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    EVGA 7100GS Issue

    Now is this card just a POS or is Vista and Zuma just too much for it? I picked this up for the wife so I could regain my 7950GT back from her and this thing is fine for just the average websurfing but as soon as she starts up Zuma ( ) it starts lagging bad...
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    Vista and 7 series SLI, How well is it working?

    I'm thinking about reclaiming my other 7950 GT from the wife (she'll need a new card) and trying out SLi with Vista but I'd like to hear from someone that's running this currently. How well is it working, any bugs / stability issues? Are you happy overall with the performance at this point? I'm...
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    Did a little overclocking last night.....

    Holy Shiat! These Intel C2D's are insane. (former AMD guy) Idle = 27c-29c @79f ambient Load = 57c max after 12 hours of Prime95 I know this thing has more in her but I got scared. I did however pay extra for a "no questions asked return policy" on the MOBO and CPU. Sooooooo....:D
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    Vista stuck at loading screen?

    I've been bouncing back and forth between Vista Ultimate and XP for a couple of months now. Up until now I've had 0 issues. Occasionally my damn SATA cable will apparently come loose from the mobo just enough to cause a reboot, this is what happened last night. I then have to push the cable back...
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    Moved my PC around and my temps look a lot better. Woot!

    Now that its not sucking in the wife's computer exhaust.:cool: Don't mind me I'm just excited. All on air btw.
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    What does [H] think of "Rambooster"? What's the offical opinion on this software? Does it work or is it a gimmick? Lemme know what you think.
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    FX-60 or X2 4400+ Toledo

    Same thing but the FX is 400Mhz faster correct? School me
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    This look weird to anyone else?

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    Help Me!

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    7950 GT Coolers for SLi

    I'm looking for an aftermarket cooler(s) for my 7950 GTs. Temps are ok with the stock coolers but not where I'd like them and they are a bit on the loud side. Anyone have any ideas on where to find such a thing? :cool:
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    Help Me!

    Please? For some reason my PC decided it didnt wanna talk to the interwebs anymore tonight. The interwebs talk to it but it just wont say anything back. Seriously though, have you ever heard of anything like this before? I have a great DL'd speed but 0 upload (using /...
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    AMD n00b Question

    delete this thread, i'm an idiot.
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    Does this seem anywhere close to being corrent?

    Antec P180, everything on air (Zalman Cpu HSF / Zalman Gpu HSF) @ 72f ambient. :eek: edit: spelling > me :(
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    7600GS Temps

    I'm idling at 36c and loading at around 46c. Is that normal? Seems rather cool coming from a 6800GT and 7800GS. :confused:
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    New to ATI.......

    after a borked 7800 gs i was able to get my $ back in full from Fry's Electronics. :cool: Picked up a x1600xt and i'm really impressed ( long time nvidia fan). anyways, is there any way to monitor or look at for that matter the core temps on this thing? i saw some reference to ATi...
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    eVGA 7800GS Problem

    I'm getting video lock up in every game within 10-15min. HL2 CS:S FarCry Doom 3 Temps are not an issue as I'm watercooled and never reached 60C. Checked with Riva Tuner and ATI Tool. System Specs in sig minus 1 BFG 6800GT. Everything played fine nice and smooth with the 6800GT but...
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    Is my GPU too warm?

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    "ring ring" "hello" "matt could you look at my computer?, something is wrong with it" "sure, whats it doing?" "well, it keeps shutting off after like 15 mintues." "hmmmm, bring it over and i'll take a look" here's what i found :eek:
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    Samsung 930B

    anyone who bought one of these i have a question. Did it come with a DVI cable or just the VGA-DVI adapter? :confused: i cant remember and cant see to find mine around here anywhere.
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    Need some help please

    My Nvidia GeFORCE MX4000 is not cutting it anymore and since i recently discovered how much more i enjoy games on a PC i need a new video card. Can someone please recommend me a AGP 4x/8x card thats in the $ 300-$ 400 range that will at least let me be able to play FEAR when i pick it up. I...
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    i recently bought a Creative Sound Blaster Live sound card and it was fine with no noticable issues. We went out of town for a few days ( computer off ) came back and now the thing is idling at 50c. wtf? what would be causing this? i dont remember what it was before i left but Speedfan is...
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    Made some rear vents

    i think they came out well.
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    Noob help please.

    I'm in the process of building a new computer and want to use the HDD (120GB) out of the old computer.It's in good shape and dont really see any reason to replace it yet. Not to mention everything is the way I like it on there. Is there a way to do this where XP will actually boot? or is my...
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    Need Help Please

    I bought a ECS 848P-A and installed this weekend. Well after going through the setup utility i saved everything and started up the PC. as soon as the windows XP logo screen starts to come up it flashes to a blue screen with some writing on it ( flashes too fast to read what it says) and restarts...
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    New Case :)

    I bought a new case on friday for the wifes computer plus some other odds and ends. After a bout with a stick of RAM things are running well now. :cool: Even though it pissed me off I feel a great sense of pride when looking at it now.
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    IDE cables

    I'm going to be picking up some new IDE cables this weekend and need some help. :D Is there a good/better/best or are they all pretty much the same as far a quality goes? Anything special to look for? I dont need anthing with lights but then again that might be cool I guess. ;)
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    Case Question

    What is the circled area for? Yeah, i'm a n00b. :rolleyes: What do you all think of this case. I really want the Antec P180 but the local Fry's is always OOS. When i stopped buy they did have this one for $ 123.99.