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    Hey, can I get an invite to iptorrents? My email is I am a good seeder, I have...

    Hey, can I get an invite to iptorrents? My email is I am a good seeder, I have an account at bitsoup also with about 1.5tb uploaded and 2.x ratio.
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    BF3 Dr Pepper FREE dog tags

    How do you get it via mail in requests?
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    BF3 Alienware Dog tag free (limited quantity)

    Thanks got one
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    International student building a computer from scratch

    Hi guys, I'm an international student and I'll be moving to the US for graduate school in August. I'm thinking about buying a new computer from scratch for when I get there, and this is what I have so far. Any...
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    L4D2 6.79 or 20.39/4

    God damn I want to play this so bad and AthlonXP is not online :s any other kind person would help me? :p
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    L4D2 6.79 or 20.39/4

    Would someone mind gifting the L4D+L4D2 bundle to me? For some reason the steam store isn't working for me. I can paypal you the money if that's ok with you.
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    No more attributes in Diablo 3

    Dungeon Siege style is more realistic
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    Guild Wars: The Complete Collection

    40 for everything? Sounds like a deal, where did you see this?
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    Pandemic 2

    Hehe, nice work
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    anyone here play earth 2025?

    Earth is like a dumbed down version of Utopia
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    The Witcher: VERSUS! goes live

    Is this anything like
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    nVIDIA ForceWare 174.93

    Anyone tried to see any improvements?
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    What to do about a suddenly overheating 7800GT?

    That has happened to me before on my 7800GT too, I RMA'd it
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    heatsink for s939 x2?

    I'm on stock right now but I want to do some overclocking. Any suggestions?
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    8800gt for 1280x1024 256mb or 512mb?

    When it gets to the point where running games in 1280x1024 (~med quality) will make a big difference between 256 and 512, would the 512 have a good frame rate? Most of the reviews I've seen where the 256 shows it's faults (like ~30%+ difference from the 512), the frame rates on the 512 is...
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    8800gt for 1280x1024 256mb or 512mb?

    So.... 8800gt 512 at around 250 hd3870 512 at around 225 hd3850 512 at around 195 8800gt 256 at around 190 8800gts 320 at around 190 hd3850 256 at around 170 damn so many choices, I need help people! And nah, I don't plan on getting a new monitor anytime soon so it'll be 1280x1024...
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    8800gt for 1280x1024 256mb or 512mb?

    Will I need 512mb if I'm just running under 1280x1024?
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    Media Player Classic and frame by frame?

    Can I do frame by frame in Media Player Classic?
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    video card brand: how loyal are you?

    Loyal to the brand of price/performance :D
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    Lol wtf :p
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    Gta san andreas

    maybe he plays it for the hot coffee mod ;) :p
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    Crysis running on 8800 and Peryn

    eye candy all enabled/maxed?
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    Review: X-bit Compares the Entire nVidia Line

    So it seems the difference between 320mb and 640mb on the GTS is pretty negligible?
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    Thinking about a new computer after price cuts..suggestions/comments?

    Case - Coolermaster CAC-T05 Centurion 5 CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 (Or similiarily priced CPU after the price cut) Mouse - Logitech MX518 Memory - Mushkin SP PC2-6400 Monitor - Acer AL2051W Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 Optical - Samsung SH-203B PSU - Corsair HX520 Sound -...
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    For around 75$ would a 2.1 sound better or 5.1?

    For around 75$ what would sound better? More expensive 2.1 speakers or cheaper 5.1 speakers?
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    good monitor for movies/games with scaling

    what's a good hopefully cheap monitor that allows scaling? i was looking at 19" is that a good choice?
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    So say I bought an OEM cpu

    well tg has the x2 3800 on sale for 70cad so i figured i'd buy from the same place to save on shipping
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    So say I bought an OEM cpu

    What else will I need to buy for cooling? A CPU fan, and....will I also need thermal paste? Or is it included with the fan. For socket 939|c:493|&Sort=3&Recs=10 Which of those would be good? Not really...
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    Call of Juarez released today....DX10 included???

    anyone wnat to do some dx9 dx10 comparison shots?
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    upgrade path for a s939?

    just want to do a bit of cpu upgrading so it won' be bottlenecking my card hmm seems like am2 would not be a good idea so i'm left with either 1) get opteron or 2) go intel just a couple of questions if i go opteron, will i need to get new ram as well? or do i just need to...
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    upgrade path for a s939?

    should i keep going up the s939 ladder? buy a am2 board and get am2 (i'm using asrock 939dual-sata2)? or start over and go the intel route?
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    Blizzcon 07 swag:

    most likely will be, i'm not getting my hopes up
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    How do yall like Resident Evil 4 for PC?

    wasn't there a patch that allowed you to use mouse?
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    AA/AF in game or control pannel?

    your posts are so hard to read >.<
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    Gamer Friendly Anti Virus?

    kav baby
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    Proud owner of a EVGA 640GTS..

    hehe guess he's really excited :p
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    Anyone got shadowrun on PC?

    umm.....autoaim? like bot?
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    Evga, SLI, and RMA

    What if your sli setup had one evga card and one of other brand?
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    What PC game have you tried to get into multiple times but just can't?

    I'm going to have to go with BnW 1&2 as well. It seems like a really fun game and playing it feels like I could really love the game, but I just couldn't get used to the controls.