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  1. grim4593

    Recent PC Games are buggy ... this has to stop

    Generally I don't much care about minor bugs - sometimes they can even be funny like the ragdoll physics in BF1. The only time I get riled up is when there are game breaking bugs that stop progress (e.g. GTA4 boat ramp glitch insta-failing story mission) or a combination of bugs that makes the...
  2. grim4593

    Simple webserver without HTTPS no longer possible?

    Setting up HTTPS isn't too bad, the only real downside is that you have to renew the certificate every three months (which can be automated). I've not done it for IIS but it should be a low level of complexity these days. I use my website for very similar operations.
  3. grim4593

    Windows 10, Admin Acct or User Acct in 2020?

    Unless you are in a corporate environment or you are sharing the PC with others it doesn't make a lot of sense to have a separate User and Admin account as long as UAC is enabled. I am not an expert in elevation exploits but I would imagine that any malware that could bypass the UAC approval...
  4. grim4593

    Weirdest issue with "UPLAY" i've ever experienced! HELP!!

    Sometimes you can see the causes of issues through the system tab of the Windows event viewer. You'll be looking for error sources that took place just before "Kernel-Power" and "Kernel-Boot" entries.
  5. grim4593

    GTA Online’s most powerful bike is on sale (and people are panicking)

    Thanks for the tip. Just bought one.
  6. grim4593

    Wireless Keyboards and Mice - For Gmaing - Input Lag

    I am currently using a wireless Logitech G700s. In my experience with the G700s the wired and wireless modes are virtually indistinguishable. I have played BF1 and 5 with both and noticed no input lag or performance drop. That said, I do leave the power settings at "Max Gaming" and I must charge...
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    I may be interested. Do you have the exact model number and perhaps a photo?
  8. grim4593

    Forgot the password? Your device is bricked.

    California already has a law on the books requiring connected devices have a unique passkey. In my past to prepare for this, for a Bluetooth product we developed the initial pin number was a custom hash function of the serial number of the product. Worse comes to worse if the customer lost the...
  9. grim4593

    Backup with checksum

    In FreeFileSync if you select the blue gear next to "Compare" it will give the option to identify by file content (e.g. checksum). Note, it will take much longer to compare since it has to hash every file.
  10. grim4593

    Why do I get hiss on an external DAC?

    Although the transmission is digital the power lines can still have power supply noise on them that makes its way into the speaker outputs. If the DAC does not have its analog circuitry properly isolated from the digital circuitry it can definitely end up with hiss. I've had this happen with...
  11. grim4593

    Games that should be revived...

    +1 to original Prey. I also miss Armored Core. A real Sim City
  12. grim4593

    Live Cloning

    I would like to know of some proven solutions as well. We have computers at work that run multiple test stations that may run for 15-30 days at a time. There is never any down time unless the hydraulic pumps go down. Options are limited since the machines are currently airgapped (until my...
  13. grim4593

    SNES game battery replacement q's

    Solder pumps work best for clearing the solder out of the through holes and wick is better at clearing pads.
  14. grim4593

    SNES game battery replacement q's

    I've done a few of these. There was only one time that I had to keep the save data intact and what I did was trace the pads to alternate solder-able points and temporarily solder jumper wires to them. If you really care about the data then using hot glue or tape is not the way to go. As far as...
  15. grim4593

    Remote Desktop connection problems

    Sometimes corporate firewalls block incoming and outgoing RDP connections. Sometimes you can get around that by changing the RDP port. Also, using the default port is not good for security. Changing it to something non-default raises the bar a bit higher for exploits and brute force attacks...
  16. grim4593

    Wireless Keyboards and Mice - For Gmaing - Input Lag

    I bought mine in 2013 for $80 which was expensive but not too bad. The mouse and keyboard is one area where I wouldn't skimp out since that is the interface with the computer you use every day. If you have a low end wireless mouse that has high latency there is no point having something like a...
  17. grim4593

    Wireless Keyboards and Mice - For Gmaing - Input Lag

    I have a Logitech g700s wireless mouse and it doesn't matter if it is plugged in or wireless, the latency is good. I am not sure about keyboards, I have a Logitech G810 keyboard but it is wired. Definitely go with a gaming mouse.
  18. grim4593

    Did I do ok? Purchased some Trident RAM...

    I have the same ram and I would say so. The price is good anyways, the same ram is $78 on Newegg for reference.
  19. grim4593

    Why wifi on ATX mobos?

