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    Script to open multiple files?

    I have been trying to find a way to open multiple .xls files at once. There is one file in the root directory and 10 or so folders in the directory with files that need to opened as well. I made a batch script and can get the first file to open, but I lack the knowledge to open the files in...
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    Don't forget to clean your 7800 GT's

    So yeah, after I took out my 7800 GT to put in the GTX, I took off the to cover and found this. My idle temps were still around 44c but it would start artifacting in cs:s even at stock speeds. I assumed it was dusty but I didn't think there would be a wall of it.
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    Has anyone else tried this game? I really wish they made a pc version, it looks pretty good on xbox. It meets my requirements for a badass first person shooter.
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    What PDF converter works best for you?

    So one of the companies I do work for needs software for converting pdf's. 50 Adobe Acrobat pro 7 licenses are around 17K. I know the CFO will say no to that right off the bat. I've checked out another app called PDF Converter Professional 3 (4k for 50 licences) but the end users who piloted...
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    Ghetto Lan Party this saturday (Nov 5th)

    Anyone going to this? I was just curious to see if there were going to be any fellow [H]'ers there for me to pwn.
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    Gaming router? I was reading up on this, I wanted to know if anyone here has used one, if so please share your experience.