, brand new, unopened box, they seem to be going for about $65 online. discontinued newegg link: amazon link...
  21. Ocean

    Buying a 7970 an ok idea? gaming and btc

    time for upgrade but since i have been bitcoin mining i could double my rate by buying one, (if i keep my current cards for 2 and 3, (non crossfired)) ive been considering dumping crossfire for compatibility reasons, and i would like to just get 1 7970 for gaming, and then keep both 5850s i...
  22. Ocean

    EA Origin Question...

    my cousin is is obsessed with video games, played lots of wow, css, star craft 2, crysis, and buys everything that is even remotely expected to be popular. he has hundreds of games on steam, and buys the stupid expensive gaming laptops. he bought sim city, and was pissed that he couldnt get...
  23. Ocean

    best AV for slower and older comps?

    im pretty familiar with which ones are great now. like mse for vista/7/8 but i would also like to know which anti virus uses almost nothing to run for an xp machine ~10 years old.
  24. Ocean

    Skyrim Steam - 30$ matches the price during the christmas sale. ends at 1pm EST jan 27
  25. Ocean

    AMD Crossfire Predefined Profile List?

    Im trying to find the crossfire predefined profile list, and decipher what is visible vs what is hidden from CCC. Why? because i have skyrim and that works best with crossfire when the drivers think i am running oblivion. but steam drm, or patches, or mods all have issues with renaming the...
  26. Ocean

    iOS Google Maps Released Dec 13th ? heads up, once you see it in the app store post here, so we all dont camp the fucking piece of shit iOS6 app store all night to replace our crap map app. :p
  27. Ocean

    Team Speak Question.

    The teamspeak server that i frequently use has roughly 200 channels. i hop between approximately 5 of these channels. and it is time consuming to manually select between these 5 channels buried in sub (directories) how can i have a list that only has these 5 or so channels?
  28. Ocean

    This Article Changed My Opinion of FPS Measuring This article ultimately explains why many people do still see a difference between 120Hz and 60Hz, and the origin of micro-stuttering, especially when it comes to multi GPU solutions. Instead of averaging all the frames in a whole second, it...
  29. Ocean

    My new ipad has a bug?

    so new ipad owners, i have a question. Do this. go here and download any 2048x2048 wallpaper: now with the built in ipad image editor, crop the downloaded wallpaper in some way and complete the save process. do yall get major...
  30. Ocean

    How can i duplicate games onto 2nd monitor?

    how can i duplicate video games video output across two separate monitors? i have a dell u221H and a phillips 42" connected via a dvi-to-hdmi, both connected to the primary card. i have radeon 5850 in crossfire, 11.2 catalyst, both screens are 1920 x 1080. i am able to duplicate desktop...
  31. Ocean

    Cintiq 24HD 24″ display (1920 x 1200 resolution), a 92% Adobe RGB color gamut, a wide viewing angle, and an adjustable stand, i think im going to surprise someone for christmas.
  32. Ocean

    Video about iphone 5 rumors. just a quick and nice summary of rumors as well as their likelyhood.
  33. Ocean

    playing blackops on LIVE with mouse

    so i have a nice gaming rig. plenty of games, and alot of first person shooters. alot of my friends have now also started playing online first person shooters. i want to play with my friends, now that they have discovered online gaming. the downside is that they all play xbox 360. problem...
  34. Ocean

    Raid Noob Questions.

    ive ordered two samsung f4 2TB. i would like to use raid 1 Data Mirror. i have less than 1.5TB of data, and my only concern is drive failure. i dont know where to begin to do the install. im also curious about filling up a single 2TB then adding the other 2TB drive to complete the raid. or...
  35. Ocean

    Wanting Ergonomic Chair for Giant

    im annoyed with breaking so many $200 chairs from office depot, and the drivers seat in my jeep grand cherokee, and my recliner, and the couch, and my girlfriends bed, and the toilet . . . so im looking for an ergonomic chair with a headrest and high armrests for a 6"6, 350lb man with a...
  36. Ocean

    Drive Starting To Click, Wanting Replacement.

    i have a .5 TB Drive, and about 1 TB of data i should probably buy a replacement. so far SMART yields no errors, but the drive is clicky during use. i can support raid and SATA 6 (asus P6x58d-e, win7 64). im wanting a 2 TB drive, but i suck at shopping. and i figure all the drives are going...
  37. Ocean

    Fan header splitter use?

    i could really use an extra 3pin header so i can replace a tricool fan with something more automatically adjusting. i have two SickleFlow 120 2000 RPM that are intake. i would like these two fans to work on the same header. i have the adapter, but id like to know if the adjusting software...
  38. Ocean

    Newegg Shellshocker 2TB HDD - $99

    Seagate Barracuda LP ST32000542AS 2TB 5900 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s
  39. Ocean

    Newegg Shellshocker 2TB HDD - $99

  40. Ocean

    5850 Crossfire Dimming.

    From the Beginning... 5850 crossfire... Crysis crashed, crysis crashed again. Furmark works. Temps are good. ram and cpu are good. Heaven Benchmark crashes, only with AA on. AA triggers crashing in Crysis. AA is broken. Download newest drivers, uninstall old drivers. reinstall new...