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    UT2004 ECE Server Help?

    Ok here is the problem I am having. I am trying to run a dedicated server on UT2k4 that my friends can play in. After trying a bunch of different tricks, I managed to make a dedicated server that I could join, but after testing none of my friends could (black connecting screen until timeout)...
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    Recent RTS Releases... Opinions?

    I was looking at the newer RTS games today and wondering about these 2 games: Civilization 4 and Battle for Middle Earth 2 I already have Empire at War but I was wondering what others thought of the above titles.
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    Humorous CNC Generals Video

    Ok I know it may be presumptuous to say it seeing as how my friend Evil Juggalo and I made it but you guys might find it funny. We were making a "Public Service Announcement" playing Generals to show the downside of massing one unit. Turned out pretty funny, its about 2 mins, if you watch...
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    WC3 Ending: what...exactly happened?

    I had a random thought because I never actually figured out what happened to Archimonde at the end of Warcraft 3 (not the expansion). A bunch of wisps started circling around them like they were harvesting him or something and he basically was defeated. They never explained exactly what happened.