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    RealTemp 3.67 for Sandy Bridge

    RealTemp 3.67 -added Sandy Bridge VID / power consumption monitoring. -added Sandy Bridge power limit adjustments if they are not locked by the bios. -added ability to save the log file to a network computer. -added Disable Turbo (IDA) option...
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    Asus P6T Deluxe Special Bios Asus released a special bios for their Asus P6T Deluxe version 2 motherboards today. This bios is designed to disable turbo throttling that can occur when heavily overclocking...
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    New Intel Core 2 Multiplier / Core i7 Turbo Testing Tool This new tool follows the method outlined in the Intel Turbo white paper for Core i7 and at full load is the most accurate method to calculate the CPU multiplier. The reason this is important is that some motherboards at full load running...
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    RealTemp Black Edition I finally found a way to trick Visual C++ into letting me change the heading colors so RealTemp looks a lot better when you're using dark backgrounds now. This version is the first one built with Visual Studio 2008 so if you...
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    RealTemp - RivaTuner Plug-In

    I just added a RivaTuner Plug-In to RealTemp: Open up the RealTemp - Settings window and click on the RivaTuner button to install this plug-in into RivaTuner. You can now use your RealTemp calibration settings in RivaTuner...
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    RealTemp 2.84 - New Sensor Test

    I just finished a new Sensor Test feature in RealTemp. It didn't take long for a user to post a screen shot of what happens when a sensor is sticking. It's obvious that as his CPU cools, core0 gets down to a Distance to...
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    RealTemp 2.70

    I just released RealTemp last night with an updated GUI and quite a few new features including Min and Max VID, Quad core ordering based on APIC ID, more accurate MHz, a high temp alarm and the ability to save log files in Excel friendly CSV format. Start Minimized seems to be working properly...
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    RealTemp 2.5 I just released a new version of RealTemp which accurately reports core temperatures for all Intel Core based CPUs. New features include, Minimize to System Tray, CPU MHz display as well as voltage identification (VID). Any feedback would be great.
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    RealTemp: New Intel Core Temp Software Version 2.0 has eliminated the complicated IA32 device driver install and has cleaned things up. Hopefully this is the first step on the road to a x64 edition...
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    QX9650 at 4068 MHz Review
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    New Intel Processor Specs Listed

    Intel has the specs of all of their new processors listed here finally: The new G0 Core 2 processors have had their idle C1E power dropped from 22 watts to 8 watts. The rated maximum Tcase temperature has been bumped up from 61C to 72C.
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    Asus Boards That Support 45nm Penryn
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    Cheap Quads for Canadians

    Usually Canadians get screwed over. We can only look at the Newegg prices but they never ship up here so we're screwed. Not this time. NCIX out of Vancouver has great service and cheap shipping and they've just listed the Q6600 at $289 CDN which beats the Newegg price. There's still no...
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    Asus 1333 FSB Support List
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    SpeedFan & Bios CPU Temp Accuracy

    Day after day people keep comparing different temperature monitoring programs trying to find out which one to believe. Often times people come up with, "My bios says xx temperature. Surely a big company like Asus or Gigabyte or whoever is reporting this temperature correctly." This...
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    Tuniq Tower in Canada

    Anyone in Canada looking for a Tuniq can head to DirectCanada or NCIX. They have some back in stock at the moment. I'm pretty...
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    Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Always On?

    I've always had this suspicion that Intel SpeedStep is always on regardless of bios settings. A lot of programs were saying it was On when CPU-z 1.39 kept saying it was Off. Now CPU-z 1.40 shows that it is On even with it turned off in the bios on my Asus P5B Deluxe. This screen shot was...
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    Team Memroy = Painless RMA

    I was recently having trouble with one of my Team Xtreem memory modules so I sent it in for RMA. I was expecting lots of BS but it was a very painless experience. They shipped out 2 new modules the same day my old memory arrived there with no questions asked. I have part number...
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    P5B Deluxe Bios 1101

    I just wanted to let people know that there is a new bios available for the P5B Deluxe. Version 1101 The Asus site is overloaded as usual so I managed to get it by heading to New Zealand. A few minor fixes and no major...
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    New Conroe 6320 / 6420 Testing
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    Real World Core 2 Temperatures

    It's great if your computer is Prime or Orthos stable for a week and I realize that some users need 100% stability but many users will rarely stress their system anywhere near what Orthos, TAT or OCCT do. Here's a good example for gamers. Most games are still single threaded which means they...
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    Catlyst 7.1 XP32 X1950XT Display Problem

    I have a new Sapphire X1950XT with a weird video display corruption problem. With everything clocked at default speeds CPU & GPU and with no drivers loaded if I go the the CNN site and try to watch a video the commercial plays fine and the video plays fine. As soon as I install any ATI...
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    Fixing the Sapphire X1950XT Oven

    I just bought a cheap Sapphire X1950XT with high expectations but my jaw hit the floor when I started doing some testing with ATI Tool and the GPU temp got up over 110C before it crashed hard. WTF! I knew there were going to be some heat issues with the crappy OEM cooler but this was...
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    GA-965P-DS3P (rev 2.0)

    I can't wait for Gigabyte's GA-965P-DS3P (rev 2.0) to start selling in North America. They've included all the things that I wish they would have included with the original DS3. The DS3P uses the Intel P965+ ICH8R chipset which includes Intel RAID support. This new board also has built...
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    New AMD DDR - DDR2 Memory Tool

    DDRCalc will help you understand the relationships between CPU Multiplier, HTT and Memory Dividers and how they effect your Core and Memory Speed in MHz. Anyone who has used CPU-z will feel right at home. It's a good tool for planning out your next overclocking mission without as much trial...