    For my desktops I hard wire them but they do have wireless. One great advantage is that when Comcast takes a crap I can load up the hotspot on my phone and keep on trucking.
  20. grim4593

    Geforce Game Ready Driver 441.20 released

    Personally it started crashing about a month or so back. Direct to desktop, affects the 3 people I play with.
  21. grim4593

    Motorola Razr

    Looks novel if you still holster your phone. Not sure why you'd want a flip phone with unseamed screen though. If you are going to go with a flippable screen I much prefer the Samsung design so you get some screen real estate out of the feature. Don't get me wrong, I love Motorola phones (my...
  22. grim4593

    Geforce Game Ready Driver 441.20 released

    At least the GTAV issues are being acknowledged. Right now the game is unplayable.
  23. grim4593

    Computer not starting up most of the time

    Power supply. I had this exact issue about a year ago. Once I replaced it everything worked normally.
  24. grim4593

    Slightly OT?... looking for a programmable thermostat

    Just a heads up, you can get an add a wire kit to use a 4 conductor system to add a "C" wire to power a smart thermostat. I installed the one below and it works great for my programmable Honeywell wifi thermostat...
  25. grim4593

    "8K Association Sets Minimal Specs for 8K Ultra-HD TVs"

    I know that standards bodies typically fall behind on specifications but they are already selling 8K TVs in stores. Better late than never I guess.
  26. grim4593

    Wraith Prism questions?

    As power supplies age their ability to handle short duration current spikes gets reduced due to aging of components such as capacitors. This is likely to be a bigger problem now than a few years ago since computers will sip power in a low power state and then suddenly draw 500+W as the CPU and...
  27. grim4593

    Help me before I lose everything. I was hit by a nasty ransomware...

    Generally I focus on the OS drives. Even if there was infected data it would have to be executed on in order to cause problems.
  28. grim4593

    Help me before I lose everything. I was hit by a nasty ransomware...

    Honestly your best bet is to boot a live CD, backup all vital data, wipe and reload the OS. Nuke the entire site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.
  29. grim4593

    Cellphone Radiation

    That and this kind of testing gets pretty expensive. It is around $15k to test a handful of automotive electronic modules for EMC.
  30. grim4593

    Recommend a very fast USB 3.0+ Flash Drive.

    I second Abula's recommendation. I use a SanDisk Extreme PRO for my USB Linux install and it is fast enough for desktop usage.
  31. grim4593

    Setting up an FTP server with Xfinity

    At that point it sounds beyond a port forwarding issue and looks to be more in line with a certificate or configuration issue with the server. Unfortunately I have little experience with anything besides Proftpd.
  32. grim4593

    Setting up an FTP server with Xfinity

    When you are running in passive mode the server itself has to define which ports it is going to use to speak to the client. I believe how it works is that the client establishes communication with the server over port 21, the server responds with an available port for file transfers, and the...
  33. grim4593

    The Raspberry Pi 4 is here

    As an EE, I wouldn't consider a compatibility issue that affects a small subset of users a serious problem, especially when most people are either going to use their existing low power cell phone chargers or the RPI branded power plug. It was an omission of a single resistor and wasn't caught...
  34. grim4593

    OS question

    Every time I do a new Windows 10 install I grab their latest USB install utility and the latest drivers from the manufacturer's websites to put on the USB stick. Then I do the Windows install followed by the driver's updates. Only after a reboot will I check the Windows activation status and to...
  35. grim4593

    How to find out if hotel is blocking gaming servers?

    In my experience hotel internet ranges from craptacular to average. Typically a massive slowdown occurs between 6-10pm as everyone gets back to their rooms and starts sharing the connection. Sometimes using a VPN will help and I have never been at a hotel where it is blocked. Most business users...
  36. grim4593

    Athlon II X4 and Phenom II X4 still good enough

    I wouldn't bet too heavily on the unlocking of cores. In my experience (Phenom IIX3 and Phenom IIX4) it will unlock and -mostly- work but end up with intermittent issues like random freezing and memory corruption.
  37. grim4593

    Email Client Recomendations

    I would recommend Thunderbird as well. It has gotten better over the years about working well with IMAP servers. Even with my own custom mail server it picked up on the settings automatically.
  38. grim4593

    Issues while gaming

    My first thought is that the CPU heat sink is not making good contact which is causing thermal throttling. Maybe it isn't a seating issue but perhaps a clearance or fastener issue with the water block to the CPU.
  39. grim4593

    Athlon II X4 and Phenom II X4 still good enough

    I just decommissioned my Phenom II X4 925 machine and replaced it with my old i7 4770K that was my previous desktop. I only used it as a backup and occasional game dedicated server and I never had issues with it once I updated the hard drive to an SSD. I rarely used it for day to day tasks like...
  40. grim4593

    No Man's Sky Updated to Support Vulkan Renderer API

    Awesome. Now I need to see if I can get my friends back into the game. A couple of them had severe performance related issues using the 20X0 Nvidia cards and I am hoping this will solve it.