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    Hosting Provider

    Anyone have any recommendations for some good hosting providers for some personal stuff -- photo albums and such?
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    Generating Network Diagrams

    Is anyone aware of a freeware/open source program that will build network topology diagrams from router configs?
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    Vista Home Premium Upgrade Upgrade

    Hey Folks! Just bought Windows Vista this past weekend and upgraded my WinXP Pro. Since my copy of WinXP was installed as non-SP'd, my 250gb HD had to be split into two partitions. I decided to do a clean install from the upgrade CD since I was required to do a clean install anyways. Long...
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    Aviator GX7 Motherboard

    I have a friend who has an Aviator GX7 with a dead motherboard in it. He's looking to replace the motherboard but the shop he took it to couldn't find it anywhere. Does anyone know what kind of motherboard is in that thing and where he can go to look to buy one? Can he get a different...
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    Decisions Decisions

    Guys -- Buyin the wife a new PC and we've decided on an SFF. The problem is that I don't know which one. I've narrowed it down to two: Shuttle SB95P V2 *OR* Antec Aria with an Intel D925XEBC2LK Intel 925XE mATX CPU for both will be: Intel Pentium4 640 Making the decision...
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    Going 2GB -- What to get for stability?

    I have an Intel D865PERL and I'm looking to jump to 2GB. Need stability -- Corsair or Crucial 1GB sticks? Open to other suggestions too. . .NOT OVERCLOCKING
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    Samsung HD's

    Anyone use the Samsung 160GB drives? Thinking about getting 2 and running 'em in RAID0. May pick 'em up tomorrow. Currently have an 80GB DeathStar that is making odd noises and is making me spend a fortune on Rolaids! Here's a linky: Samsung HDD @ Microcenter