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    Large Hadron Collider Hacked

    Anyone else keeping reading that as Large Hardon Collider? :icky:
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    Top 5 games your currently Playing

    1.) Hellgate:London 2.) Titan Quest (+expansion) nothing else currently installed.
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    ECS A780GM-A "Black Series"

    I had the same problem with an old ECS board I had so I picked up an extender at the local Fry's. It was just too damn tight for me to be comfortable with.
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    In-game screeshots thread

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    Titan Quest: The Diablo II replacement

    Nope, THQ stopped supporting Iron Lore about the same time the expansion was released. Leaving customers high and dry.
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    Titan Quest: The Diablo II replacement

    Yeah it was probably just me who had problems. Great program though.
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    Titan Quest: The Diablo II replacement

    Incorrect, that guy respecs skills not the masteries. No way in game to respec masteries. What he needs is TQDefiler. I hope you're running XP as I've never gotten it to work right on Vista. I'd also recommend checking out...
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    How important are SLI supporting brackets?

    Never used mine and had no problems.
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    Actors Want To Be Paid For Internet Video Clips

    Rick Astley isn't an actor right? lol
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    Core Temp or Real Temp?

    This is odd. Core Temp agrees with CPU-Z. Real Temp is reading the FSB 100MHz higher than it is.
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    EVGA Exclusive Precision Overclocking Utility

    Uninstalled 1.0 rebooted and installed 1.01 but my version is still showing 1.0.
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    SLI problems

    He only has 2 cards.
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    Forum error messages.....

    Pure Win :cool:
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    Default Got problems w/ my Geforce 8800 GT

    8800GT requires 28-22A(depending on manufacturer) on the +12v rail(s) and that PSU is rated at +18A. Your PSU is mostly likely the cause based on that info.
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    cod4 setting?

    texture details go to high and extra, all others are at normal for high.
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    Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer - Worth it?

    Yeah, I found a decent hardcore server and it's a lot better. I also have the lungs of steel but really haven't noticed a lot of difference. I guess my biggest complaint is map size. 32 people in any of the maps is a pure cluster fvck. If the maps were say double the size a lot of my complaints...
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    Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer - Worth it?

    That Sniper glitch pisses me the hell off and has caused quite a few deaths. Enemy sticks his head around the corner and "BANG" .......nothing. I think to myself damn I missed but no he walks out from behind the corner and my guy, who couldn't hold his breath long enough to swim across a kiddy...
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    Singapore bans Mass Effect

    Are they hot? I think every game should have a Lesbian sex scene, or 5 in them.
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    Crysis too easy?

    Ahahahahahaha I now have to clean my keyboard.
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    Randomly Lost your COD4 Rank?

    Yes, it's very easy to do and apparently punkbuster doesn't see it. Real dumb move not having this info stored server side.
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    Hellgate London billing and stuff

    Yes, The monsters get harder also. :p
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    Crysis full version: does it support SLI ?

    Thank you for clearing that up. :cool:
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    Will you buy the G92 high end?

    That's specifically what I'm waiting on.
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    Crysis Frames and 169.09 - Post yours! Huge improvement for SLI

    I have a bad feeling that my 7950GT's are not gonna be up for the task at all with this game. :mad:
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    Did you upgrade your PC to play Crysis

    No - Already had a sh*t hot PC :cool: That's probably incorrect though as my cards are getting kinda dated. :( Damn you PC gaming!
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    Crysis full version: does it support SLI ?

    I thought I heard SLi wont work until a later patch. :confused:
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    Hellgate London billing and stuff

    I'm sure you have but haven't noticed yet. Most are not game breaking bugs but there are quite a lot.
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    Hellgate London billing and stuff

    Hmmmm you may be right. I purchased the game so I have an account. I have no issues now that I've gone back to XP but in Vista the game was unplayable and looked horrible. I cant complain myself now as everything is working ok, there are a shit ton of bugs though. Most reviews I've seen are spot...
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    Hellgate London billing and stuff

    Why don't you visit the forums and find out? They'd be a better source of info than here probably. FYI I wouldn't subscribe personally. The game is so overly bugged and unstable that you're just going to give yourself a headache. Wait till they get things ironed out. Just my opinion.
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    HOW to SAVE games of HELLGATE london?

    Doesn't that share system memory?
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    HOW to SAVE games of HELLGATE london?

    There is none. It's auto saves when you quit.
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    Hellgate London out Tomorrow!.

    Ok, ha ha I was wondering wtf those were for. It's still active in multi-player though? Do you have a link about this?
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    Hellgate London out Tomorrow!.

    Mini-game? You mean single player? How is it broken?
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    Hellgate London out Tomorrow!.

    What problem are you having with The Wall quest?
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    how to set crysis at 1680x1050

    In the options settings that res is available. Somethings wacky with your install.
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    Shadow flickering in Portal/HL2 - Why? (YouTube video included)

    My problem went away with the new drivers. :cool:
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    ForceWare 169.01 Beta Released

    Ok, so it's just not me that can't find them? I thought, once again, I was losing my mind.:p
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    ForceWare 169.01 Beta Released

    Why cant I find the release notes on these?
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    Shadow flickering in Portal/HL2 - Why? (YouTube video included)

    Wow, I was pulling my hair out last night with almost the same issue. Not shadow related for me but the whole screen was flickering. I'm using 163.75's on Vista 32-bit. I was using "Alternate frame rendering 1" and then switched to "split frame rendering". This is where it got weird. The top...